How Much Does A Siberian Husky Cost

How Much Does A Siberian Husky Cost? Everything You Need To Know

Strong, loyal, and majestic, Siberian huskies are among the most beloved breeds of dogs and one of the most popular. Graceful yet extremely friendly, huskies make excellent pets, especially for households that have children. If you plan on getting the dog as your canine companion, you need to know how much Siberian husky costs and the expenses of its upbringing. 

The expense of buying a Siberian husky puppy depends on its pedigree, coloring, breeding location, and several other factors. The median range for a breed husky puppy is between $800 and $1,300 from pet stores. 

However, if you are getting them from a breeder, it might cost you far less. Getting a registered and trained husky puppy will cost you about $300-$450 from a professional breeder and around $150-$200 from a backyard breeder. Alternatively, if you are adopting from a dog shelter or rescue center, it might cost you just $50-$100 to get a puppy that has been dewormed and vaccinated. 

The cost of the puppy is not the only expense that you have to incur. Huskies, cute and adorable as they are, can be quite high-maintenance. Read on this article to find out everything about how much Siberian huskies cost and what expenses are there for bringing them up. 

How Much Does A Siberian Husky Cost From Pet Stores?

Most people trust pet stores to get purebred Siberian husky puppies that are legally registered for adoption. The average cost of a husky puppy from a pet store starts from around $700-$800 and goes up to $1,300-$1,400. 

Puppies of better pedigree will cost you more. The cost of purebred huskies of a superior pedigree can start from $1,400 and go as high as $5,000-$6,000.

However, getting puppies from pet stores is that the companies treat the animals quite poorly. If you love animals from the heart and want their welfare, the way the pet stores breed and treat the dogs should not appeal to you. 

People often resort to pet stores for getting Siberian husky puppies because they are a rare breed that you cannot just get everywhere. The pet stores have their contacts at their specific locations from where they source the puppies. 

However, it is not the only way you can get your hand on husky pups. 

How Much Does A Siberian Husky Cost From Breeders?

There are two types of breeders from whom you can get your Siberian husky pups. One of them is a backyard breeder, and the other is a professional breeder. 

Backyard Breeders

Often husky owners decide to mate their pet huskies and breed puppies. These puppies are then sold to fellow lovers of huskies. Buying huskies from your local backyard breeder can cost you around $150-$450. The cost depends on whether the huskies are registered or not and their age.

However, while buying from a backyard breeder, you must check their knowledge and familiarity with the breed. We recommend opting for backyard breeders who have earned a reliable reputation in the market. The backyard breeder should have an undying love for the puppies. It would help if you settled for someone who is not only interested in making money off these fur babies but also have good intentions with them. 

Professional Breeders

If you want nothing but the absolute best for huskies, then opt for professional breeders. These professional breeders will provide you with a registered husky pup for around $300-$400. Experienced breeders will offer the necessary running and obedience trials. 

However, it is essential to opt for a reliable, professional breeder who will provide you with healthy huskies. You are also required to get your adopted husky vaccinated by a veterinarian. 

How Much Does A Siberian Husky Cost From Dog Rescue Organizations?

Are you looking for an affordable yet ethical way of adopting a Siberian husky? Dog rescue organizations are the ideal place to find affordable and registered huskies. You will find trained huskies for as cheap as $50-$100 from these organizations. These huskies are given the required shots and obedience trials. 

Dog rescue organizations take care of these puppies more closely than any other professional breeder or backyard breeder. They will provide you with all the required necessary details relating to your huskies. Most pet stores or professional breeders are usually after the money, whereas dog rescue organizations genuinely care for these puppies. 

What Is The Cost Of Owning A Siberian Husky?

Well, the cost of owning a Siberian Husky is not limited to the cost of adopting it. Now that we are done with how much do Siberian Huskies cost let’s dive into the other expenses. To provide you with a better understanding of the cost of owning a husky, we have listed the primary areas of expenses. 

Dog Food

The primary cost of owning a Siberian husky arises from its food. This category is further divided into three parts – dry food, wet food, and combination.

Wet Food

Siberian huskies usually need around 24 oz wet food cans. You can find some mid-range brands offering 12 oz cans of wet food for about $1.25. 

If your husky needs two cans of 12 oz., you will be spending around $2.50 each day. The monthly cost will be approximately $75, and the yearly fee will be about $900. However, if you are not satisfied with the mid-range wet dog food, you can opt for the premium brands. 

The premium brands will cost you around 2x times more than the mid-range brands for wet food. This estimate translates to yearly spending of roughly $1800-$2000. 

