Best Dog Crate For A Husky

10 Best Dog Crate For A Husky (Buying Guide & Reviews)

Huskies are a breed of intelligent, athletic, and independent dogs. These parameters are important to keep in mind while choosing your husky cage. These fur buddies bring happiness with them everywhere they go, so their crates should be special too.

This article deals with a complete guide on the husky cage. We wish to help you in your research for the best possible crate for these furballs.

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Benefits Of Having A Proper Husky Cage

If you find a crate to be synonymous with confinement, it’s time you change the thought. Many owners find crate training to be constraining for their pets. However, there can be some fantastic benefits of crate training.

Moreover, a proper crate can help your dog feel more at ease and lets you carry them everywhere. You always want to be accompanied by your pets, and this is a difficult task as canine transportation is still not at its trustable height. Thus, a proper crate is your solution.

The following points will deal with the benefits of crate training and why you need to look for the proper husky cage.

Crate Acts As A Safe Place

The Husky cage is going to be your dog’s special place. Dogs are built with a natural denning instinct, and crates can help them feel space in their zone. The crate will transform itself into a place where they can relax when they are stressed or tired.

Thus, choosing a suitable crate is essential. Your dog should like the place enough to make it their private relaxing spot. Dogs need to have their moments of peace alone, away from the household chaos.

Great For House Training

When your pet is taught to love their crate, they will instinctively look after the place. They do not like sleeping on soiled bedding, so an appropriately sized crate will help them learn bladder and bowel control.

Therefore, crates can also be an excellent house-training trick. 

Household Safety

It is not always possible to look after these little balls of mischief. Thus, crates act as a safe place where your pets can stay when you cannot directly supervise them. Crates are essential when your Husky puppies are small, as supervision is a must at that age.

At a puppy age, they can be small, and you need to be extra careful when they totter around the house. So, if they are in their husky cage, you can make dinner without constantly worrying about overstepping their tail. 

Instills Good Behavior

Crate training can also help your pet get in the habit of good behavior. Learning that a crate is a safe place, they can grow to be more patient, calmer, and peaceful. They learn to appreciate alone time and grow out of co-dependent tendencies.

Crate training at an early age helps you leave your dog alone in the house when they grow up. They learn to stay alone and not get stressed every time you are not present with them. 

Safer Travel

Car travel in a crate is safer than your dog always trying to put its head out of the window. With all the new smells and changes in the environment during traveling, dogs tend to grow overexcited. Being in their crate that they define as their place will keep them calm.

Moreover, it is easier for you to carry your little husky puppy everywhere when you have the perfect husky cage. 

Damage Limitation

The internet is filled with videos where pet parents return home to find their dogs have messed up the entire house. They tend to do this due to separation anxiety, and having a crate in this situation helps you in two ways.

The first being that when you keep them in their crates and leave the house unattended, they cannot wreak havoc. Secondly, crate training beforehand will help them learn to deal with separation from owners for fixed periods. 

Factors That Help You Determine The Right Cage

Huskies are a medium breed, and their size plays a vital role in determining cage size. The other factors you should consider before buying a cage are as follows:

Activity Levels

Huskies are incredibly active creatures. They were bred as sled dogs and thus have immense physical needs. Often owners tend to buy a husky cage because they are not able to provide the husky an adequate amount of exercise. A bored husky can be destructive.

Your husky needs to have some physical activity in the day and needs to love the crate as a relaxation spot. So, ask yourself why you want to buy the crate. Also, select a cage that has enough room depending on the activity levels of your husky.

How And Where You Will Be Using The Crate

This is another critical decision that you will have to make. Planning on the use of the crate will help you save both time and money.

Also, the crate utilities vary according to the place you want to use them in. If the purpose of the crate is to keep your husky safe in the house when you are not at home, the crate needs to be big and relaxing.  

Your Dog’s Temperament

Until and unless the husky is the newest member of your family, you will know your dog well enough. Read into his behavior and check whether he feels comfortable when left alone in a cage or sees it as punishment. 

The crate should be a place he loves, so you need to know whether your pet would ever enter a crate voluntarily. Knowing these points will help you decide whether to go for the crate idea.

Choose The Correct Crate Model

It is essential to narrow down your options and know the kind of crate you would like. Crate models vary on your lifestyle, so think deeply. Check on your dog’s crate anxiety before going for any model. 

If your dog gets overanxious inside a crate, you need to select a heavy-duty crate. The different models may include a collapsible crate, stationary crate, and high anxiety crate.

The different types of dog crates include:

Metal Wire Crates

This type is suitable for Husky use. Huskies being escape artists, need strong guarded crates. The standard wire crates will survive their chewing tendencies. 

