Are Huskies Good Camping Dogs

Are Huskies Good Camping Dogs? 7 Things To Consider

Siberian huskies have an impressive temperament of loyalty, obedience, and friendliness. This northern breed dog has great endurance and is fastidious, social as well as graceful. Huskies are keen and energetic. They are known for their effortless and powerful gait.

Are huskies good camping dogs? Their exceptional traits do make them so. So if you are planning an adventurous camping experience with your husky, make sure to prepare and plan.

Here is a guide that will help you in your pre-camping preparations:

All You Need To Know About Huskies

Huskies are pack dogs that enjoy family life. They are quite friendly, so they might turn out to be indifferent watchdogs. Huskies are naturally clean with little to no odor. They are great companions to have by your side. 

Nutritional Requirements 

When it comes to their nutrition, you must feed them with high-quality food for their better health. If your husky is continuously working, or you are taking it for a hike or camping, make sure to increase protein levels in its diet.

Protein in their diet must be less in summer months and slightly high during winters. Never overfeed them and regularly monitor their weight.


As mentioned before, huskies are naturally clean. They do not require regular baths. Make sure to brush them regularly. That ensures that its coat and skin are in good condition.

Twice a year, their undercoat is shed, and it is necessary to rake out the old coat. You can do so by using a pin brush or metal comb. Trim your huskies’ nails regularly to prevent any foot issues.

Exercise And Training

Huskies are very energetic. They enjoy regular exercises and running. Hence you might want to keep them on the leash in public areas, or the next thing you know, your husky has gone prancing about to scare smaller animals or other people.

You must take them for daily walks or to doggie playgroups in parks for exercise.

Huskies are very obedient and well-mannered. Hence, training them is not a difficulty. They can be stubborn at times, but if you take them for a walk or give them a treat, they will happily obey you.

The fact they are very social and friendly they enjoy training. Husky loves to be in other people’s company.


Huskies are relatively healthier than other breeds. However, you must take them for regular checkups and screenings. Make sure they receive their vaccinations on time. 

If you are a vigilant owner, you can easily detect if your husky is ailing. A common health problem among huskies is a juvenile cataract. 

Make sure the veterinarian you are taking your husky to is well experienced and professional.

Size Analysis

An average male husky stands between 21 to 23.5 inches high. On the other hand, a female stands between 20 to 22 inches. A male husky will weigh up to 60 pounds, while a female weighs between 35 and 50 pounds.

What Makes Huskies Good For Camping?

Listed below are the reasons why huskies are good camping dogs:

  • They originate from the cold, dreary Siberian lands and hence, are comfortable with icy conditions. Therefore, if you are hiking or camping up in the mountains, their thick mane protects them from cold.
  • They are compact sled dogs. This trait might come in handy for you if you have a lot of luggage. However, do not overwork them. 
  • They are medium-sized and can easily carry around their stuff in a backpack.
  • They are athletic and active dogs that need constant exercise. Hence, camping can be just the right thing for their training!
  • Siberian huskies adore running. So a good camping trip might cheer them up. Several books on huskies do specify that a happy husky is a healthy husky.
  • Huskies are very friendly and loving. That makes it easy to take care of them, even when you are out camping.

Preparations Required

Before taking your husky camping, make the following preparations:

  1. Ensure that your dog is vaccinated and had had his regular health checkup.
  2. Make sure that your husky is wearing his name tag. In case your dog gets lost, you can contact the park rangers, who will have convenience in finding your husky through his name tag.
  3. Your husky must be well trained before taking him hiking. You must teach it to respond to basic voice commands. This way, you can control your husky while hiking or camping.
  4. Pack a first-aid kit, both for yourself and your dog. 

A first-aid kit for a dog must include: 

  • Tweezers (for removing thorns) 
  • A sock (for paw protection) 
  • A disposable razor and tape
  • Saline solution
  • An antiseptic 
  • Antibiotic ointment
  • Blood clotting powder
  • Antihistamines
  • Cotton swabs
  • Tick removal tool

5. Before taking your dog camping, make sure that the campground allows dogs.

What Should You Pack? 

  1. Pack plenty of water for you and the husky. Make sure that your husky is well hydrated.
  2. Your dog’s leash is too a necessity to pack. Make sure to take extras. Leash ensures the safety of your dog. With it, the dog will not go about wandering. It also reduces its chances of getting lost.
  3. Nourishment is essential for you and your dog. Pack plenty of food for your dog. It will need more food during hiking and camping because it is burning more than usual calories.
  4. Do not forget to pack a plastic bag and a spade (to scoop up your dog’s feces). If you do not clean it, you will not only ruin other camper’s experience; the feces will also attract campsite predators.
  5. Dog boots (depending upon the terrain and season).
  6. Also, pack a sleeping bag for your dog. Try training it to use it before going camping.

Things To Keep In Mind While Camping

  • Pay close attention to your husky while camping. Though huskies are active and ferocious, you must protect your husky at all costs. Give special attention to their needs.
  • Make sure you do not keep them on a leash all the time. Well-trained huskies will never pose any issue.
  • Make sure to take breaks while hiking to the campsite. If your husky is panting, get it water (clean water).

Huskies love to chase around small animals. Train them to understand voice commands like “leave it” or “stop it.” This way, your husky will not wander away too far. 

How To Keep Your Husky Protected From Diseases?

The basic guidelines that you must follow to protect your husky from diseases are as follow:

  • Apply topical or systemic tick-control treatment, as prescribed by the veterinarian.
  • If possible, limit your huskies’ access to tick-infested areas.
  • It would be better if you let your dog sleep within your tent. You can use a calming spray to help your dog adjust to the tent.
  • In case your husky eats something poisonous, contact your veterinarian or the pet poison helpline.
  • Do not leave your husky in the car if it’s a warm day. Even if the vehicle is under a shade or the window is cracked open, do not leave him in. Heatstroke in dogs isn’t uncommon.
  • Dust and dirt can cause ear infections in huskies. Hence you must bring along ear drops with antibiotics as prescribed by the veterinarian.

Activities To Enjoy With Your Husky While Camping

Here is the list of things that your husky would enjoy during camping!

  1. Hiking: Huskies are very dynamic. So you can take them for long hikes and walk around the campsite.
  2. Swimming: You can look for swimming grounds around the campsite. Huskies do enjoy a dip in the water.
  3. Fetch: The classic game of fetch becomes more interesting in open campgrounds.

Beyond this, you can find a breathtaking view and sit peacefully with only your husky for company. Husky is no doubt very active, but they share a strong bond with their owner. Camping trips might help in strengthening this bond.


Huskies are a joy to have around. They are lovely, with their whitish-dark mane and blue eyes. However, what makes huskies distinct is their sturdiness and adaptability to any environment.

Many outdoor enthusiasts love taking their huskies for adventurous trips because they are the ideal camping dogs. In fact, some start-ups are dedicated primarily to providing a wholesome camping experience to huskies and their owners.

They usually operate in countries like Norway, Siberia, and the Yukon territory. You have to pay them, and they will allow you access to a camping trial for your required duration. 

There are no prohibitions, and the camping sites are completely safe and beautiful.

Hence, if you have any doubts regarding taking your husky for a camping trip, keep them at bay and enjoy nature at its finest!

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