Dry Food

Most people prefer dry food for their Siberian huskies. Depending on your huskies’ age and appetite, they may need around one or two mugs of dry food each day. This equates to about 0.5-1 lb of dry food per day. If your husky likes to consume two cups of dry food daily, you will need around 30 lbs per month. 

If you want affordable dry food brands, you can opt for the mid-range ones. These brands will cost you around $35 for 30 lbs of dry food. However, if you wish to buy only the premium brands, it will cost you about $65 for 30 lbs.

Depending on the dry food range and brand, it will cost you around $400-$800 per year. 

Combination Food

Most Siberian huskies prefer a combination of wet and dry food. Opting for a 50-50 ratio of dry and wet food will best serve your huskies’ appetite requirements. If you wish to opt for mid-range brands for both categories, it will cost you around $650-$700. 

However, you must know that huskies are high-maintenance dogs that are sensitive. If you don’t want your four-legged friend to suffer, we recommend opting for premium brands. Using a dry and wet food combination of premium brands will cost you around $1300. If you wish to cut down on the cost of food, you can limit your dog’s food intake to a minimum. 


Well, most dog owners know that dry and wet foods don’t have all the essential nutrients in them. Huskies also require supplements to fulfill their daily intake of nutrients. If you feel that your dog is not entirely active or falling sick quite often, it may be due to insufficient nutrients in their diet. 

You will need to spend around $100 per year on the dietary supplements of your husky puppies. Though accessories are not mandatory, they will act as a precautionary measure to keep your huskies healthy and active.

Vet Expenses

While food remains the primary concern, taking your dog to the vet regularly is equally important. You must ensure that your husky gets vaccinated from time to time. 

It will cost you around $300 annually to get all the tests and vaccination done for your husky. However, this cost doesn’t include unexpected circumstances like accidents, diseases, and others. 

Accessories | Dog Harness Vs. Dog Collar

Well, we all know that it is essential to have the right accessories for your dog. You may opt for a collar or a harness for your Huskies. Some pet owners like to purchase both collars (best collars) and harnesses (best harness) for training their huskies. The accessories depend on your husky’s requirements. Often these two accessories are used interchangeably by beginners. The prices will vary depending on the material, size, design, and features. If you are confused about these accessories, let’s break them down for you. 

If your dog is extremely sensitive, it’s better to opt for collars. A collar will feel light on your dog’s neck and provide optimum comfort. However, if you have an aggressive dog, a harness will be the smarter choice. People with tiny dogs also prefer a harness as it will prevent them from escaping. If you are on a tight budget, a dog collar will fall within your estimated budget. 

A dog collar is nothing but a strap that is put around the neck of your dog. In contrast, a dog harness looks quite similar to the ones that are set on a horse. 

In terms of functionality, a dog collar is used to secure the ID tag of your husky. On the other hand, a harness will help to train your dog effectively. However, it would help if you refrained from overusing them as they can chafe your dog’s skin or cause severe discomfort. It can also restrict the movement of your dog if you fail to put the harness on properly. 

You may purchase both the accessories to check which one suits your husky better. There are many affordable options for both collars and harnesses. You can buy a dog collar that works well both for female and male huskies. If you want something bright and colorful, you can opt for a printed dog collar. 

There are usually four main sizes of dog collars – large, small, extra small, and medium. If your dog weighs around 10 lbs, the extra tiny collar will be ideal for your husky. If your husky weighs about 20 lbs, we recommend going for a small collar size. Dogs with a weight of 45 lbs will require a medium-sized collar, whereas huskies with around 85 lbs need a large collar.

However, if you opt for a non-stretchable collar, there must be an adequate gap between your dog’s neck and collar. You must also check the size of your husky’s neck before buying a collar. The collar must fit properly without causing any discomfort to your dog. 

Let’s now dive into the details of a dog harness. These harnesses will serve multiple functions and are ideal for training. It will also allow you to guide your dog through rough terrains and obstacles while going on a walk or hikes. 

The thin foam material offers maximum support and comfort. These harnesses won’t limit the motion of your dog and help them to stay active. Some harnesses also come with adjustable to provide the most comfortable fit. It is essential to find an accessory that won’t make your dogs restricted. 

However, if your dog is sensitive to hard accessories, we recommend opting for a harness with belly straps and a padded chest. Some owners also opt for a reflective trim as it is ideal for low-light settings.

Summing Up

For people finding an affordable place to adopt huskies, dog rescue organizations are the ultimate choice. It will provide you with a husky for as low as $100. You need to feed your husky dry food, wet food, or a combination of both. A mid-range dog food brand will cost you around $660 per year. You are also required to spend an annual vet cost of $300 for vaccines and tests. You may also need to feed supplements to your husky, which may cost around $100 annually. 

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