Siberian Husky Biting

How To Stop Siberian Husky’s Biting

The biting in Siberian huskies comes as a natural instinct when the dog is still a puppy. The habit is inborn gut can be eliminated. Siberian husky biting can be a serious problem and very stressful for the owner of the husky to deal with. In puppies biting is a way of exploring and learning their surroundings, while in adult dogs it may be due to aggression and other external factors. Whatever the cause the effects can be harmful.

Why Your Siberian Husky is Biting

There are reasons why a Siberian husky would bite. The biting is a way of the dog asserting his position. You may want to correct Siberian husky biting when the dog is still a puppy; this is the best time for correction as the puppy is still in her formative years and will take in instructions easily. Siberian huskies are also likely to bite when they feel that they are in danger. Sometimes when they are bored they may try to get attention by biting. At first, when the Siberian husky dog is a puppy the biting may seem harmless and even playful but as the dog grows older it becomes potentially dangerous. Do not entertain the biting no matter how innocent and playful it seems. By biting the husky is trying to show you who is in charge.

Stop the Biting

Whenever your puppy bites the best thing you can do is to say ‘NO’ followed by the puppy’s name. You must also seem sad. Do this every time he bites even when it is just a nibble. With time the dog will learn that biting hurts you and makes you sad and will stop. When the Siberian husky bites while playing, issue the ‘NO’ command, stop playing with him, and ignore him for some time. Do not play games that involve wrestling, a tag of war, or other games that involve domination. These games may trigger Siberian husky biting.

If you notice Siberian husky biting take action immediately regardless of the dog’s age. Do not excuse the behavior simply because the dog is young and you think the nibbling is cute. This same cute puppy may end up biting like a monster if not stopped. When the Siberian husky puppy is older, one year and over, you may want to seek professional help immediately he starts biting. Most Siberian huskies who bite as adults probably had unresolved issues such as abuse when they were puppies and these issues can easily be resolved. An expert is best placed to do this.

When handling Siberian husky biting, you should never hit or use any form of physical abuse on your husky when he bites. The hitting may trigger aggression and he may respond with the equal measure by attacking you viciously and the attack may include biting, making the problem worse.

Sometimes the biting may become extreme. When the biting gets out of hand, and all attempts to stop it by yourself fail, then you must seek help. Enrolling the Siberian husky in an obedience class may be helpful or even hiring a professional trainer to help with the biting.