Husky Teething

Husky And Teething: Things You Should Know

Huskies are one of the most popular breeds out there, with their beautiful brown/blue almond-shaped eyes enticing millions of hearts. But, like all doggies, they need to be cared for with great care, as cute as they can be.

Teething is a crucial phase Huskies go through when they lose their baby teeth around three months. After that, their adult teeth grow till they reach the age of 8 months. All dogs differ, but they usually should have all their 42 teeth eight months into their lives.

It’s a difficult time for Husky owners and Huskies alike. Knowing the teething timeline and ways to help your doggo during this period is essential. It would be best to have some references to toys for your Husky. You don’t want them chewing expensive cushions.


Husky puppies, similar to human babies, are born without any teeth. However, their first set of baby teeth start to spear by the time they’re about 6 to 8 weeks old. This is so that the puppies can nurse off of their mother and avoid hurting her with teeth. 

Did you know that Husky puppies don’t have molars? Yes, unlike canines, premolars, and incisors, their molars will only erupt when they start growing their adult set of teeth. So don’t get alarmed if you don’t see any large molars in your puppy’s mouth. 

The Process

The whole process of teething will last for two to four months, depending on the puppy. After that, the substantial discomfort and pain will be an on and off phenomenon, and they will look for practically everything to chew on to relieve some pain. They might even start biting more often. 

Around the age of 3 months, your puppy’s initial deciduous baby teeth will begin to fall out. But, of course, every puppy is different, and this is a common and generalized assumption. 

The first type of teeth that come out are the incisors at around three months of age. The adult molars and canines begin to appear when your tyke becomes about four months old. And at around 6 or 7 months of age, you can expect your hound to have a complete set of adult teeth (42 in total).

Your Husky will stop feeling discomfort after they finish their teething process at about 6 to 7 months. Get your dog checked by a veterinarian if you still notice signs of pain in your dog after their teething procedure. 

Note: The goal number for adult Huskies is 42. However, every dog differs. For example, some canines might have fewer teeth, and some larger Huskies might end up with more than 42. Also, larger Huskies grow their adult teeth faster than smaller Huskies. 

Ways To Help Your Husky During Teething


Some specific textures might make your Huskies feel much better than others. You have no way of telling which one might be the best, so offer them plenty of toys to chew on with different textures. 

Frozen Kong Toy

Take a Kong chew toy, put your puppy’s favorite treat inside, and then freeze it for an effective chew toy. This is a highly recommended method offered to puppies by Husky owners — any Kong toy with a hole to insert works. 

Rope Toys

A common and straightforward way to ensure your teething four-legged friend some comfort is making sure they have access to rope or rope tug toys. Biting and chewing the rope will help some loose teeth work out. You can choose the size of these toys according to the chewing power and size of your dog. 

Ice Cubes

The most straightforward remedy is an ice cube for a teething puppy. Take a treat and pop it into the fridge inside an ice cube. Huskies always love bananas. Any chewing action on the ice will cool down and relieve the inflamed gums. 

Frozen Carrot Or Towel

Moisten a tea towel and freeze it or put a carrot in the freezer, and as crazy as this sounds, it works. Your furball will love you eternally as the chewing action will soothe their sore, inflamed gums while also helping them lose their teeth. 

Warning: Make sure you monitor your Husky when you give him a frozen towel so they don’t ingest loose parts of the towel or threads. These threads might get stuck in their intestines, causing them more discomfort than the one you hoped to relieve. 

Chewing Treats

There are many treats and dental snacks you can find to use during your munchkin’s teething process. Make sure you give your Husky treats according to their size and age. They can be used as an effective chewing solution for your pup’s discomfort. 

Warning: Make sure you give your dog treats under the limit of the maximum recommended treats per day. The treats can range from bones to dental sticks and bite-size chews. 

These methods might help soothe your canine’s aching jaws. Keep these in handy to avoid your dog from chewing on anything dangerous like extension cords and cables. Keep precious and personal belongings as far away from them as possible. You don’t want them destroyed. 

When Will Your Husky Stop Chewing?

No matter the age, dogs will always be chewers, giant breeds like Huskies. It would be best if you didn’t stop your tyke from chewing since it’s a way for them to relieve themselves. However, you can train an adult Husky to quit chewing on things that don’t belong to them.

How To Prevent Your Dog From Biting You

It might prove relatively easy to train a Husky not to chew. You can teach your doggy a word like “drop it” when it has something that’s not theirs. With time and patience, they will settle on chewing their toys and leave the rest of your home alone.  

Distract And Replace Method

After you’ve bought these various types of toys for your furball, keep an eye on them so that you can catch them eating something off-limits. Make a distraction, an act that’s easy, like a loud clap or dropping a noisy object. 

Ensure your doggo doesn’t see you make the noise. It might cause them to associate you with an adverse reaction. Once the tyke drops your object, give them an alternative like a chew toy. 

When your doggie takes the appropriate toy, praise them for making a good choice. Be consistent with your dog, making it drop anything that it isn’t supposed to chew. Always be ready with a substitute so that a dog knows what’s off-limits.

The Crate Training Method 

For dogs, chewing is considered to be a fun activity. It’s like a distraction. It can be challenging for dogs to quit chewing because it reinforces itself. Limiting your dog from chewing can minimize the activity. 

Choose a large crate for your munchkin, leaving enough space for them to move around but not oversized. It should feel like a comfortable den to them with some cozy bedding on the floor. 

In the beginning, your furry friend might look at it as a punishment, but you must help him associate the crate with rewarding experiences. Put them in the crate for an hour while you’re somewhere near and feed them treats and meals while they’re inside. 

If you see your tyke inside by their own will, reward them with a treat or a toy to chew. Crate training method with reinforcement of appropriate behavior will help your Husky stop chewing off-limit belongings much faster. 

The “Drop It” Method

Decide upon a command to use every time you want your Husky to drop something off-limits. “Drop it” is a common choice. You need to be consistent with this cue so that your munchkin gets used to taking action according to it. 

Hold treats in the opposite hand while you tantalize your Husky to chew on something else. As soon as they put the restricted object in their mouth, hold the treat near their nose and say the command word. 

When they drop the object, praise them and give them a treat. Then, pick up the object with your free hand. Give back the thing they were chewing to enforce the idea that giving up an object isn’t a bad thing. Instead, they get a good thing in return. 

Once they get the hang of dropping things on command, you can use the phrase to make them give up something you don’t want them to have. In exchange, you can give them a treat or a thing they’re allowed to chew.

They will slowly start developing a sense of what they can chew and what they can’t. 

Recommendations For Toys

You need toys that are durable and offer amusement to your furball. It doesn’t matter if they’re adults or puppies. It needs to be safe too. Some of the best choices for Huskies are:

  • KONG Extreme Dog Toy
  • Benebone Bacon Flavoured Wishbone Chew Toy
  • Goughnuts Indestructible Chew Toy

So why the wait? Show your furry friend some love, and be ready for some dog cuddles, rolling and licking your face!

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