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How Are Huskies Playing With One Another? (Explained for Beginners)

Huskies are high energy dogs that are good at playing. Many husky parents, at some point, are forced to get a new dog. Merely buying a dog will not be a solution. There are certain factors you must consider before getting a playmate for your husky.

Even if huskies are social dogs, you should decide the breed your husky is compatible with. Only after you select specific games to play with your husky you can entertain them. Understanding a husky’s nature in socializing is essential for this.

Getting a new dog or taking your husky to play with other dogs can be tricky sometimes. Since huskies are protective and aggressive, and there might be an adverse reaction to the company. If you know and follow the right steps, you will soon be set to bring a new puppy home.

How to know if my husky does well with other dogs?

Huskies generally get attached to everyone they meet easily. However, not all dogs are the same. Some huskies might have a reserved and socially anxious nature. 

Suppose your dog is socially anxious and does not welcome any other pet but is still lonely. Then it is wise first to train him to get along with other dogs. Huskies love their owner so much that getting a new dog might make them feel jealous. This jealousy could be turned on your new puppy. Bringing a new dog does not always mean buying it. It can also be your partner’s dog.

There are some simple steps to make your dog socially active. You can try them first with your neighborhood dogs or dogs at the dog park and then try bringing a new puppy. 

  • Take your dog for a walk 
  • If available, make a trained dog walk up to you and approach your Husky. 
  • If your dog reacts furiously, then make him sit and hold him on the leash for some time. 
  • After he calms down, give him a small treat. 
  • Repeat this process until your dog is well acquainted with the other one. 

Since this is an experimental process, you cannot right away take your dog to socialize. It might take him days to socialize. Huskies are friendly as well as dangerous at the same time. Being careful around them is vital for the other dog. So, wait till he is completely accepting of other pets.

Husky’s compatibility with other Breeds

There are hundreds of breeds that go well with huskies. Apart from inborn traits, there are certain characters for each dog. If you consider only the breed traits, that might only reflect the features inherited from their ancestors.

The specific behavior and character of a dog are equally important. If it suits you well with your husky, you can go for it. Some general characteristics are compatible with huskies. 

  • Social and outgoing 
  • Preferably, larger in size 
  • Loving and
  • Highly intelligent 

There are many breeds of dogs that have these qualities as traits. Qualifying all the needed, Alaskan Malamute, Dalmatians, Labrador, etc., can be the best-suited companion you could ever ask for your dog.

This does not mean that things will not go well with other small dogs. In fact, huskies develop a greater love for smaller breeds, but there is always the fear of the little dog getting hurt. 

Huskies are brilliant than most dogs. They understand things if you train them properly. You can make them know that playing teeth-games with smaller dogs is not safe. If they respond to your sound while engaging in such activities, they will stop it immediately.

Husky’s compatibility with other huskies

Obviously, your husky will not know that he is playing with another dog of his breed. 

Siberian Huskies have been living on packs for thousands of years, says the BBC. So they naturally feel a connection between their breed than others. This old habit became a trait in them with time. 

If two or more huskies are not in the same environment, they get along without any clashes or efforts. The qualities, as mentioned earlier, can be seen in any other husky. 

Even if your dog does not realize the difference, you will notice some positive changes in their behavior while interacting with another Husky.

Benefits of playing with one another

Getting a new dog does not only mean getting a company in. There are tons of other benefits to getting another husky. 

Keeping each other active

The constant need for companionship in huskies can only be satisfied by another husky. The similar natural traits bind them together. The communication between them becomes more straightforward and allows them to develop a bond. 

This will also reduce the need for exercise to a significant extent.

Reduces social and separation anxiety

Dogs are usually known to be loving animals. They cannot bear the separation of their owner. When it comes to huskies, their extreme energy and stamina will make them restless and anxious. This only happens when you have one husky, but you do not have to worry about the company if you have two. 

Huskies are an intelligent breed that will soon get used to their new playmates. Some huskies might be socially distanced from others; they too will get used to it with time. Huskies playing with each other will reduce their stress levels.

Getting Huskies in pairs

It is always not good to keep these pack oriented animals alone. Be it a male or female dog. If you are planning to get huskies as a pair, that will help save your time and energy. 

When they are huskies, they develop a feeling of a pack and family. This will also enable them to reduce stress and burn more fat.

Games for huskies to play

Huskies love to play a lot of games. If it is with their companion, then they are much more excited than average. However, they cannot always bite each other and run around. They, too, need some creative toys and games to play. 

There are some exhilarating and fun games for you to engage your huskies.

Tug of war

Tug of war is a rough game. Your huskies will love it for sure. You can also make this a part of their daily training. There are also chances for this game to stimulate aggression, but following proper methods to get your huskies pulling can never be harmful. 

  • Get a tug toy. 
  • If you have already taught them to follow your commands, tell them to hold both ends. 
  • You can also start from one of your dogs by waving the tug toy in front of him. 
  • Once he is tempted, he will try to pull it up and play with him for some time. As your other dog intervenes, leave the toy to both of them. 

Your huskies will enjoy playing with you. This will be a refreshment for them. If you think they are getting more aggressive after some time, grab the toy and make them sit (if you have taught commands). Let the excitement subside for some time. 

You can also make it a daily routine to play with your dogs. After some weeks, they will get used to the practice and start playing on their own.

Hide and seek with Huskies

The trend of playing hide and seek with huskies was quite popular. Despite their minute intelligence, huskies are also fun-loving dogs. Their love tricky and funny games like hide and seek. 

Generally, there are two ways to play hide and seek with your husky. One is hiding a treat, and the other is you hiding from them. 

Hiding a treat 

  • Get a favorite treat for your huskies, and let them sniff it. 
  • It is okay if they are familiar with the treat. 
  • Now tell both of your huskies to sit down and stay in the same place. 
  • After find hiding it somewhere, command your dogs to go and see it. 
  • If one of your dogs finds it first, give them an extra special treat. 
  • This will encourage the other dog to play with more interest. 

You can increase the difficulty of hiding places with time. However, this is not an exercise for the body but an excellent mental stimulation. 

Now, if you are going to Hide, 

  • Order your dogs to stay at the same place and go to a good hiding position. 
  • Now call both of your dogs by their name. 
  • Even if they find you quickly at the beginning, find more challenging places to hide.
  • Treat the dog that finds you first with the treat. 

This will be a fun game and mentally a rejuvenating exercise for your dog.

Wrapping up

Training and playing with huskies cannot be difficult if you are on the right track. 

Apart from all other pieces of advice, you will always know better about your husky. You will know very well if he is jealous or dominating or playful etc. Consider all this before you get a new Husky. 

Huskies can be extremely playful and lovely if you train them properly.  You might be worried about your dog getting hurt while playing. Since they are large dogs, they tend to play in any way possible.

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