6 Best Leash For A Husky

6 Best Leash For A Husky (Buying Guide & Reviews)

Owners of Siberian huskies are well aware of how much energy these dogs have. They are always ready to play and need to be exercised and regularly walked to have an outlet for their energy. Taking them for walks is going to be a learning curve for both of you.  

It’s essential to have the right leash while you walk your Siberian husky. It affects the security of your dog and the comfort factor of the leash.  

A Comprehensive Buying Guide To Husky Leashes

Buying a husky leash can be excessively confusing when you consider the abundance of options that you have. Additionally, there is a wide variety of them, and each one with a different purpose. Hence, you must be well-versed with these to make the best possible decision for your husky. 

Here are the various factors that you must consider before you buy a husky leash. After taking you through them, we’ll equip you to make a confident decision.

Types Of Leashes

There are various types of leashes in the market, and each caters to multiple functions and needs. Here are the most commonly found husky leashes that you can pick for your furry friend. 

Standard Leash

These leashes are the most popular and also the easiest to find. They are typically made from rope, nylon, leather, or hemp. Additionally, you can choose a length that ranges from 4-6-feet as per your huskies size and energy levels.

The more energetic your husky is, the more freedom of movement it will demand. However, do select the leash’s width with caution, else you’ll end up with blisters and burns on your hands. Experts say that anywhere between 3/8th-inch to 1-inch is excellent, and the more comprehensive, the better.

Adjustable Leash

Do you need to tether your husky to an object while you’re out on a walk? If yes, then this option is excellent as it allows you to shorten the leash temporarily. Moreover, by tethering your dog using a robust and shortened leash, you make it safer for people passing by.

Huskies can be pretty ferocious to strangers and tend to overflow with energy at all times. Thus, an adjustable leash will accommodate its various moods and assist you in controlling your dog. 

You can attach it to the front attachment harness or your dog’s collar as it has clasps on either end. It has multiple rings on the entire length, which makes it easy to shorten it or wrap it around your waist. 

Retractable Leash

The Flexi or retractable leashes allow your dog a little more freedom than other leashes. It can effectively pull on the leash, and you have much less control over your dog’s actions. Moreover, this husky leash will adjust when your pet moves and retract once it assumes the previous position.

However, this can become problematic when your dog starts misbehaving and can be harmful to everyone. If you decide to purchase a retractable leash, you must ensure that the material is strong and won’t break easily. That is because a husky will most likely pull on it a lot. 

Chain Leash

These chains are considered ideal for puppies and dogs that chew on their leash. The steel links ensure no damage due to excessive chewing, unlike rubber or nylon leashes. Since chewing on-chain doesn’t necessarily feel good, you can break them out of this habit. 

The downside of these leashes is that they’ll be heavy for both you as well as your husky. Additionally, gripping it from the middle is not easy and makes for an uncomfortable experience for prolonged periods.

Hands-Free Leash

These leashes are genuinely functional and aim to ease your responsibility. You can even tie this leash comfortably around your waist and walk around freely with your husky. Additionally, the bungee that connects to your husky ensures that there’s no yanking.

Owing to the elasticity of the leash, when your companion will pull on the leash, it will stretch. The catch for the Husky here is that it will feel the pressure first and not you. As a result, your dog will immediately stop yanking on it. 


Since your dog will be tied to it most of the time, it is paramount that the leash is comfortable. Additionally, it must be snug and a good fit overall so that these mischievous and lively huskies don’t break free. It can lead to potential disasters and cause damage to everyone around.

Moreover, you must ensure that it doesn’t harm or cause irritation around your beloved dog’s neck as well. As sometimes, these furry creatures experience a fur loss around the neck due to harsh leashes.  


Anyone who lives with a husky will agree to the fact that their leashes must be adjustable. These adorable dogs grow at a rapid pace and thus overgrow their leashes fast. Hence, an adjustable leash will allow your husky to mature in it, and it will save you some expenses. 

However, we would not recommend D-rings, as they break easily. With a husky, you need strong, sturdy, and reliable clips to ensure safety.

