How To Groom A Siberian Husky

Siberian huskies have an outer coat which is smooth, straight and thick. This outer coat is mainly protective. They also have a soft wooly undercoat. Grooming these dogs is not such a hard task, all you need to know about how to groom a Siberian husky are really the basics. Siberian huskies need very little grooming. A Siberian husky is typically a clean dog with no body odor or parasites. They often clean themselves just like cats. Even when they get in mud they will clean themselves and not a trace of dirt can be spotted on them. As such Siberian huskies do not need frequent bathing. In fact most Siberian husky owners bath their dogs at most twice a year.

How to groom a Siberian Husky

An important thing to take note of when you have a Siberian husky is that they shed their undercoats twice a year. This shedding is seasonal and happens when seasons change. The shedding is quite intense and can last up to three weeks can be quite messy and you have to know how to groom a Siberian husky during this period. Otherwise, you may have to deal with clamps of fur in the house. When a Siberian husky is shedding it is important to groom the dog frequently. All that has to be done is to brush the dog’s coats to get rid of most of the shedding fur rather than wait for the fur to shed as it pleases, as this will leave a mess in the house. When grooming a Siberian husky all that is required is the occasional brushing to remove dead fur and keep the coat refreshed. You will need to get a good brush. The occasional brushing keeps things neat by preventing hair from flying all over. Require regular coat maintenance.


When brushing, it is not just dine in a haphazard manner. You have to know how to groom a Siberian husky. When grooming, you should brush backwards against the growth of the fur using a dog coat rake. You should start from the huskies neck area and brush your way to the tail. Brush the fur on top of the foot using a small slicker brush remembering to brush even the foot pads. Finally hold the tail by its tip and brush backwards.

No trimming of the Siberian husky’s fur is required. In fact shaving the dog may harm the dog. Shaving a Siberian husky may cause a heat stroke as the topcoat serves to cool the dog. The Siberian husky does not have pigmentation on his skin and if shaven he will also be exposed to harmful ultraviolet rays. If you must trim the husky, the trimming should be very minimal and should be left to those who are experts on how to groom a Siberian husky. Even when done the trimming should only focus on the few unruly strands.

Grooming takes quite some time especially if you do not have experience on how to groom a Siberian husky. It can even take longer with an uncooperative Siberian husky. Choose the best time when he is not so energetic. Grooming a Siberian husky can be a lot of fun especially when it is done as a family activity.