Husky Escape Artist

Why Are Huskies Escape Artists: What Can I Do About It?

The ability of a Husky to escape is a primary concern for their owners. Huskies are the canine equivalents of Houdini, no kidding. If you are a Husky owner, you know it!

If their requirements aren’t addressed thoroughly, they become bored and a bit grumpy at times. The thought of something exciting awaiting beyond your fence is what triggers them to explore beyond the realms of confinement. So, it is crucial to make sure your lawn is escape-proof.

This article will serve as a comprehensive reference to several reasons your Husky may have escaped in the past or may do so in the future. 

Escape Reasons

For a multitude of reasons, your little escape artist may be planning those stealth escapes.

Not Enough Mental Stimulation 

The most typical grounds for dog escape efforts are a lack of mental stimulation or physical activity. Canines with limited daily social and physical connections with other people or dogs may want to break free from their confinements or residences to find what they are missing. 

Area Defense  

Chasing cats or a visitor out of their territory can quickly escalate from a simple choice to something far more dangerous in a matter of minutes. 

Whatever the purpose might also be for your Husky’s escape plan, it is necessary to recognize the cause for your dog’s getaway. Then, take extraordinary measures to stop future escapes.

Prevention Techniques 

The following are some excellent methods for discouraging your Husky escape artist from escaping again.

  • Regular Exercise

Daily walks, visiting dog parks, and proper playtime outdoors should always be in a Husky’s daily routine.

Huskies are a high-energy breed. Taking your dog for everyday walks, playing at the dog park, or offering frequent outdoor playtime can help your dog get the exercise they require.

Ritual exercise gives mental stimulation as well as a way to expend surplus energy.

  • Healthy Schedule 

Dogs are like us when it comes to thriving on consistency. So, providing your Husky with a consistent exercise schedule can be more than beneficial. Exercise routines provide constancy, so your dog understands when to play and when to exercise.

Instead of seeking exercise by escaping from their kennel and racing around your house, they will know when to expect activity as an outlet to burn off their extra energy.

Scheduling gives your dog structure, allowing him to know when to play and when to relax.

  • Puzzles And Toys

Lack of mental excitation is another principal reason for dogs to flee.

Huskies are accustomed to working in packs and interacting with a group. As a result, Huskies may act out due to a lack of interaction with other dogs or people.

This could be their technique of getting the cerebral stimulation they require while also indicating that they are incredibly lonely or bored.

Solving puzzles can be a fantastic way to keep your buddy mentally stimulated. Hence, you can give your dog Kong toys and treat balls. Those are the most incredible puzzle toys for them to begin with. These will stimulate them both mentally and physically, as well as a tasty food reward. 

  • Cameras

Dog cameras allow you to keep an eye on them throughout the day when you cannot be home with your pet. In addition, this alternative will enable you to communicate with them, and it is rewarding.

Installing a dog camera may be handy if they are left alone during the daytime. In addition, sneak-ins via camera might reveal how your dog is running away and assist in developing strategies to prevent future escapes.

A camera can protect your dog’s safety by ensuring they are not wounded or stuck while attempting to flee from a kennel.

  • Daycare For Dogs

Doggie daycare is an excellent option for dogs who require continuous exercise or supervision throughout the day.

Dog daycare may give high-energy canines somewhere to go while also providing mental stimulation and socialization through interaction with other dogs and caregivers.

Various pet daycare choices are available, all of which offer specialized services to meet your pet’s specific needs. 

Among the possibilities are: 

  • Daycare with other dogs for the entire day
  • Individualized care for one dog in your house or at the home of a dog sitter
  • Services that take your dog for outdoor walks and toilet breaks whenever you want

If possible, doggie daycare is a fantastic way to keep your mind at ease during your day. Your pup will be well-cared for, exercised, and will not be conspiring their next escape from their confinements.

  • Continuous Outdoor Surveillance

Other animals and people outside give your dog constant stimulation.

To avoid a potential runaway issue, make sure your dog is supervised at all times when outside.

When you’re off to work, keep your dog on a leash if necessary. 

  • Modifications To Outdoor Space

Providing your Husky with a secure outside place and frequent outdoor supervision can assist in preventing avoidable escapes.

To thwart escapes, you will need a fenced yard that’s safe from top to bottom, as well as a clear space free of any things that could serve as a jumping platform.

Fences and fence extensions allow you to let your dog off the leash outside.  

  • Spaying Or Neutering 

As dogs mature sexually, it is natural for them to engage in the search for a partner.

Spaying or neutering your pet will prevent undesired puppies from ending up at an already overcrowded animal shelter in the event of an unplanned escape during sexual maturity.

  • Obedience Training

If your Husky is acting out or exhibiting unpleasant behaviors, obedience training can be practical. These lessons can teach you how to encourage excellent conduct in your dog while also limiting undesirable behavior.

Pro-trainings also give your dog the social contact and cerebral stimulation they crave.

  • Protection Based On Circumstances

Many dogs are confused and afraid of thunder and lightning, pyrotechnics, and loud construction noises. Your dog may react to fear by fighting or fleeing. They could escape in a matter of seconds if they wanted to run away.

Protecting your dog from a fear-based escape attempt can be as simple as providing security for your dog in these unpleasant situations when you can predict their occurrence. For example, if you know there will be a storm or holiday fireworks, make sure your dog has a safe place to go. 

During stressful times, basements or quiet indoor places can provide a comforting, comfortable environment for your pet.


Is It Possible For Huskies To Return Home?

Huskies enjoy roaming and are naturally curious. However, they may have difficulty finding their way home. It means that even if a Husky does not become disoriented, they may prefer to continue exploring rather than returning home.

Is It Possible For A Husky To Jump A 6 Ft Fence?

Even though a Husky can only jump about 4 feet, it might scale a 6-foot fence. It all hinges on them to gain a firm grip over the top of the wall and a solid grasp with its rear legs. 

Do All Huskies Attempt To Flee?

While Huskies are known for fleeing, not all of them will try to do so. A Husky that has been adequately trained and mentally stimulated will have little desire to run away. 

Do Huskies Obey Their Owners?

Huskies are independent because they are meant to live free. So, they can choose to ignore your commands.

Final Words

If you’re thinking about adopting a breed known for escaping, accept that you might not be able to prevent them from exercising their right to roam around. 

Do not chastise your Husky escape artist because he got away! It’s most likely your fault. When you joined up to be a Husky daddy or mama, you already understood that Huskies are a high-risk breed. 

Do everything you can to make him feel at ease at home, but understand that they may not want to be there all the time.

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