The Built Of Your Husky

This factor is often neglected and leads to unfit purchases. Thus, it would help if you considered your dog’s age and stature as the leash must fit snugly. For this purpose, adjustable leashes are best as your dog grows in them without facing any issues.


Durability is a predominant factor, not only for cost-effective purchases but also for safety. Using a flimsy leash is as good as walking with an unleashed husky. Moreover, these dogs are agile and have a medium built, and thus, the leash needs to be pull-resistant.

The material used plays a crucial factor in this, as it will determine how much pressure the leash can withstand. The various materials have been discussed in detail in the following section.


Dog supplies are already quite hefty, and so, it’s understandable that you don’t wish to spend a fortune on a leash. However, you cannot compromise on the quality at any cost. The leash that you select must be high-quality and pressure resistant to meet the required safety standards. 

If you purchase an excellent quality leash, it will prove to be profitable in the long run. That is because it will likely be more durable, and your husky will go through fewer leashes in its lifetime. 

Best Leashes For Siberian Huskies  

The following are the best leashes for huskies. We have picked them based on their features and quality. Read on to understand what sets each of them apart. 

1 OneTigris Training Bungee Dog Leash  


Best Overall  

The OneTigris Training Bungee Dog Leash is reasonably priced and measures just enough for training. The nylon bungee makes sure that the shock related to puppies pulling on the leash is minimal. The leash is 33.5 inches long but can expand to 46.5 inches when the bungee is expanded.  

This exceptional leash is made in such a way that your dog will never get hurt or injured around the neck area if it pulls on the leash as you walk. It’s also designed to be comfortable for the owner as well. You won’t get hurt as your husky pulls on the leash as they investigate.  

The bull clip is effortless to operate, and you can do it using just one thumb. Moreover, the material is durable and will last you a long time. The leash comes in four different color options. These leashes are perfect for training exercises or long hikes, or treks.  


  • Nylon bungee reduces the shock impact on the dog 
  • Since the leash is shorter, you get more control
  • It comes in 4 color options


  • The leash may be too short for some owners  

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2 PetSafe LSH – 3 Nylon Dog Leash 


Best For Value  

If you’re someone who’s on a budget and can’t overspend for dog accessories, this is the ideal leash for your Husky. The leash is made out of a durable form of nylon that will control how aggressive it is.  

There is a secure alloy clip that is nickel plated with zinc. It doesn’t detach from your husky’s collar. The clip doesn’t require too much effort or force to be used. There is durable stitching across the product, while it’s also a very lightweight leash.  

There are six pretty color options to choose from. Excluding the black option, all the other colors are evident in low light. The bright colors ensure that even if you take your husky out for an evening jog or walk, their leash will easily be spotted by any passing vehicles.  


  • Nylon is very durable  
  • Sturdy stitch work  
  • It doesn’t weigh much  
  • Visible in low light  


  • There’s no padding on the handle for the owner  

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3 Leashboss Dog Training Leash 


Best Premium  

The Leashboss Dog Training Leash is a good choice for those dogs that fare better with longer leashes. There are multiple length options so that you can opt for the fifteen, twenty, thirty, or fifty feet options based on your needs. All these options measure one inch in thickness.  

That is a long leash that’s been put together in the USA. It’s ideal for walks, bathroom training, and to give your husky a sense of freedom with the long leash. The stitching is solid as well. There is an effortless hook and loop function, which doesn’t entangle in the leash.  

The leash comes with a very safe hook that you can attach to the collar of your husky. For those owners who have slightly higher energy huskies, this will be a good option. A longer leash will give your husky some much-needed time and space to explore on its own.  


  • Material is high-quality  
  • The stitching is very well done 
  • Easy to use coil 
  • The hook is very safe  


  • No reflective surface for night use  

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4 Friends Forever Dog Slip Rope Leash 


Best Fabric  

The Friends Forever Dog Slip Rope Leash comes in just a single size. It’s a six feet long rope that’s only half an inch thick. There’s no collar needed, as it’s a slip rope-type leash. You get the loop over the dog’s head, and then you can adjust the leash to make it tighter or looser.  

You can bank on the leash being very sturdy and lasting you a long time. The Friends Forever Dog Slip Rope Leash is made out of rope that is used for climbing mountains. The ring is heavy-duty, ensuring that your dog doesn’t break out of the leash and run away.  

