Best Brush For A Husky

10 Best Brush For A Husky (Buying Guide & Reviews)

Siberian huskies are famous for being cheerful, playful, and goofy. Another feature that makes them stand out is their fantastic coat. Did you know that they had two coats? The top layer protects them from UV rays and dust. The undercoats keep huskies warm during the cold and cool during summers.

If you’re a husky owner, you have to maintain their coat by proper brushing. In case you’re looking for the best brush for a husky, continue reading to learn more.

Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Brush For Husky

You can’t just pick a brush that the most ratings and reviews online for your husky. It’s not that easy, as all brushes are not equipped to handle the husky’s coat. So, there’s a lot to know before you zero in on a particular brush. Let’s look at the factors.  

Types Of Brushes


These brushes consist of metal teeth of different lengths, widely spaced. You can use them to reach deep into your husky’s coat and remove the loose undercoat fur. As the bristles are long and thick, you can easily penetrate the fur and remove any tangled hair.

Be sure to check the length of the teeth. Teeth that are too long might scrape against your husky’ skin and hurt the animal. On the other hand, short teeth might not reach the undercoat at all.

Bristles Brushes

These are some of the most versatile brushes for huskies as they can handle all types of husky coats. The close-packed brushes are suitable for short-haired huskies. For long-haired breeds, you can pick the brushes with widely spaced teeth.

You have to keep in mind that these brushes are great for removing dust and hair from your husky’s topcoat but aren’t that good for reaching deep within.

Slicker Brushes

These brushes are rectangular-shaped and have tightly packed teeth. They’re great for removing loose hair, dirt, dust, and even dead hair in your pup’s undercoat. Removing tangles and mats is pretty easy if you use these brushes.

Slicker brushes are suitable for conditioning your husky’s coat and evenly spreading his natural oils throughout the fur. Sometimes, these brushes come with a self-cleaning feature. Here, you just press a button to contract the pins and take off the base’s hair.

Coarse Combs                  

They come with teeth made of metal, widely spread out. You can use these on your dog’s coat to remove mats and prevent them from developing. The long metal teeth can hurt your pup a little while pulling out mats, so be gentle.

You’ll find them very useful while getting rid of excess hair shed by your husky. That’s why owners of heavy-shedding breeds prefer this tool.

De-Shedding Brushes

Deshedding brushes look like a comb and have bristles spread out widely. You can easily pull out unwanted or dead hair on the dog’s undercoat while maintaining the topcoat too. You can use them for controlling husky’s shedding and enhancing hair growth.

As the tool has short bristles, you may have to reach a couple of times to remove the dead hairs. So, you have to take good care while doing it to avoid hurting your husky’s skin. However, these types of brushes usually have bristled with rounded edges, so your doggo’s skin won’t get irritated.

Pin Combs

You’re likely to stumble upon these while looking for the best brush for husky. These pin combs are an excellent tool for getting rid of excessive tangling on the husky’s outer coat with long metal bristles. The bristles are long, so they penetrate the coat easily and pull out mats easily without affecting the hair follicles.

Choose Brushes According To The Season

You have to buy the brushes as per the season, as huskies change their coats’ texture to adapt to the weather. For example, their coat gets super thick and fluffy during the winter seasons. During the summers, a husky’s inner coat becomes thinner.

For Winters

A rake will be a good option for brushing your husky’s coat during the cold winter months. As these have widely spaced bristles, you can get past their top coat and reach the undercoat. Then, you can easily pull out the dead hair stuck there.

This tool will help you control the shedding. Furthermore, rakes also help in stimulating hair growth during the winters.

As rakes have their bristles spaced wide apart, you can free your husky from any tangles that occurred during the hair removal process.

For Summers

Huskies tend to shed a lot of hair during the summers. They might also shed their hair drastically during the pregnancy period due to hormonal changes. So, you can use a bristle brush with tightly packed teeth or a rake of that kind during these times. Slicker brushes are also an acceptable option to groom your husky during the hotter months.

These brushes will help you pluck out the unwanted hair and maintain the outer coat’s texture.

Self-Cleaning Facility

Many modern brushes come with a self-cleaning facility. So, if you find a suitable brush for your husky having a self-cleaning system, buy it. It’s because, during the winters, when the husk’s coat gets super thick, you’ll have a tough time pulling their hairs out of the brushes.

So, look for rakes, slicker brushes, and pin combs that have self-cleaning features. If you find a brush with detachable bristles, your hair cleaning process becomes even easier.

