Siberian Husky Chewing

How to Stop Siberian Huskys Chewing

Any Siberian husky owner should know that the chewing is completely natural. In fact, Siberian husky chewing helps the puppy develop properly and is actually to be expected in Siberian husky puppies. However, if the chewing is not controlled the damage caused can be quite an expensive affair especially if the chewing becomes excessive. The emphasis here is on controlling the chewing rather than stopping it altogether.

Siberian husky Chewing starts when they are young. It is at this early stage, during their formative years when they are more eager to learn, that you should put an immediate stop to excessive and destructive chewing. When the puppy starts displaying signs of mindless chewing, do not tolerate it thinking that it is just a passing phase. On the contrary, the chewing will just get much worse. Nevertheless, in an attempt to stop the unnecessary chewing do not shout or employ physical abuse whatsoever. No matter how angry you get when he has chewed on your valuables, never direct the anger at the Siberian husky puppy as it could produce very negative effects.

Why He Chews

Siberian husky chewing arises out of boredom or even teething problems. When it is caused by boredom, then you should try and keep the dog busy. Make sure you provide enough activities for him to engage in if you value your shoes and seats. When it comes to chewing due to teething problems give him something to chew on as teething comes with the uncontrollable urge to chew. When the teeth surface the urge to chew will not be there anymore and he will be chewing due to other reasons. In that case, make sure he is constantly distracted. When it comes to excessive chewing, obviously the dog has too much energy in him. In this case, you should make sure that the Siberian husky exercises. That way he will not have the energy to keep chewing excessively and the chewing will be reduced to the minimum.

Redirecting the Chewing

When dealing with Siberian husky chewing, you have to make a compromise. It is a give and take situation. In exchange for your husky not chewing on your shoe, you have to give him something else to chew on. Make sure you give him something that is safe in that it is non-toxic and will not injure his gums and mouth. You could get him some chew toys from a pet shop. Show your Siberian husky dog that chewing on your items is not ok and give him alternatives.

When dealing with Siberian husky chewing, think of redirecting the chewing rather than stopping it completely. If you try to put a complete stop to it you will end up very frustrated. Instead of trying to deter the dog from chewing, give him something appropriate to chew on. When training him not to chew on your valuables praise and reward him when he chews on the appropriate items. Then he will stick to chewing his chew toys. You must be consistent and ensure that he chews on his chew toys only rather than letting him chew on other things sometimes.