This leash comes in 6 color options. It’s light, weighing only 6.4 ounces. It’s also waterproof, which ensures that you can use it to keep an eye on your dog during a swim as well. That is an excellent leash option that also has joints made of leather for added structural integrity.  


  • Material is durable  
  • No collar style  
  • Joints made of leather  
  • The ring is heavy-duty for extra safety  


  • There is no padding on the handle  
  • No collar style may cause choking while pulling  

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5 BAAPET Strong Dog Leash 


Best Design  

The BAAPET Strong Dog Leash is made out of material that is used for climbing mountains. You can buy them both in single as well as double packs, in whichever size you need. This leash also looks very trendy. It even comes in seven different color options for you to choose from.  

The rope is made of nylon and is extremely safe. It’s five feet in length and is only half an inch in diameter. The handle is padded, so your hand is protected if your husky tends to be a puller during walks and trips outside.  

The BAAPET Strong Dog Leash also has reflective material, which makes it ideal for use in the evenings, nights, and areas where there is low light. That is a leash that is more tailored to medium and large-sized breeds. It’s not the best for smaller dogs.  


  • It comes with reflective material  
  • Handle has padding  
  • Material is very sturdy  


  • Clip tends to come undone  
  • Not suitable for smaller dogs or puppies  
  • Joints are made of plastic

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6 Fashion&cool Dog Leash 


Best Comfort  

The Fashion&cool dog leash is one of the best leashes when it comes to the comfort of your husky. It is one part standard leash and one-part bungee that is not detachable. You can buy it only in one size. However, this is a stretchable size so that it can go up to 6 feet.  

The bungee part ensures enough shock absorption whenever the fog pulls hard or suddenly on the leash. A control handle can be used while walking the dog in a condition where vehicular traffic is high.  

This leash comes with an additional D-ring and a seatbelt buckle. The control handle and the general handle are both padded on the inside, offering some form of extra protection to your hands as you walk your husky.  


  • Material is durable  
  • The bungee absorbs shock  
  • Additional D-ring and buckle  
  • Control handle for traffic scenarios  


  • The carabiner is not very safe 
  • The padding on the exterior is inadequate 
  • Not suitable for smaller dogs and puppies  
  • Reflective material isn’t evident at night  

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Walking Your Siberian Husky  

Huskies are dogs that possess an almost endless reserve of energy. They are always ready for adventure and physical exercise. They are also brilliant dogs, meaning that their nature is very inquisitive and curious about things in general.  

This curiosity will become evident as you start to walk them. It’s essential to train your husky to walk correctly with you on the leash. No matter how expensive your leash may be, you must train your husky to walk with you while on a leash.  

You have to ensure that you are using the leash as an instrument of control as you walk your husky. You have to give off the confidence that you are in charge. You must be walking the dog. Not the other way around.  

Tips To Make Sure Your Husky Learns To Walk On A Leash

Walking your husky on a new leash may sound easy, but it can turn out to be quite a task at times. Here are a few ways to introduce your dog to a new leash and get it used to be tethered to it. 

Begin Early  

Start training your husky early on. Start to put it on a leash and take it for walks when it’s are very young. Huskies, like most other dogs, have good retention of knowledge when they are young.  

Keep The Focus  

As mentioned, Huskies are very clever dogs to be drawn to multiple things at once. Hence, it would help to keep your Husky focused while you are on a walk. The dog must be aware of any change in your movement or any command you issue.  

Positive Reinforcement  

Whenever you Husky can heel, make sure to treat them with a reward. Heeling is the ability to walk calmly next to you while you hold the leash. As you keep rewarding positive behavior, it starts to become second nature for them.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

It’s natural to have a few queries and unresolved questions regarding husky leashes. To solve this dilemma, we have answered some of the most popular questions people have on this subject.

Can You Trust A Husky Off-Leash? 

While each dog’s temperament will differ, in general, huskies are pretty energetic and even ferocious towards strangers. Additionally, as they hit puberty, they tend to become strong and make excellent guard dogs. Hence, it’s considered unsafe to keep them unleashed in public.