Hair Removing Mitts

This is another way to groom your fluffy doggo. Hair removing or grooming mitts are used for removing dirt and excess hair from your husky’s outer coat. Plus, they are super easy to use. All you have to do is slip them on and start rubbing your pup. While he enjoys the process and thinks that you’re petting him, all the extra hair and dust comes off his coat.

These work well for huskies having short hairs but not with thicker-haired breeds. For furry dogs, you may not be able to reach their undercoat, so it’s not the best option for them.

10 Best Brushes For A Husky: Product Reviews  

Huskies have a double coat, and at certain times a year, they shed their undercoat. Hence, a good grooming regime is a necessity. The shedding happens during spring and fall. So, during these seasons, it is crucial to brush your husky regularly. 

The market is saturated with a wide range of brushes. Here is a list of the 10 best brushes for huskies that might aid you in their grooming to save you from any confusion.

1 Coastal Safari Dog Undercoat Rake

Coastal Safari Dog Undercoat Rake

Coastal Safari Undercoat Rake is designed for breeds with a thick and heavy mane. The tapered pins it contains are amazing! These pins are efficient enough to penetrate deep into your dog’s undercoat and remove loose hair.  

It comes with a single row of rakes. The pins have rounded tips that ensure safety. Also, the pins are made of rubber. Hence, there is no fear of it pricking your dog’s precious skin.

You will have to apply minimal pressure when using the brush. Hence, the brush works without much effort. It comes with an ergonomic handle with a non-slip grip which makes it convenient to use. Further, its curved design enables supreme comfort and control. 

Safari dog undercoat rake prevents matting. It works well in maintaining your dog’s beautiful coat, free from any mats and tangles. The brush bar is four inches long, which enables you to cover more mane efficiently. 

The rake is sturdy and highly durable. Its long-lasting hardware makes it popular among dog owners.


  • Curved handle and non-slip grip ensure comfort in use and control.
  • Tapered pins reach the undercoat with precision.
  • Enables optimal grooming
  • Promotes a soft coat and prevents mats


  • Single-row rakes are time-consuming. 

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2 Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

Hertzko launched its self-cleaning slicker brush to ensure effective and gentle removal of loose undercoat hair from your husky. Hertzko has endowed it with smooth bristles. These bristles are safe to use and do not cause any pain or discomfort to your dog. They have a refined design and easily penetrate deep into your dog’s coat.

You can retract the bristles back by pressing a button. The button is at the back of the brush blade. This feature ensures that the bristles are unharmed during transport or storage. 

Hence, these straight bristles allow a pleasant and enjoyable grooming experience for your husky. Another advantage of retractable bristles is easy cleaning. It takes mere seconds to clean the brush. 

After brushing, you will have to press the button, and the bristles will retract, leaving behind the hair.

 All you have to do then is, grab the wad of hair and throw them into the trash. The brush has superior durability and an impeccable design. It comes with an anti-slip handle and comfort grip. This feature is helpful as it prevents hand and wrist strain.


  • Retractable bristles are comfortable, strong, and durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Perfect for giving a good massage 
  • Ensures optimum grooming


  • The button can be hard to use

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3 Pet Neat Pet Grooming & De-shedding Tool

Pet Neat Pet Grooming & De-shedding Tool

Pet Neat’s pet grooming tool is a wise and spectacular choice. The manufacturing company promises that the tool is effective enough to reduce shedding by up to 95%. The tool skillfully removes loose hair within minutes. It comes with a detachable head design. 

You can remove the stainless steel comb head effortlessly by pressing the quick-release button. This feature ensures easy cleaning and portability. The tool is fit for all coats (short, medium, long, thick and thin).

It comes with an ergonomic handle, and its hardware is environmentally sustainable. The handle comes with a non-slip grip and hypoallergenic TPR and PP. Further, you receive freedom from hand cramps because of its comfortable and snug design.

The stainless steel comb is four inches long and has a rust-resistant blade in it. The blade effectively reaches deep down to the undercoat. It is sturdy and durable through and through.

Not only this, on purchase of this tool, you receive four dog care e-books for free. This tool works well without any fuss. No wonder it is one of the best brushes!


  • Detachable head design 
  • Effectively reduces shedding 
  • Keeps your dog’s coat healthy 
  • Durable design and hardware


  • The stainless steel blade might scratch your dog’s skin

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4 Pat Your Pet Rake Grooming Tool

Pat Your Pet Rake Grooming Tool

This two-sided undercoat rake gives you high-quality results and safety for your dogs. You can use it for multiple purposes. It can be used for de-matting, de-shedding, and brushing your dog’s fur. You can quickly get rid of any tangles and knots in your dog’s mane.  

