Do Siberian Huskies Breathe Fast

Do Siberian Huskies Breathe Fast? 5 Reasons and Things You Can Do

Siberian huskies are active dogs who are always up for adventures. They are big dogs, and taking care of them might be challenging at times. Since they are active most of the time, it is integral to check their health constantly. 

A husky, like the majority of other breeds, tend to pant to cool down. Considering how they are continually moving around, it is natural for them to breathe fast. It takes a while for them to catch their breath because of their size, and they pant more if they need to cool down. 

However, this is more common during hot days and might not be very prominent during the winter. If there is excessive panting, there might be a serious issue behind it, and it is essential to alert during those times. 

Possible Reasons Why Huskies Breathe Fast

So why do Siberian huskies breathe fast? There are many reasons why your husky could be breathing quickly. It could either be natural reasons or severe health problems; you need to take a look at the scenario and figure it out.

If you know the possible reasons, you might be able to understand and also take certain precautions.

1. The size of huskies

One of the most obvious reasons why your husky is breathing fast could be because of the built. Mature Siberian huskies tend to be very active and are very big. Like any other dog, they start breathing faster if they are active for a long time.

Since huskies are bigger, they need more oxygen when they are active. Hence, they tend to breathe faster.

2. Lack of exercise

As mentioned above, huskies are very active dogs. They are bred to hunt and protect their owners. Hence they need to be moving around a lot. If there is a lack of exercise, serious health problems might be starting surfacing. 

Since their body demands it, they should get enough exercise. If your huskies don’t move around much, their health problem might make them breathe faster. Staying idle for a long time should not be encouraged, especially for huskies. 

However, they should not be forced to get some exercise if they are injured or ill. 

3. Their level of activity

One of the most common reasons for the huskies to breathe faster is because of their recent activity. If they have been out and running, it is natural to breathe fast, which will last for some time. 

They usually do that to cool themselves down, especially when it is hot. Although they do the same even when it is cold, breathing is faster during hot weather. This is because the huskies need to cool down and catch their breath as well. 

During hot weather conditions, they are bound to breathe fast even if they haven’t been active. This happens when it becomes too hot, and it becomes necessary for them to pant. Since their coat is also comparatively thicker than other dogs, they tend to feel warmer. 

4. Injury

Huskies tend to get tired quickly if they have been injured or ill. Along with this, they also tend to limp and puke often. If the huskies show all these signs, it is integral to take help from the vet before the issue becomes serious. 

5. Heatstroke

Breathing fast could also be a sign of heatstroke. You will be able to figure out the issue if your husky has been active in the sun for a very long time. Along with the husky breathing fast, they might even drool a lot with a very high heart rate. 

All these are signs of heatstroke, and the husky should be taken to the vet. The most immediate remedy for the same can be helping them cool down by keeping them under a shade. Constantly hydrating the husky might even be helpful. 

6. Reaction and medication

Your husky could be breathing fast due to some medication that they have been taking. It could be a side effect. Other than that, your husky could be showing a reaction to some food item they ate or something they came in contact with. 

The husky should be taken to the vet if they show any signs of allergic reactions as well. You might want to note if your husky always breathe fast or due to some serious problem. 

Consulting the vet at least once will be able to give you an idea as to whether it is natural or not. However, if the husky has recently started doing it, it is best to check other signs and be on the safe side. 

How To Stop My Husky From Breathing Fast?

If your husky has been breathing fast since the beginning, this might be a natural course of action. You can still consult your veterinarian and get your husky checked. In most cases, nothing shows up in the diagnosis because it is their general tendency.

However, if this has not been the way from the start, there must be an underlying cause that is responsible for this action. There are many possible explanations, and it is best to consult a medical professional. It would help if you never ignored these signs because they might be the symptoms of something big.

There is one more crucial reason regarding this condition. Your husky might start breathing fast if it is experiencing a stroke or an attack. You should immediately rush it to a doctor if something like this happens out of the blue. 

Here are some of the things that you can consider in the above mentioned cases.

1. Seeking Professional Help

It would be best if you took your husky to the doctor, checking it since the beginning. The doctor will be well aware of the husky’s whereabouts and prescribe the right course of action.

You can also consult a specialist if the situation is terrible. The only thing to remember is not to ignore these situations thinking that a day’s rest will heal your pet. It would help if you took immediate actions to be cured in the initial stages.

2. Keeping The Area Cool

Huskies are renowned for their rich and warm fur. It is a very prized possession that they have inherited from their ancestors who braved harsh climatic conditions. If your husky is breathing heavily only during certain hours of the day, it might be because of the heat envelope that surrounds it.

You can start by enhancing the ventilation of the room. You can also install better fans and air conditioners if it can help. Another good thing will be to sprinkle cold water around the area where your pet spends most of its time.

3. Keeping Your Husky Hydrated

When your pet is continuously involved in physical exercise, it might forget about its minimum water requirements. You should make sure that its bowl of water is always filled. Your pet must fulfill its minimum water intake so that it can function correctly. Water is the most overlooked necessity in a dog’s routine, and thus many dogs experience the troubles caused by the deficiency of water intake.

You can also train your pet to have water by teaching it. Giving it treats after successfully consuming water can also help it to build a routine. Overconsumption of water can cause some issues too, and hence it is advisable to keep a diligent check on the process.

4. Exercise Is A Must

Huskies are a very active breed. They do not like to sit idle and need a minimum of five to ten miles to walk every day. They should also have the necessary medium to interact with other dogs.

If your husky is confined to closed premises, it will get lethargic and might develop some problems. You should put this into your routine to ensure that your husky is not feeling alone and is having ample physical interactions. You can also try placing some toys in the area where you keep your dog. This will keep it busy during the time when you are not at home.

5. Checking Past Records

There are many diseases that huskies inherit from their parents. These diseases can range from tiny problems to life-threatening conditions. You should check the background of your pet thoroughly to provide it with the medical attention it needs.

If their problems are diagnosed at an early stage, there is an excellent chance that they will be cured entirely. 


Huskies have many lung disorders that range from everyday breathing issues to infections and allergies. You should never miss their doctor’s appointment and be vigilant of any symptoms that they might develop. Huskies behave differently if something is troubling them.

As you have read above, there are many reasons for this situation to arise. You should follow the basic wellness protocols by feeding your husky with good-grade food. You have to make sure that they are appropriately vaccinated and that there are no severe side effects.

You can also incorporate the above mentioned remedies as a precautionary measure to ensure that your pet is all happy and jolly throughout. 

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