Corgi Husky Mix

Corgi Husky Mix: What Is There To Know?

Dogs are no doubt human’s favorite companions and partners-in-crime. We all love this cuddly and high-energy being around the house. Corgis and Huskies are a few of the most adored breeds in the dog world, and we cannot agree more to that. However, what happens when these fur babies are crossbred?

Corgi Husky mix, famously known as “Horgi” or “Siborgi,” is truly eye candy. They love fun and frolic, and you will not regret making them a part of your family. There are various things to know about this crossbreed and few pointers to consider if you are a Horgi owner. 

With their almond eyes, erect ears, and a nose to “boop the snoot,” these cuties are sure to steal your heart. Whether you stay amid the hustle and bustle of a city or a deserted village, Horgis can adapt well anywhere.

If you want to become a paw-parent to one of these cuties, there are a few things that you should know about this breed.

Corgi Husky Mix: Origin

The origins of the Siborgi happened due to crossbreeding a male Pembroke Welsh Corgi and a female Siberian Husky. You must be aware of how distinctive both the dogs are in terms of features and temperament.

Hence, you can expect your Horgi to be a tiny tot with a big Husky body but shorter limbs.

Both the parents, though having roots with the wolf family, are pretty different from each other. Huskies are intelligent, dynamic, gentle, and larger-than-life personalities. On the other hand, Welsh Corgis are a mixture of adorability, outgoing, noisy and medium-sized pooches.

So, if you expect your Horgi to be a massive dog like a Husky, you might be disappointed. However, you can always expect them to be a tiny version of the beautiful furred huskies.

Corgi Husky Mix: Features

If you’re looking for a medium-sized fur baby, then the Horgi is a godsend companion for you. Kids at home can easily fool around with these dogs due to their tiny and compact size.

Height And Weight

It is approximately 13 to 15 inches in height, and a full-grown Siborgi can weigh up to 20-50 pounds. This feature primarily works in favor of people who love the features of huskies but cannot manage their huge frame.

Do not mistake their tiny limbs to be puny and fragile. On the contrary, like their Corgi parents, their legs are sturdy, and they can run as fast as an average dog. 

Color And Fur Coat

The Siborgi has a dense coat, and you can easily guess from where they inherit this feature. Depending on dominant traits, it may have long and thick fur or even dense and medium ones.

Since both the parents are known to have furs all over, you can expect your Horgi to be a fur baby.

Well, you may wonder if the Horgis would have the tan coat as their Corgi parent or the distinctive white or grey coat from their Husky descendants. However, this might seem like one of their desirable features to you, be ready to brush them daily!

Horgis are prone to significant shedding and need regular grooming to maintain their luscious double coat.

Corgi Husky Mix: Temperament

Since they aren’t a pure breed, a Horgi may mix both its parents’ temperaments. Corgis are super friendly pooches and fancy to socialize with others. In contrast, huskies are grand in their personality and are known to be alert dogs.

The crossbreed is a mix of sweetness and spunkiness that you will get immediately drawn to. Horgis are pretty friendly and can gel well with teens. However, you may need to think twice if you have kids at home, as mishaps can occur unknowingly during playtime.

If you plan to get a Horgi, be ready to witness your dog being the center of everyone’s attention. Also, they aren’t excellent watchdogs as compared to their parents. But, do not lose hope yet. You can always train them to be capable guard dogs as they mature.

Let us warn you, Horgis can be noisy and bark excessively at times for no apparent reason. However, you may melt witnessing their adorable faces and forget about the nuisance they created.

The Husky Corgi mix is always up for adventure and will be eager to explore places with you. Also, if you have friends with dogs, Horgis will interact with them with ease. It is always a bright idea to make your Horgi pup open up to other people and dogs to get them accustomed to their surroundings.

Husky Corgi Mix: Care

Designer dogs may sound exciting to you initially, but the care and maintenance involved for them is not a cakewalk. There are few aspects that you need to keep in mind before becoming a pet-parent to Siborgis:


Both their parents are known to behave with high vitality and enthusiasm towards life. Well, even your Horgis have similar features. So you as a trainer should be well-versed with the appropriate training they need.

 At times the crossbreeds may even show the stubborn nature of their Husky parent. Hence, you need to be firm with them and do this with a gentle approach.

Please include a few behavioral and obedience training after they reach a certain age. It will help the pups cope with separation anxiety, control their rampant barking and obey your commands when required.


The main disclaimer that we may give you before buying these munchkins is regarding their excessive shedding. You may have to keep a vacuum handy all the time since you will find their fur almost everywhere around the house.

Like their furry parents, Horgis can shed at a massive level, especially during the shedding season. As a result, you may have to brush them daily to maintain their glossy skin and fur.

The Corgi and Husky mix will also need its daily dose of a nice bath. Ensure that you use a good quality dog shampoo to keep all the ticks and dirt away. Also, let us enlighten you with a pro tip. While bathing them, ensure that you rinse them well on both sides and dry them to avoid rashes and skin damage in the future.

Be extra careful while cutting their nails since they have nerve endings. However, since these dogs are highly active and can act restless, they need to be at ease before clipping those nails.


Husky and Corgis are prone to obesity and gaining weight quickly over time. Being a responsible paw-parent, you must ensure that the Horgis get their daily dose of walks and exercise. Try to be creative and include some activities for them that will keep them engaged and vibrant.

If you fail to do so, they may show dullness, lousy behavior, weight gain, and lethargy. So leave your Horgi to be themselves and get some sun, and this would surely put a smile on your face.


Huskies and Corgis are known to have some common ailments that may pass to Horgis. Eye problems and hip dysplasia are the two ailments that both the canines suffer from often.

Apart from these, the Husky and Corgi mix-breeds are also prone to obesity and gaining weight instantly. This factor is the main reason why we stressed the importance of exercise for them.

Do your background research and check with the dog breeders about genetic ailments before getting a Horgi pup.

Things To Consider Before Getting A Corgi Husky Mix

We all know the excitement of becoming a paw-parent. However, you need to consider few details before getting one of these cuddly pups home:

  • Double-Check With Breeders: Ensure that you meet the dog parent to ensure they suffer from many health ailments that may pass on to your pups.
  • Regular Grooming: Being a paw-parent, brushing your Horgi’s fur and skin regularly is a must.
  • Need Time and Attention: If you don’t have time to devote to your pup’s training and exercise, then Horgis are not meant for you.
  • Health Issues: If you suffer from asthma and breathing issues, Horgis are not ideal for you due to their heavy shedding nature.
  • Food and Diet: You should ensure that you choose high-quality, grain-free dog food for your Siborgi pup. Also, try avoiding food that is rich in fat since the Corgi Husky mix can quickly gain weight.
  • Regular Training: It is a must to train your dog so that they behave well, even in the presence of outsiders. Horgis can be stubborn at times; hence it is indispensable to be firm with them considerately. 

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a furry companion to liven up your house, then the Corgi Husky mix is perfect for you. You need to spoil them with lots of love, lots of grooming and some training. With their friendly and lovable temperament, they will become the most favorite member of your family in no time.

So why the wait? Get your furry friend home and be ready for some dog cuddles, rolling and licking your face!

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