The dual-sided tool has nine teeth to remove mats and tangles on one side. The other side has seventeen teeth to de-shed and thin the coat. It is perfect for large and small breed animals with long or medium coats.

The stainless steel blades efficiently cut the extra fur. Hence, your dog will not feel any pain as their hair will not get plucked.

Pat your pet has manufactured the tool keeping safety parameters in mind. The teeth have rounded tips that prevent skin irritation. As an extra incentive, you receive a paw tag for your dog without any additional cost.

Regular brushing from pet rake grooming pet ensures that your dog has a shiny and smooth coat.


  • Multi-purpose 
  • Safe for your dog’s skin 
  • Profound results and easy to use
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • Stainless steel blades are difficult to clean

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5 Glendan Dog Slicker Grooming Brush

Glendan Dog Slicker Grooming Brush

It is designed with an anti-slip handle and comfort grip. The ergonomic handle allows comfort and control to the user, and you suffer through hand cramps.

The bristles on the brush are safe and comfortable. They come with rounded tips that are safe and good for your dog’s massage. The brush head can rotate to 360 degrees that ensures that better brushing in all required places.

Further, the brush comes with ventilation holes that allow it to flex and contour to your dog’s body. 

The massage done through this brush prevents skin diseases in dogs and increases blood circulation. Better blood circulation promotes the coat to be soft and shiny. The rotatable slicker brush is fit for long as well as short hair.

The brush is highly durable and long-lasting. The brush also comes with a ninety days warranty. Hence, in case of any damage, you can easily replace it. The brush skillfully removes loose hairs, dander, and dirt. 


  • Rotatable head with ventilation holes
  • Comes with warranty 
  • Ideal for giving your dog a good massage
  • Gentle and safe 


  • Considered small for big dogs

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6 Andis Pet Steel Grooming Comb

Andis Pet Steel Grooming Comb

You can use Andis steel grooming comb for dogs of all sizes. It helps remove loose hair, mats, tangles, dirt and stimulates skin and hair follicles.

One of its most liked features is that it is lightweight and ensures grooming without any strain or fatigue. It is made from stain steel which makes the comb more sturdy and durable than plastic ones.  

It is dual-sided as well. One half of the comb has coarse teeth, while the other has fine teeth. The wider side is ideal for untangling mats and fluffing the coat. At the same time, the finer side of the comb is perfect for thinner coats and sensitive areas like the face and paws.

It is perfect for finishing and fluffing your dog’s fur. The comb easily dispenses out dirt and loose hair and is easy to clean. 

Not only this, it is washable that ensures better hygiene than other brushes. It comes with a one-year warranty which is an added incentive. It is quite popular among professional groomers that prove the product’s worth.


  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • High-quality durability 
  • It comes with one year warranty 
  • Easy to clean and is washable 


  • Stainless steel pins might scratch your dog’s skin

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7 Premium Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

Premium Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

This premium quality self-cleaning slicker brush by The Pet Portal is easy to use and clean. It has retractable bristles. You can retract the bristles by pressing a button behind the brush head.

Retractable bristles promote not only portability but also convenient cleanliness. When it comes to portability, the button hides away the bristles. This way, they remain straight and do not break when packed. 

Pet portal’s slicker brush ensures a peaceful grooming experience for pets with sensitive skin. 

Similarly, for cleaning, after brushing your dog, you will have to press the button to retract the bristles. Then you can wipe the wad of fur and throw it into the trash. The brush head is ideal for small and medium-sized breeds.

It gives perfect results for long-haired as well as short-haired dogs. It effortlessly gets through the thickest double coats.

The handle is comfortable to hold and comes with no-slip padding that makes it easy to use.

The body is durable and sustainable. It removes mats and tangles without any hassle or pain.


  • Self-cleaning facility 
  • Portable 
  • Efficient results 
  • It comes with a five-year guarantee 


  • Its vast size might hinder its efficiency

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8 WAHL Premium Pet Double Sided Pin Bristle Brush

WAHL Premium Pet Double Sided Pin Bristle Brush

This brush by WAHL is double-sided. One side has patented double-stack stainless steel pins. This side of the brush ensures the skillful removal of loose fur. It has a stimulating effect on your dog’s skin.

On the other side, WAHL has added a nylon brush that comes in handy to give a finished effect to your dog’s fur. It efficiently distributes natural oils through your dog’s mane to add a new shin to it.

