Can Huskies Watch TV

Can Huskies Watch TV? 6 Things You Should Know

Siberian Huskies are friendly and elegant dog breeds. They are swift and light-footed.

Huskies are sociable and homely, so they enjoy the company of other dogs. Due to their inborn friendly nature, they are considered ordinary watchdogs. In addition, they are clean in nature, and they don’t smell like other dogs.

Yes, Siberian Huskies do watch TV, and if you are wondering whether these Huskies understand anything that they see, yes, they do. Did you ever observe your dog watching the TV screen as intently as you and speculate on what they are pondering? Well, they are able to notice and recognize the resemblance of other dogs.

In fact, images are detected faster by them in comparison to human beings.

Difference between Huskies and You

Though Huskies are able to watch TV, the images they see are in different colors than what you see. The reason is, they see everything only in grey, yellow and brown hues. As per Animal Behavior, human beings are slower than canines to understand visual facts. Technology has improved so much that with transformations like HD, dogs are able to watch the TV effortlessly due to their keen sightedness.

Scientific research makes you understand how dogs visualize what they see and what captivates them while watching the TV.

Proof that your Husky can Watch TV

Animal Cognition indicates that dogs are able to select images of other canines through visual signs and place them in different groups.

A TV channel specifically for dogs called DogTV has been programmed for them to watch. It is different from a usual TV and has more shapes, and its color is specially designed for a dog’s vision.

Dogs are able to perceive things faster than human beings, so there is a difference in what they see while watching TV. The fact that dogs can watch TV has made companies make different channels on dog activities as well as TV commercials on dog food.

DogTV features three different methods that include relaxation, stimulation, and exposure.

  • In the relaxation method, they display pictures of dogs relaxing in a lush green field.
  • For stimulation, they show clips of surfing canines in southern California.
  • For exposure, they display images of a dog behaving to a doorbell ringing.

It also allows for listening to orders in order to accommodate the Huskies to similar circumstances at home.

What does your Husky See When Watching TV?

When you see your Husky watching the TV intently, you start to wonder what exactly is it that they see. Well, let’s find out, shall we?

Huskies see the pictures but in a little reduced quality. It allows them to distinguish the shapes as well as the movements. Dogs are undeniably intelligent; therefore, identifying animals appearing on the television is a cinch for them. If a dog appears on the screen, they can point them out with ease, more so if the barking noises follow suit. Doing something or not is greatly dependent on your dog’s personality. Some dogs are not sensitized to the TVs, and neither do they feel the need to watch.

Still, in case they do, what is your Husky seeing? The image appears different in the eyes of your Husky. The reason is that dogs, in general, feature dichromatic sight, which means they can only see two colors. Human beings can make out colors of the range produced by blue, red, and yellow. Dogs, on the other hand, can only perceive within the blue and yellow ranges.

With that said, dogs are indeed color-blind. However, that doesn’t mean they can only see the colors black and white. Older televisions were designed solely for the human eyes. For dogs, because their vision works differently, the picture qualities on the old TVs flicker a lot. With the advancement in technology, however, watching television has been made easier for dogs. The introduction of high definition, as well as higher frame rates, enables the television to keep up with your Husky’s speedy vision.

Huskies and Television

Certain intelligent dog breeds, such as the Huskies, identify and relates to the information shown on the TV screen by tracking faces. But dogs are trained to recognize faces which causes them to concentrate on the pictures, which overshadows their intuitive skills and reactions. Huskies are often drawn to the TV screen because of particular noises they hear. When a sound catches their attention, they immediately begin trying to figure out where it’s coming from.

The dogs then start focusing on the pictures. It depends on the dog breeds if the stimulus is worth interacting with. There are certain noises, such as other canines whining or barking that the dogs react to mostly. Adding to that is the noise from a squeaky toy, or it could even be the sound of a human voice gentle orders or praises. Some dogs like Hounds don’t display much interest in regards to the images shown on the television screen. This is because they are motivated by smell.

While moving objects fascinate other herding dogs like Terriers. Therefore, their response is to bark or watch the dog closely on the TV. Many dog owners leave the television on while going out to make sure it keeps their dogs entertained. Our dogs find the noises more comforting in comparison to the silence at home.

Dogs are able to see from their field of view. Not just that, various other aspects include:

  • Judging the distances
  • Detecting the motion
  • Differentiating the colors

These capabilities differ depending on the dogs’ breed, well-being, age, etc. For instance, a clear vision is not possible for a dog having cataract issues. Their eyes may get so damaged that they start seeing only the contrast between light and dark instead of colors.

During this period, their hearing and smelling senses go into full action. This is to help them in learning the situation around them. So, in the case that your Husky has cataracts, they may perk up when they hear sounds coming from the TV.

What is your Husky Thinking When Watching TV?

Have you ever wondered what your Husky responds to on the screen? I’m sure you now know that they can make out specific colors. Not just that, they can hear noises from the television and even make out motions. Just like you and I, our adorable companion also likes watching TV, and there’s no harm in that.

A write-up on The New York Times talked about a group of experts getting together to talk about if a dog should watch television. In conclusion, they learned that watching the images on the TV screen doesn’t replace their playtime or exercises. Your dog can sit in front of the TV occasionally, especially when they go through separation anxiety.

It helps in the stimulation of their mind as well as keeping boredom at bay. All in all, watching TV keeps your dog happy and calm at the same time.

Try This with your Husky

Are you curious to find out if your Husky has a specific show they favor? What you can do is place them directly across the TV screen on the precise level. Then, let them close in on the screen as much as they want. You can even use a laptop and place it on a chair on the same level as your television.

The next thing you need to do is choose a show or a movie featuring animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits, squirrels, etc. These animals need to be energetic and running around. To get better results, it would be best to go for documentaries or shows that focus on animals. Bear in mind that dogs don’t find cartoons fascinating. Therefore, pick a channel that features real-life animals.

Keep an eye out for the colors on the television. As you already know, dogs notice the colors blue, green, and yellow more clearly. So when your Husky comes across a scene with blue sky or green trees, they will noticeably perk up. Their attention may also heighten when they see an animal on the screen playing with a yellow plush toy.

Pay attention to your Husky’s behavior and responses. See if their eyes follow the motion or if their tail wags. Some dogs may even growl or bark at the screen, while others start to pace. They could also jump up all of a sudden and get more engrossed in the show. Judging by all these responses, observe which scenes elicit their happy reactions, frustration, etc. Similar to us humans, dogs, too, prefer some shows over others. Therefore, pick documentaries or shows accordingly, which bring out your Husky’s happiness.

So, does your Husky watch television? They certainly do! Try watching a movie together with your furry buddy. It could indeed be fun and help you strengthen your relationship with your Husky. You could make this a routine after a walk in the park or exercising. This way, you both can unwind and relax in each other’s company, watching TV.

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