Moreover, they are a runaway dog breed, and you can observe that when they try to pull on in the leash. That makes it risky, and you’ll end up chasing after it.

What Are The Various Leash Clips That Are Effective On Huskies?

There are loads of different leash clip designs floating in the market. However, the carabiner, bolt, and trigger leash clips are best for huskies. 

  • Carabiner Clip: The carabiner locking clasp is the most secure and works exceptionally well for huskies. A lot of superior quality leashes come with a built-in carabiner clasp. 

It is bulkier and quite challenging to unclasp, even for intelligent dogs like your husky. Moreover, you can attack your dog’s water bottle and other accessories using these clips. 

  • Bolt Clip: These are the most commonly used clips and work with a spring. It’s also relatively easy to connect; even using only one hand, slide the bolt open and insert the leash in between.

However, the grip usually weakens with time, even for the best quality bolt clips. That makes them unsuitable for dogs like large huskies in the long term. You can use them for puppies, though, as they don’t usually pull too hard.

  • Trigger Clip: These leash clips are also well constructed and entirely secure. They can effortlessly withstand a great deal of pressure, and the unique locking system makes it difficult for your husky to retract the leash.

The lever is single-loaded, and you must push inwards to unclasp it. This action is very complex for your husky, however brilliant it may be. Owing to the bigger size than bolt clips, they also brave tremendous pressure without caving in.

Any of these clips will be the ideal choice to tether your Husky’s leash. Depending on the force your husky can execute, you can select the most suitable clip. It must also be an excellent fit for the chosen leash.

What Are The Most Common Materials Used In Leashes?

You’ll find materials like hemp, nylon, leather, and rope, and rubber to be the most popular. However, rubber is not well suited for huskies as it cannot withstand tremendous force. 

  • Nylon: Husky leashes constructed using nylon are hassle-free and easy to maintain. Provided you select the correct width and the leash’s finishing is good, they will also be comfortable. 

If you’re looking for more accommodating and adjustable leashes, then this material might not be for you. Additionally, if your husky tends to chew onto things, then the nylon band will prove ineffective.

  • Hemp: Although new, this material is becoming increasingly popular. To top it off, it’s eco-friendly, and your husky will be safe as well. That is because the soft material doesn’t elevate any allergies, unlike other leash materials.

The best part, though, is that it will remain odorless and doesn’t demand much upkeep. Even though huskies are pretty active and enjoy getting dirty, you won’t have to worry about the leash trapping any foul odors. 

  • Leather: Leather leashes have been in the market for a while now. They are great in terms of feel and comfort as they don’t chafe or cause blisters. Additionally, if the leather is of decent quality, it will last long.

The downside could be that they are usually not water-resistant, and leather tends to chip away with time. That spoils both the look and the feel of the leash, and you get a grainy feeling while clasping it. 

  • Rope: These types of leashes are very safe for both you as well as your pet. The material naturally has resistance, yet it’s not rigid and does allow for a bit of stretching. 

As a result, you and your lovely dog won’t suffer from injuries upon sudden movements or yanking. Additionally, the material is durable and comfortable to hold onto, even for long walks with your husky.

What Is Better For A Husky, A Collar, Or A Leash?

That decision entirely depends on the characteristics of your husky. A generally well-behaved husky will be comfortable in both whereas, an aggressive one must be trained with collars.

That being said, we recommend leashes as they provide more comfort and are not harmful in general. On the other hand, some training collars can cause more harm than good and end up scarring your beloved pet for life. 


After evaluating the best husky leashes, it’s clear that the OneTigris training bungee dog leash is a winner. From its quality, durability to its functionality, every aspect is top-notch. The OneTigris leash is not only convenient and cost-effective but also comfortable for your husky in the long run.

To top it off, it’s short, which comes in handy while you deal with an energetic husky. That makes it quite simple to control and curb your dog’s erratic behavior, especially in the presence of strangers. However, you must evaluate the unique characteristics of your dog before arriving at a decision. 

Hopefully, now you’re well acquainted with the best husky leashes and can make the aptest purchase. If you adhere to the guidelines mentioned earlier and select the best leash for your companion, everyday tasks will become hassle-free. Good luck leashing your beloved dog!

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