Its regular usage will keep your dog’s hair clean and tangle-free. It has an ergonomic handle with a comfortable grip that prevents muscle fatigue. It also comes with a non-slip grip that ensures secure hold even when it is wet.

The dual-level stainless steel pins perfectly remove lower level and topcoat fur. The rounded tips at the end of the stainless steel pins provide safety to your dog’s skin.

The brush fulfills the purpose of multiple grooming types of equipment singlehandedly. Of course, like other brushes, it promises durability. It makes pet grooming easy and stress-free. With close to no effort, WAHL’s premium pet brush makes pet grooming fun and fulfilling.


  • Dual-sided feature
  • Dual-level stainless steel pins 
  • Easy to hold and control 
  • Outstanding results 


  • The brush head is small. Hence, grooming with it takes time

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9 Happy Dogz Slicker Dog Brush

Happy Dogz Slicker Dog Brush

Happy Dogz Slicker Dog Brush gives quick and outstanding results. It promises to make your dog’s fur healthy, shiny, and tangle-free.

It is fit for medium to large-sized dogs. The bristles are made from stainless steel. They gently sort through your dog’s hair to dispense out any sort of dirt and dust stuck in your dog’s hair. It gets through single coats or thick fur quite quickly.

The slicker brush is perfect for both non-shedding and shedding dog breeds. With minimal effort, you get the desired result. 

The brush head is made from stainless steel pins that are long-lasting and durable. The brush has been designed for all dogs, including those who have sensitive skin.

Its body is eco-friendly and comes with a comfortable handle. The curved handle promotes ease of control. Also, it has a non-slip grip that ensures a secure hold over the brush.

Not only this, Happy Dogz provides you with ten years long, 100% money-back guarantee. On purchasing this brush, you also gain free access to Happy Dogz dog grooming e-books. These e-books offer mind-blowing tips. These tips promote proper grooming of your dog.


  • Provides quick results
  • Durable and long-lasting 
  • Ten years long guarantee facility
  • Easy to handle and control


  • Too big

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10 DELOMO Pet Grooming Glove

DELOMO Pet Grooming Glove

This easy to slip on pet grooming gloves from Delomo will be great for your husky. Just put them on and start brushing away the excess hair and dirt from your pup’s coat. Having 255 silicone grooming tips will give your husky a smooth and relaxing massage while you remove unwanted hair.

Whether your husky breed has thicker hair or shorter hair, this fantastic product will groom them gently and effectively. Its modern design allows the shedding hair to stick to it quickly, letting you eliminate it with ease.

And that’s not all! The glove is crafted with recyclable fabric and soft rubber, making it an ideal bath brush. The skin-friendly texture lets you give your pooch a gentle massage without irritating their skin. Plus, the gloved have an efficient five-finger design that allows you to reach difficult areas such as husky tails and remove excess hair and dirt.

This glove not only takes care of your husky but you as well. It comes with an ergonomic design, lightweight material, and breathable mesh material. Furthermore, it is made of elastic spandex and has an adjustable Velcro strap, which fits everyone easily. You just have to spray a little bit of water on the rubber side and get started on your husky’s grooming session.


  • Lightweight, breathable, and very easy to use
  • Manufactured with rubber and skin-friendly fabric gentle for the pet’s skin
  • Works efficiently as grooming, massaging, and bathing tool  


  • It is sometimes difficult to remove hair

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Summing Up

Brushing your husky regularly is a great way to maintain his coat and keep him looking awesome. Not only his fur but proper brushing keep his skin in good condition. Regular brushing will keep problems such as ticks, fleas, and matting at bay. Therefore, picking the best brush for a husky is an essential task for every husky owner.

The list of best brushes for huskies is provided in this article, so you don’t get overwhelmed by the different options.

Among the other product listings, if you want to know the winner, it must be the Hertzko self-cleaning slicker brush. There are many slicker brushes out there, but this stands out due to its smooth bristles and fantastic self-cleaning facility. The bristles are soft but highly efficient, so it penetrates your husky’s deep coat quickly. As a result, you’ll be able to remove loose hair undercoat fur.

With just the press of a button, the bristles are retracted, and you can remove the hair from the tool. Its compact design, powerful bristles, the self-cleaning feature, and convenience fulfill the factors mentioned in our buyer’s guide at the beginning of the post. You can use the Hertzko slicker brush easily during summers for your husky and keep its fur maintained.


How To Properly Groom A Husky?

You have to groom your husky to maintain his coat and brush him properly. First of all, make your husky stand still or lie down. You can bathe him before you start the grooming process. This will help you freshen your puppy up and remove some unwanted loose hair.

