Why Does My Dog Lay On My Feet

7 Reasons Your Husky Lies On Your Feet (Explained)

Is your Husky behaving a little differently these days? Has it been lying around you, on your feet more often?

Huskies are mysterious creatures but have solid reasons for their particular behavior. Like, a Husky would not change its eating habits without any discomfort. Similarly, your Husky might be lying at your feet more often because of many reasons.

Some reasons could be the need for attention, loneliness, and discomfort. In this article, we will discuss all the reasons in detail to answer your concern.

7 Reasons Why Your Husky Lies On Your Feet

If your Husky lies on your feet, you need to observe and resolve its concerns. While you might disregard it as normal behavior, your Husky might be facing some discomfort or could have urgent needs.

Let’s discuss why your Husky lies on your feet in detail.


The fundamental reason why your Husky lies on your feet could be for comfort. Any dog looks for the most comfortable place to lie down in the house. That place makes them feel safe and comforted at all times.

So, if you notice your Husky sleeping at your feet or curled up near your feet, it feels comfortable. It is a good sign that it feels comfortable around you and can rest. However, it will become a problem if it does that in excess.

You need to notice if your Husky is lying around your feet at all times. This behavior might be due to reasons other than comfort.


Another reason why your dog lies at your feet can be loneliness. Due to multiple reasons, like workload, you could be giving less time to your dog. But, let us tell you — your Husky takes it hard.

By lying at your feet, it tries to get the attention it misses. It could feel unwanted and lonely due to the reduction in your dog time. Also, it could be repenting a mistake it did not make but feels it did, leading to you ignoring it.

There are times when we are free and spend almost all of our day with our dog. Then, when we get busy, we suddenly reduce our dog time. Although natural, it is not suitable for dogs, especially Huskies, which are more sensitive. 

So, you should consider setting a schedule for your Husky and limit your time with it at all times.

Bad Behavior And Habits

Overpampering your Husky can make it used to it. However, while it feels good at first, it can be problematic in the future for both you and your Husky. 

Overpampering could include rewarding it unnecessarily or letting it have whatever it wants every time. As a result, your Husky will come and lie at your feet, hoping you will agree to its demand. Knowing the record, it will keep on lying at your feet, adamant about getting what it wants.

So, when your Husky lies at your feet, you need to understand whether he needs something. Then, you should fulfill its genuine demands but try to reinforce good behavior when it becomes too stubborn.


Huskies, like all other dogs, have a protective instinct. Therefore, they tend to stand at guard when they sense any other. Also, your pet Husky loves you the most, so protecting you will be even more necessary.

Also, although your Husky has not been in the wild, it still has pack behavior in its genes. For a pack, the leader is the protector. So, your dog might consider itself the leader and make it its motto to protect you when in danger.

You can never realize what your Husky finds threatening, even when inside the home. So, it might be lying at your feet as a protective gesture. Make your dog feel appreciated in such a scenario.

Claiming Territory

Dogs are very particular about their property and have powerful territorial instincts. So, it will try to mark its territory in different ways. But, as you are its best friend and owner, it considers even you as its territory or area.

As a result, it will try to mark you. When there are other people around you, your Husky will find its territory threatened. So, it will come and lie at your feet, close to you, to show that you are its territory.

Similarly, when there are other unknown dogs around, either in a park or at home too, your Husky’s territorial instincts are at their maximum. It will lie at your feet or walk close to you to show them you are with it. 

Change In Your Schedule

Another reason why your dog might be lying at your feet is a change in your schedule. Again, you might not realize, but your dog picks up traits and habits similar to yours. This means that when you change your schedule, they try to cope up with yours.

While it is easy for us to adapt to our new routine by keeping ourselves busy, it is tricky for your Husky to do that without your help. It can experience discomfort and anxiety while this change happens.

So, to feel better without disturbing you, it can come and lie down at your feet. 

Supporting You

Dogs have great senses and can even understand your state of mind very well. Therefore, after understanding your mood, they act accordingly and similarly.

So, when you feel low or are stressed, not only does your dog try to cheer you up, but it feels the same emotions. When you display the same behavior for a long time, they tend to give you company. To do that, they come and lie at your feet, showing solidarity and comfort.

So, if your Husky has been doing the same, maybe you need to lift yourself too.

When Should You Stop This Habit?

Your Husky lying near your feet doesn’t precisely indicate lousy behavior. More often than not, your furry friend is doing so to show you that they love and care for you.

However, in some cases, this sign of affection can become troublesome. For example, your Husky may lie around your feet because it is overly protective of you. In such a scenario, chances are they will start barking or howling as soon as someone comes near you.

As a pet parent, you cannot shut your dog in another room to put an end to these signs of aggression. So let us look at some of how you can correct such behavior.

Do Not Pay Attention

We understand that dogs can be adorable and loving, making this step very difficult, but you will have to ignore your Huskies when they lie on your feet instead of caressing them.

The moment you drop whatever you are doing and start playing with your dog who’s been lying at your feet, you show them that they can get you to focus on them over other things.

If you start paying attention and playing with them, you will end up reinforcing the clingy habit. Your pet may be begging for your attention, but you need to be strong and pay no heed to it.

Create Distance With Treats

When your Husky tries to lie near your feet, toss a treat to another part of the room. Then, when they reach the spot, instruct them to stay where they are.

Use terms like “stay” or “sit” that they picked up while training.

If your dog insists on returning to you, you need to get up and physically guide them away. You may have to do this a few times before they stop coming back to you.

Positive Reinforcement

Just because you shouldn’t be petting them when they’re at your feet, it does not mean that you can’t show any affection at all.

Once you guide your Husky to another spot and they stay there, it’s time for some positive reinforcement. Give them a treat, a pat on the back, or whatever form of praise you know your pet responds to.

When you positively reward your dog for stopping lying at your feet, they will be more inclined to not repeat such behavior in the future.

Final Verdict

Huskies need a lot of love and attention to stay happy. Not giving them enough of that may make them lonely and neglected. On the other hand, your pet may be too possessive of you and may try to protect you at all times.

In any such case, your dog may keep coming to you and lying around your feet. Moreover, if it is due to their possessiveness, it may translate to aggressive behavior.

If you feel that your Husky’s behavior is getting out of hand, you might have to take some steps and teach them to stay away from you. While your dogs being affectionate for you is not generally a problem, it is vital to correct any behavior that may be problematic.

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