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Red Huskies: All You Need To Know About The Breed

Huskies are majestic dogs in the animal world, and there is no denying that fact. Apart from being extremely eye-catching with their beautiful fur, they are also the most devoted dogs. However, are you aware of Red Huskies that are equally alluring yet rare?

Red Husky belongs to the same Siberian Husky breed and is a part of the wolf family. They stand out from the other Huskies due to their distinctive vermilion shade. However, you need to know specific pointers before getting one of these beauties home since they are not meant for every household.  

You will get easily swayed by its striking looks and jubilant personality. But, similar to their counterparts, Red Huskies are mischievous and affectionate in their temperament. They are undoubtedly worth all the effort to keep them as a pet, yet they can be a handful to many pet owners.

Below we have collated a comprehensive guide to help you know this breed a bit more.

Red Husky: Origin

Siberian Huskies have been there in the animal world since time unknown.

They were bred by Chukchi tribal people around 3000 years ago as companions and working sled dogs to transport goods easily.

Did you know Siberian Huskies also go by the name of Alaskan Husky? Since Huskies prefer to thrive in regions that experience cold weather, they made Alaska’s icy terrains their natural habitat.

However, now they are well-known dogs across the globe and are more than just sled dogs. Red Siberian Huskies are medium-sized and are part of the same wolf origin.

Like other Husky shades, they are unique because of their overall look and are pretty social as other breeds. Are you planning to get one? Then be ready to take care of an intelligent creature with a free-spirited persona.  

Red Husky: Features And Appearance

Most Siberian Huskies have an athletic built and wolf-like appearance, and so does the Red Husky. Though they stand apart from other regular shades of Huskies, you will find distinct markings on them.

So, do not believe that Red Huskies are a different breed or rare compared to others.


Red Husky is generally medium-sized and is almost similar in size to other Huskies. The females are between 19-23 inches in height and weigh from 35-50 pounds. Males can grow up to a height between 20-24 inches tall and weigh from 45 -60 pounds.

Red Siberian Huskies generally showcase a sturdy body with powerful limbs. So even though they might attract you with their shiny coat, you will be pretty impressed with their well-built physique. 

Also, did you know that you can find Red Huskies in teacup sizes? Yes, it is correct! They are a thing, and if you are a fan of mini Huskies, you can get them as pets. However, they are limited in numbers as compared to other normal-sized Huskies.

Color And Coat Type

These crimson Red Huskies are surely going to win your heart without a doubt. Red Huskies may have highly furry coats to standard size. 

However, most of them would have a thick double-coat to keep them warm in the lowest temperatures.

When we talk about a Red Husky, you may have a rough image of the proper red-shaded pooch in your mind. However, the color may differ from deep red to crimson to light beige to sienna red. These enticing shades of red and copper are accompanied by white patches all over their body. How impressive is that?

Also, let us not forget their deep and beautiful almond-shaped eyes. Red Huskies may have eyeshades ranging from blue to green to brown. The coat and eye colors may differ depending on the gene of the Husky parent.

So, we advise you to meet the Red Husky puppy in person to get the preferred color of your choice.

Red Husky: Temperament

Let us warn you with one thing before you get a Red Husky home. They are a big ball of hyperactivity, and you need to be on your toes around them.

Huskies, in general, are pretty intelligent and alert dogs. You will be somewhat surprised by the way they tackle daily chores and activities. 

However, if you are looking for watchdogs, then Red Huskies might not fit the criteria. Instead, you may find them busy socializing with other canine friends or their owners. 

Adding, a Red Husky is playful and will gel well if you have kids at home. They are very free-spirited and may do things as per their wish. Hence, it is vital to train them efficiently and follow your lead when the need arises.

Siberian Huskies are known for their majestic persona, but they are the least aggressive dogs you may encounter. Your Red Husky will make an excellent playdate companion for you or your kids at home. They are always ready for some cuddles and fun games that tickle their brains.

Your Red Husky will always be vocal about their emotions and whatever goes inside their head. They are brilliant dogs and may converse with you by howling or talking in their unique manner. So, if at any point you find them howling for no reason, they are trying to express their feelings.

Red Husky: Care Guide

If you are a first-time dog owner, then the Red Husky may be a handful for you. However, Siberian Huskies are known to thrive in cooler temperatures. Hence to avoid any discomfort, you need to ensure that they are kept under controlled conditions even at home.

Below, we have collated few pointers that need to be kept in mind before you get yourself a Red Husky at home:

Training And Exercise

Siberian Huskies need proper training and physical exercises to avoid any boredom and destructive behavior. If you are a first-time pet parent, do ensure that you take the assistance of a professional to train your Red Husky.

These majestic dogs require at least two hours of exercise and walk daily. Since they are excellent with social skills, you may not have to stress much about the same. Leash training is considered essential since they are incredibly hyperactive and may pound on anyone.

Training your Red Husky should include positive reinforcement, such as giving them treats for being a good boy/girl. In addition, keeping them engaged with daily activities and games will make them happy pups and mentally stimulated. 

If the weather isn’t favorable for their daily dose of exercise, engage them with indoor activities.


Since Huskies have a thick double coat, they tend to shed a lot. As a result, your canine friend will have intense seasonal shedding, and hence don’t be surprised if you find your house filled with furs. 

You can brush their thick coats at least twice a week, but you may have to brush daily during the shedding times. Usually, a Red Husky may not ask for extravagant grooming. Instead, you can follow some basic grooming techniques to keep them all prim and proper. 

Bathing is something that they do not regularly need unless they have huddled inside a mud pond. Clean the pups using some good-quality dog shampoo, and they will be good to go.

Few pet parents may have the urge to trim and shave the thick coats of the Huskies. However, it would help if you tried avoiding that at all costs.


Huskies, in general, may suffer from genetic health issues, and you need to be extra careful with such pups. Huskies may also face intense bloating that, at times, may need some medical attention.

Zinc deficiency is one more health concern your Red Husky may face. Look out for symptoms like dry skin, loss of fur, and other skin-related issues. Thyroid and diarrhea are other most common health issues in Huskies. You should ensure that the Husky pups are screened for all the dysfunctions before it’s too late.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Red Husky

We know that crimson red fur is pretty tempting. Although, before you jump into getting a Husky pup, do consider the below pointers in mind:

  • Location: Red Huskies may need ample space to move and play around. Hence, if you live in an apartment, they may not be an ideal dog size for you.
  • Climate: Huskies can quickly adapt to weather conditions. However, ensure that they get ample shade and cool surroundings.
  • Grooming: You need to ensure that you brush your Husky’s fur since they shed huge quantities.
  • Husky Breeder: Do ensure that you get your Husky pups from a reliable breeder. Also, double-check their health conditions since you do not want your puppy to carry any genetic health issues or dysfunctions.


A Red Husky can be a great addition to your family. Well, who will not love their eye-catching red coat and elegant persona? These high-spirited dogs can be great pets, and kids adore them. However, you need to cater to their active lifestyle and consistent training.

If you are super confident in taking care of them, then there’s no stopping you from getting this bundle of fun to your home.

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