Make sure that you start brushing your husky after you feel that his hair is dehydrated. Then, take a rake and begin brushing the hair towards the direction it’s growing. Keep doing this until you observe that the loose undercoat is removed completely.

Next comes the topcoat or the guard coat. Here, you need brushes such as rakes or coarse combs that have widely-spaced out teeth. This will let you remove the tangles and any mats. You can also use your fingers to detangle his hair.

Always start brushing from your husky’s shoulder, then move towards his chest and tummy. Groom the tail and back legs at the end. Continue brushing in the direction of hair growth. Handle one section at a time.

Be sure to maintain this grooming regimen during the winters too. This is important as your pup’s coat will develop more mat if not groomed frequently.

Is Bathing Huskies Regularly A Good Idea?

Not really. As huskies don’t produce a lot of oil on their skin, you don’t have to take them for a bath regularly. So, you can bathe them once a month. A good time for a bath will be when your husky starts to smell bad and when his hair begins to mat too much.

When you do decide to bath him, make sure you rinse his coat very thoroughly. This is extremely important as his thick fur is a place where shampoo or conditioner gets stuck. So, take your time while rinsing it off.

While bathing, pay special attention to the areas where you often observe mat. Focus under the tail, the stomach, and around his legs to remove any undetected mat.

After bathing, you have to dry him. Towel drying is good, but you can also use a blow dryer with a low-heat setting. This will quickly remove the extra hair. 

Apart from that, whenever you find your husky dirty or wet, take a brush and get a hold of him. It’s because uncleansed dirt or water on his coat may create tangles and mats. And with time, this will toughen, and you’ll have difficulty removing them later on.  

Does Brushing A Husky Frequently Maintain His Coat?

Yes, it does. Brushing your husky frequently prevents tangling and mat. It also helps distribute your husky’s natural body oil all over his coat and enhances hair growth. Brushing also keeps his skin free from any sort of irritation. So, you can try brushing your husky once a week.

Even if husky’s don’t need brushing as often as other breeds, there are plenty of upsides to doing it. Firstly, it removes the excess fur your doggo sheds, and that spreads around the house. It also removes the dirt, dust, and debris that your pooch collects while roaming around your house or outdoors.

As your dog’s coat collects a lot of dust, brushing it regularly will prevent you from falling sick if you are allergic to dust.

Plus, when you brush your husky frequently, you can check his fur shedding. As excess fur and filth are stripped away while brushing, your dog remains clean at all times. So, this reduces his number of times he needs a bath.   

Brushing is a process that allows you to take a closer look at your dog. Being a hands-on process, you can closely examine your pooch for insects like ticks and fleas. You can also detect unusual lumps or blisters on the skin. Then, you can get them checked by a vet.

Is It Okay To Clip And Shave Husky’s Hair?

Snowdogs such as husky don’t need a hair clipping. It’s recommended that you never clip your husky’s hair, even if you think it will help him stay cool during the summers. Even if your dog’s shedding feels too much for you, please resist the urge to get him clipped. Clipping off his hair might hamper their growth. Plus, a husky’s coat regulates the temperature for them, so you must not mess with it.

When it comes to shaving your husky’s hair, it’s a strict no-no. During the summers, a husky’s undercoat will go through some shedding cycles. His undercoat becomes thinner. So, when he has shed the undercoat completely, the guard hairs or the topcoat shield him from UV rays and heat. If he’s shaved, you are exposing his skin to all this. It can cause skin damage and, even worse, heatstroke.

Plus, shaving your husky’s fur might prevent it from growing back properly. Even if it does, it might grow back in patches. It will disturb the dog’s body insulation system. Therefore, never shave your husky.

If your husky feels uneasy or suffocated because of the fur, take the dog to a vet to examine the situation.

Which Is The Best Brush Type For A Husky?

Any brush that helps you to keep your husky’s fur clean, tangle-free, and free of matting will be a good choice. A rake will be a great choice when it comes to penetrating your husky’s thick undercoat and removing dead hair. Its wide bristles will help you remove tangles and mats too. The brush is very effective when you want to thin out the dense undercoat of your pup.

If the husky’s shedding doesn’t bother you very much, and you are more concerned about the tangles, go for a slicker brush. This can be a useful option when you want to free the dog from dead and loose hair. The tightly packed teeth make the brushing process more straightforward and keep the fur smooth.

The choice will depend upon which brush you and your husky are comfortable with. No matter what product you pick, read the instructions carefully and be gentle on your pup’s skin.  

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