Husky Whiskers

Husky Whiskers: Important Things You Should Know

Huskies are pretty athletic and energetic as compared to other dog breeds. They have become everyone’s favorite breed in the present time, and many are opting for them as pets. It is vital to keep your Huskies fit and healthy for their strength and endurance.

If you are getting a Husky as a pet, you are getting a companion for life. Huskies are protective and are also considered alert dogs. That said, Husky whiskers are an excellent medium for them to be aware of their surroundings. Also, they almost act as their sixth sense. 

Grooming is as essential as training your dog for physical activities and building agility. 

Siberian Huskies are medium-sized dogs. Their compact bodies are built for endurance, so they can pull sleds for miles without running out of energy. They also have a thick coat of beautiful fluff which helps them to endure high levels of temperatures.

Huskies need a lot of grooming for the maintenance of their thick fluff. Yet, it is equally important to understand the nature of great whiskers. Before jumping into details, let us give you a few details about huskies.

History And Background

Huskies are the dog breeds found in the Polar regions where the temperatures are extreme. Huskies, especially Siberian huskies, were used as sled dogs by the Chukchi people of Siberia. These dogs were popular in pulling heavy loads for long distances in extremes of temperatures.

Siberian huskies have thick coats, and they generally are made of two layers. These layers helped them in sustaining a colder atmosphere and freezing temperatures. 

Apart from having beautiful shades of coats and unique eye colors, Huskies have very sensitive whiskers. 

Their sensitive whiskers are beneficial when they hunt at night. It also helps alert them when any attackers are close to them or if the space is too small. The Siberian husky whiskers can also detect changes in airflow.

Although, why is it so essential to maintain the whiskers of dogs? Let us tell you why in the section below.

Why Do Dogs Have Whiskers?

A few dog owners have doubts and inhibitions about their dog’s whiskers. Some people cut their dog’s whiskers, and some don’t. Some even trim them for aesthetic purposes and grooming. The question is, should you cut their whiskers?

The short and straightforward answer would be a big no. Whiskers are somewhat like a sensory tunnel for dogs. It helps them understand and be aware of their surroundings. 

Whiskers are modified hairs (formally known as ‘vibrissae‘) that form specialized touch organs found at some stage in all mammals’ lives.

Sensory Function

For dogs, whiskers are like sensory equipment that help them in fulfilling their daily activities. As our eyes and nose help us sense and feel things around us, whiskers do the same job for your Huskies.

Husky whiskers can detect even the most dimmed vibration near them or any air current changes. This feature helps them be alert all times from predators or even any stranger inside your house.

Communicating Emotions

Your Husky may be able to express emotions with those whiskers. They can either elevate or flair those whiskers for showing different faces of emotions. Husky whiskers are an excellent way to showcase how they feel and if something is bothering them.


Whiskers do not just act as radars, but they even help the canines shield protection. They protect their eyes from dust particles and get scratched or poked by grass while running or walking. Hence, it is vital to take care of your Husky whiskers as part of the regular grooming session.

Hunting Tools

Whiskers do not just help your dogs communicate and sense things around them, but they also make them efficient hunters. A dog’s whiskers help them pick up on objects moving around them because when the air moves, it bounces back and gets picked up by their whiskers.

Huskies are known to be great hunters and alert dogs with a high sense of smell. Whiskers will guide them to locate their prey in a better way. Cutting them would significantly affect their ability to hunt and also reduce their sense of confidence.

Trimming Of Husky Whiskers

According to most vets and experts, dog owners should refrain from cutting their dog’s whiskers. Whiskers can be a minute feature in dogs, but they serve an essential purpose in your dog’s everyday life.

Husky owners should think twice before trimming those minute hair follicles. Even though it may be for aesthetic reasons, you should avoid cutting them since they are beneficial for your Husky’s well-being.

These vibrissae are a vital part of a dog’s anatomy. It needs zero to no maintenance, and one can let that be. There are several nerve endings at the tip of these whiskers. So, you should be extra cautious if ever you plan on cutting them.

Why Do People Cut Whiskers?

Grooming, as we mentioned earlier, is essential to maintain the overall physical appearance of your dog. This procedure also includes taking care of the minutest and ignored part of their body feature, the whiskers. 

Well, let us get to the point and break the truth to you. Never cut your dog’s whiskers for any reason whatsoever. Huskies are intelligent and strong-willed dogs. The Husky whiskers are designed to enable them to detect even the slightest change in the atmosphere. 

So then, why do dog owners indulge in extreme grooming of their dog’s whiskers as well?

  • Competitions: A few dog owners take this extreme step of cutting off their dog’s whiskers if they plan to enter them in some contest. It is mainly to make them look all perfect as compared to other dogs.
  • Facial Hairs: Some dogs have distinctive facial hairs which may be all over the place. Due to the excessive growth, the dog owners take the help of grooming professionals for help. Hence, if you are a dog owner, you must mention that the whiskers need to be left alone.
  • Neater Appearance: Dog owners often trim and pluck the whiskers to give their dogs a prim and proper look. However, if you cut your Husky whiskers, it will alter their senses and, as a result, give them a dull persona.

Care For Husky Whiskers

As we mentioned earlier, Huskies have whiskers that have a heightened sense. Their whiskers are near their nose and under their jaws. Also, these hairs are susceptible; hence, it is advisable not to meddle with the whiskers to avoid harming the dog.

A lot of dog owners take the help of grooming professionals for perfect finish and grooming. Even then, this is something one should avoid when it comes to whiskers. 

So how do you maintain those long, beautiful Husky whiskers? The best answer for this is to let them thrive as their natural self. Below are a few tips we have complied to make your life easier for you and your Husky:

  • Listen To Your Vet: Vets often advise against cutting or clipping Husky whiskers. As whiskers don’t have pain receptors, it wouldn’t hurt your Husky, but it may hinder their sensory awareness.
  • Take Them To Professional Groomers: Our first piece of advice for you is to take your Husky to a professional instead of trying this at your home. These groomers will have a better understanding and experience. They will trim your Husky’s facial hair without harming their whiskers.
  • Avoid Clipping: As a sensory device, Husky’s whiskers are essential for their everyday needs. The whiskers act as an alarm to the Huskies when they contact something foreign or solid. A Husky’s whiskers may be longer than usual, but you should avoid clipping them in any situation.
  • Avoid Plucking: It is advisable by most vets that dog owners should avoid plucking the vibrissae. It could be pretty painful for your Huskies since the whiskers are more sensitive than the other hairs.
  • Home Grooming: If you plan to groom your Husky at home, ensure that they are relaxed. You can cut the majority of the hair that’s away from the whiskers with the help of hair trimmers. Also, make sure you use round-ended scissors while you are cutting extra inches near the husky whiskers.
  • Go Slow: Going slow with utmost care and patience while grooming your Husky’s facial hair or whiskers is an ideal way. Dogs by nature are very restless, and hence it is crucial for you as a dog owner to take things slow. 

Final Thoughts

Many canine experts state that a dog’s whiskers act as a sixth sense for them. Although cutting Husky whiskers does not cause any pain, it is best to leave them to grow. It will help your pet Husky be alert at all times and be aware of its surroundings.

Huskies are a classic high breed that can be great family dogs. As dog owners, it becomes your responsibility by default to take care of their well-being. Whiskers are your Husky’s protectors; hence protect them at all cost!

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