Siberian Husky Potty Training

Siberian Husky Potty Training

Siberian husky potty training requires time so you should not rush it or get impatient. When potty training a Siberian husky, bear in mind that no matter how stubborn he is, any dog can be potty trained. So no matter what happens do not give up on the training.  Any dog at any age can be successfully trained though it is much easier when the dog is younger.

Important Tips

Any sign of hostility against the Siberian husky during potty training may even set back the progress made. Siberian huskies do not respond well to yelling and shouting. You must remain calm and consistent in your training. Let him know that going inside is wrong and that going outside is right without necessarily being angry at him if he does not get it right. During Siberian husky potty training the dog should be encouraged by the use of positive reinforcement frequently. When he gets it right you should give him a treat. He is sure to repeat what he had done in order to get another reward.

During this period the trainer should always be around. If you have to be away you may crate him but not for so long. If you crate him for so long he may become restless and even potty in the crate which will be a big setback. You could also use a bigger enclosure with puppy pads inside if you intend to be gone for a long.

For Siberian husky potty training, it is best to have a schedule. For instance, take him out every hour. Also, take him out before and after sleeping. With time a routine will set in and he will be able to potty at the times he has been trained to. You may also try observing your Siberian husky to see his behavior when he is about to potty. When you learn his behavior then take him out once he starts behaving that way.

When you catch the Siberian husky in the act say a firm ‘NO’ and take him outside immediately. If you found the mess already done in the house do not make a fuss about it. The dog will not know which particular behavior is making you angry. Dogs live in the present and may not relate your anger to something they did 20 seconds ago and will end up just frustrated when they cannot connect your anger at them with a particular action.

There will be mistakes

Expect some mistakes during Siberian husky potty training period. When this happens, take the puppy out and clean up the mess. Siberian huskies are known for mimicking human behavior. If you clean up in front of them they may try to mimic what you are doing later on and eat his own poop since that is how he knows that cleaning is done. You must make sure that you clean the mess completely because dogs have a tendency to urinate on the same spot every time. So if you leave any trace of urine, even a stain, and the dog will go at that particular spot the next time. Siberian husky potty training requires time, patience, and consistency and the results are very gratifying.