Why Are Huskies So Weird

Why Are Huskies So Weird? You Will Be Surprised!

Huskies are a charming dog breed. Besides their attractive wolf-like physique and free-spirited temperament, they are goofy and adorable and make lovable pets. However, Huskies can be overly dramatic and mischievous. But why are Huskies so weird?

More accurately, Huskies are not weird but reactive in a playful way. They act all goofy and strange when confronted or asked to do something they do not want to. Moreover, this behavioral quirk is usually the norm of the Siberian husky breed.

Nonetheless, the eccentric Huskies are clever enough to make a decision themselves. If you train them properly, they are more likely to react less. But before proceeding, what does “reactive behavior” mean? Let’s take a deeper look into why Huskies are so reactive.

What Is Reactive Behavior?

Certain canines are emotionally reactive under circumstances of discomfort or stress. Usually, this refers to showing aggression or anxiety in front of strangers and other dogs.

The question that might pop up in your head at this point would be, why are Huskies reactive? Is that because they are aggressive? To know this better, you have to take a look at their personality traits.

As far as Siberian Huskies are concerned, being reactive doesn’t necessarily imply they are aggressive. Instead, their reactiveness typically means acting all goofy or annoying.

Huskies are playful, and they frequently find entertainment in bizarre and silly ways. Contrary to their wolfish looks, deep down, Huskies are very emotionally reactive.

They will mimic people’s voices and howl showing their emotions through their vocals. Moreover, regardless of how much you train a Husky, they will show weird behavior from time to time. 

Why Do Huskies Display This Kind Of Behavior?

Huskies are intelligent breeds. They are stubborn and independent. When these traits mix, Huskies become difficult to train or manage. It takes your one command to declare a challenge for them.

When you ask them to do something they do not agree upon, they will get emotionally triggered. The reaction, however, isn’t showing aggression but acting dead, howling, whining, or just staring blankly.

These energetic dogs know how to play a tantrum which can sometimes annoy the owner or make them adore their husky.

What Circumstances Can Make A Husky Reactive?

Husky is friendly, gentle, and intelligent. If your Husky is weird at a particular time, there may be sure a reason for that. Below are some reasons why your goofball might be acting erratic.

Stressful Situations

A Husky is a susceptible breed. If you have been around a Husky, you know how they hate being left alone. Various factors contribute to stress in dogs.

If your Husky whines or shivers at certain times or gets triggered when you step foot out of your home, it might have separation anxiety. However, many dog breeds have separation anxiety. You can consult your vet if your furry friend exhibits symptoms of stress often.

There are other signs of your Husky being stressed and acting all goofy, which you should look up to, including:

  • Yawning and lip licking
  • Ears down to a side
  • Panting and too warm
  • Talking or vocalizing
  • Tail lying down behind the back
  • Shivering
  • Howling for long

If your Husky is acting quite strange, it may be because they are stressed. You should watch out for the signs and help your goofy buddy to relieve their stress. Moreover, you can talk to your vet regarding any symptoms.


It’s not new if your goofball howls an impromptu song at night.

A common trait of Huskies is they respond to sounds in their surroundings. When they hear another dog barking, a baby crying, a siren, or any other high-intensity sound, they will often join them in response by howling.

They often talk back and try to convey their feelings by vocalizing. A Husky may also howl or announce their uneasiness when under an uncomfortable situation.

When you put them in a situation they don’t like, they will let you know. Huskies can start wailing and throwing tantrums like a kid told to get in bed past bedtime.

Howling is not weird but an ancestral trait in Huskies. Their ancestors used to howl to communicate with their pack over large distances. So, if your Husky howls early in the morning, maybe it is trying to connect with its other Husky friends.


Danger can come in many forms. Dogs generally have basic instincts that alert them of a threat lying ahead. Huskies are no exception. 

They howl when they sense a threat. Huskies will often become stiff and stare in a specific direction, howling at a high pitch to warn of danger.

Besides, your Husky may start acting unusual when sensed a danger. It will be suddenly hyper-active, hiding, scratching, and shaking at times of threat. If you observe particular behavior, it may be a sign of impending danger.

Should You Stop Your Husky From Acting Weird?

If your Husky is overly reactive, and you want to stop them from being weird, you can start training them from the beginning. You should stop entertaining their drama strictly.

However, unlike other dogs that become aggressive when reactive, Huskies do not react with aggression. It’s their silliness that makes them so adorable. You should contemplate whether your Husky needs training to stop acting weird.

How To Stop Your Husky From Acting Weird?

Although a Husky acting dramatic often seems cute, it can be inappropriate at times. For instance, Husky throwing tantrums in the middle of a street. If you want them to act less weird or erratic, you can train them properly and stop encouraging their drama positively.

You can follow the below steps to put a stop to your Husky’s strange behavior.


Give your Husky a lot of training to make them responsive to your commands.

As you bring your furry friend home, start their training from the basics such as stay and sit to responding or coming to your commands. This recall training can significantly reduce its tendencies to act weird whenever you call or command them.

This way, you will make sure your dog can stay calm in distracting environments. Moreover, a well-behaved Husky is less likely to throw tantrums like a baby in the middle of a street. 

Obedience is another training that can help with your eccentric husky. An obedient and well-trained husky will be less goofy and stubborn. 

Do Not Reward Its Actions

The dramatic outbursts and tantrums can be because you advertently encourage their behavior by giving the husky treats to calm down.

For instance, if your Husky refuses to come in and you give it the treat to obey you, it will behave the same way the next time you command it. Luring them with treats will encourage whining around, and it will reinforce the goofy behavior.

Do not reward them when they act erratically. Moreover, remember not to give your Husky negative attention when it behaves weirdly. Train your bud by not losing your calm. When they stop acting strange, give them all the attention they want.


Siberians were bred to run and drag sleighs in frost temperatures. They are active and athletic dogs that need regular exercise to remain healthy mentally and physically. Owners often ignore that both mental stimulation and physical activities are essential for dogs.

If your Husky is acting crazily and getting hyper lately, maybe it is because it is not getting enough exercise. Give it an hour of exercise daily to make it remain calm.

If your goofy boy is acting quite strange and running around the house, play fetch with him. Since it will expend much energy in exercising and playing, the Husky will act less crazy. 

Be Patient

Remember that Huskies are playful by nature, and it will take time to train them to be less dramatic.

Making your Husky remain calm will take a lot of patience and training. Do not neglect its needs and characteristics. Reward them for behaving well.

You ought to be calm and composed to make your dog well-behaved. 

Also, training can be a way to strengthen your bond with your dog. With all love and consistent efforts, your Husky will start mastering and obeying your commands over time.

Final Words

Huskies are one of the most beautiful and majestic breeds around. They are adorable giant babies who crave your love and attention.

As to why Huskies are so weird, they are naturally dramatic. Being independent, they act all goofy to get what they want from their owners. You can adequately train them to make them more well-behaved and mannered.

The weird behavior is their response to your confrontation and commands. Train and teach them to get rid of this peculiar behavior. However, do not always try to correct their goofiness. In the end, it is their quirkiness that makes them lovable.

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