Are Siberian Huskies Picky Eaters

Are Siberian Huskies Picky Eaters? 5 Things You Should Know

Siberian huskies are among the most beautiful dog breeds. They are stunning to look at and make great pets. According to the Kennel Club of America, they are very sought after and are even known to be one of the USA’s most popular pet breeds. 

Siberian huskies are generally very adaptable dogs. They can adjust to survive in most weather conditions and are usually not picky about what they eat. It’s the owner’s responsibility to ensure that a husky gets the right kind of nutrition in the correct amount. 

Are Huskies Picky When It Comes To Food? 

The answer to this question is no. Siberian huskies are not picky eaters and are usually very excited about meal times like most other dogs.

Some of the reasons why a Siberian husky may not be eating could be because of old age, some illness, the food may look boring to them, or because they are being fed too many treats. It’s essential to identify why your husky isn’t eating normally. 

What Could Be The Reason For Your Husky Being A Picky Eater? 

If you choose to be the Siberian husky owner, you must learn all about these dogs. There’s a lot to know about raising a husky. They are brilliant and high-energy dogs. You have to be completely prepared to look after them. 

Their high level of intelligence means that they need constant mental stimulation. They are dogs that can get bored with mundane or repetitive activities. This goes for their food as well. If they are fed the same, bland food every day, they can get bored of the food very soon. 

Here are some reasons your husky is a picky eater: 


The quantity of food your husky consumes is directly proportional to the amount of activity your husky undertakes. A higher level of training and exertion makes Huskies very hungry. They are dogs that need a lot of physical exercises, and when they are adequately exercised, they’ve got great appetites. 


If you feel that your Siberian husky doesn’t have a normal appetite all of a sudden, it’s best to get them checked out. When Huskies are going through some health issue, they don’t eat much. Certain problems like a stomach upset or any pain in the mouth will not allow them to eat appropriately. 


Huskies have very delicate digestive systems, and they can get upset very quickly. Lower quality dog food with inferior ingredients can cause all sorts of issues for your husky’s digestive system

Boring Food

Huskies, as mentioned before, are dogs that are always on the lookout for mental stimulation. Their high intelligence means they can get bored very fast. To keep them interested, switch up their diet. Their food must be colorful and smell good to them. This will keep them interested. 

How Do You Deal With A Husky That’s A Picky Eater? 

The first thing you have to do if your husky is a picky eater is to visit a vet. Find out if your husky is going through any health issue. In most cases, huskies with some health problems are the ones that lose interest in food. 

If you’ve gotten your husky checked and they aren’t sick, here are some methods to use: 

Let Your Husky Know There Aren’t Other Options

Give them one option when it comes to mealtimes. If they aren’t eating their food, don’t give them treats or alternate food that they love. If you reduce the number of choices they have, they will have to eat the food you give them. 

Make Sure Your Husky Gets Enough Exercise 

Huskies are extremely active dogs. They need to be given a lot of physical and mental stimulation continuously. If you ensure that your husky is getting enough exercise and is being given enough time to play and use energy, it will be ready to eat at mealtime. 

Make Their Dining Area Comfortable 

Make sure that your husky has a comfortable place to eat. Dogs tend to be quite nervous when they eat. Huskies are also dogs that can get distracted from a task quite commonly. Ensure that they have a friendly, safe, and comfortable space to eat to feel safe. 

What Would A Siberian Husky Eat In The Wild?

Siberian huskies are known for their high stamina. They are always active and are sometimes even compared with wolves because of their athletic build and size. People have been interested in studying what these dogs eat to attain these energy levels.

Wild Siberian Huskies

Huskies have a vibrant history of companionship with the northern Asians. They were domesticated and bred by them as family members. They carried out the sledding work and were very overly conditioned to brave the harsh climatic conditions.

However, huskies are not usually found in the wild. They are domesticated, and therefore what a husky eats in the wild is still arcane. 

There are some known facts about huskies having a taste for salmon. As you read briefly, huskies were not adaptive to warm and comforting climates. They lived in places where fish was available quickly, and therefore they feasted on them. Fishes also provided them with the appropriate plant-based nutrition, and therefore huskies had a great build throughout.

An important thing to understand is the deficiency of zinc in a domesticated husky’s diet. Dog food does not account for the zinc levels they need after getting adapted to a zinc-rich seafood diet.

Dietary Insights

Huskies need high amounts of calories to remain functional. They cannot sit idle at home and require essential physical activity to stay happy. To meet these requirements, they have to be well-fed with the appropriate mix of food.

They have healthy teeth and sharp canines to hunt and eat. Therefore, their diet should comprise carnivorous elements. You must run a check on your husky before feeding it anything you want. Some huskies have allergies to certain foods like corn, and you should never include these elements in their diet.

What Is The Best Food For Your Siberian Husky?

The perfect assortment of your little buddy’s diet should contain ample vegetables and good quality dog food. There are some things that you should never feed them. Even if your husky is eating a lot, this will not harm its body because of the increased metabolism rate. You should ensure that they are eating the right things.

Home Cooked Food

You can feed your husky with great home-cooked meals. They are not entirely dependent on specific dog food, and their diet contains a myriad of elements. You should always purchase premium dog food because an average bag of dog food will not be sufficient to fulfill their nutritional requirements.

The non-vegetarian component of their diet can include lamb, fish, and chicken. All these food items provide them with all the proteins they need. It also contributes to a better immunity system for them. A robust immunity system is a prerequisite to their longer lives.

Dog Food

Commercial dog food companies have been launching more and more products after tons of research. They come up with the perfect blend of nutrients according to the breed of the dog. You can opt to feed your husky with commercial food as the overall cost of providing your dog will be minimized. A high nutritional meal costs significantly, and it might not be viable for everyone.

You should avoid giving your husky both dry and wet food at the same time. Both the variants are equally essential, but they take distinctive durations to get digested. 


The most overlooked component in a dog’s diet is the vegetables that they crucially need. Vegetables and fruits should form a considerable amount of your pet’s diet. They provide your dog with essential nutrients like phosphorus and roughage to remain healthy.

Vegetables like spinach are necessary to fulfill their iron requirements and provide them with antioxidants. Celery and carrots are phenomenal to provide them with a great mix of all the vitamins. You must incorporate vegetables in your dog’s diet if you have not been doing that.

Final Words

Siberian huskies are not picky eaters in general. They might have generated aversion to specific items, but these situations are improbable. They require a lot of food to function correctly, and therefore they embrace all the food that comes their way.

If you have a Siberian husky that is not eating well, you can analyze the reason from the list mentioned above. You can also choose some dietary elements if you get confused about what to feed your husky.

You can try giving your husky some little treats if it is bored with the regular meals. If the eating disorder continues, it is best to seek a doctor’s help!

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