Plastic / Portable Crates

These crates are not good as a husky cage. This type of crate is meant for small dogs and is not available in sizes that fit a husky. Moreover, a husky will be pleased to chew the plastic.

Wooden / Fashion Crates

These crates are suitable for huskies that are well trained. They are often referred to as furniture crates as they fit in well with your house’s aesthetics. If you own a husky with previous crate training, this is a beautiful addition to your home.

Heavy Duty Crates

This type of crate is beneficial for destructive huskies. These crates are stronger and usually made with a more secure locking design compared to standard wire crates. Thus, a husky with high crate anxiety fits this type.

Soft-Sided Crates

These soft-sided crates are usually made of nylon or canvas. They are soft and comfortable, lightweight, and travel-friendly. However, they are not fit for a husky because of their size and destructive tendencies.

10 Best Husky Cages: Reviews 

1 MidWest ICrate Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crate 

MidWest ICrate Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crate

With more than 80,000 reviews and a 4.5-star rating on Amazon, the MidWest Icrate is the number 1 choice in dog crates. It is a basic metal crate made with folding wire. We recommend you get a 42 or 48-inch crate for your husky. You can get this same size regardless of whether your husky is a pup or a grown adult. This is because you can use the attached divider to control the space inside.

As the name suggests, it comes with 2 large doors, front and side, which offers you flexibility and better control during training. You can easily remove the bottom plastic tray and put it back after cleaning. This dog crate comes with a secured lock to prevent the famed escape artists, i.e., your husky.

The MidWest ICrate is a perfect fit for traveling with its easy folding handles. Plus, while reassembling the crate, you need no additional tools. It has a safe and dog-friendly built, with rounded edges of the frame wire. Moreover, the non-toxic satin black coating gives the frame an electro-coat finish.


Brand: MidWest Homes for Pets

Style: Double Door

Dimensions (LxWxH): 42 x 28 x 30 inches

The material used: Metal

Recommended size: 42 or 48 inches  

Weight: 35 – 43 pounds


  • Well-built
  • Affordable
  • Foldable and portable
  • Convenient to store
  • 1-year warranty
  • Secure latches
  • It comes with a divider
  • Safe built with rounded corners and non-toxic electro-coat 
  • 2 doors make it fit for training and different locations
  • Includes a removable tray, making it easy to clean


  • Crate wiring not as strong as competitor brands
  • Doors not sturdy enough to prevent highly energetic huskies from escaping
  • Non-removable doors
  • Warranty just covers manufacturing defects
  • Stiff latches

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2 New World 42″ Folding Metal Dog Crate, Includes Leak-Proof Plastic Tray

New World 42

The New World dog crate is available in two options; with a single door or double door. The durable and resilient dog cage can take pups weighing up to 90lbs and easily handle a full-grown husky. It is foldable, and each door comes with two heavy-duty slide-bolt latches.

It comes with a 1-year warranty on manufacturing defects and includes a leakproof plastic tray which can be easily removed for cleaning. With the durable metal-built and heavy-duty slide bolts, you need not worry about your husky slipping out while you are gone. Plus, it has ample space to guarantee a comfortable stay for your husky.

The crate can be collapsed effortlessly, making it easy to assemble, store, and carry while traveling within or outside your house. Keeping in mind the husky’s needs, we recommend you go for a larger size, measuring either 42 or 48 inches. One drawback, however, is that it doesn’t include a divide to cater to all the growing stages of your pup.


Brand: New World Crates

Style: Double Door

Dimensions (LxWxH): 42 x 28 x 30 inches

The material used: Metal

Recommended size: 42 or 48 inches  

Color: Black


  • It comes with a 1-year warranty
  • It has a double door
  • Quality metal construction
  • Foldable crate
  • It comes with slide-bolt locks
  • Includes leakproof removable tray
  • Simple, attractive design


  • Lacks divider
  • Latches tend to slip at times
  • Heavy 

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3 Petmate Sky Kennel Pet Carrier – 40 Inch

Petmate Sky Kennel Pet Carrier - 40 Inch

If you are looking for a portable home for your furry friend while traveling, Petmate Sky Kennel can be the ideal choice. This pet carrier also doubles up as an at-home crate for your pup. For a breed like husky, comfort and space is necessary, so it’s better if you get its 42- or 48-inch option.

The husky cage comes with extra security provided by its 4-way vault door, which prevents your pup from sliding and shifting. It is made of heavy-duty, durable material, a blend of plastic shell, corrosion-resistant nuts, and strong steel wire. With the Petmate Sky Kennel crate, you can ensure that your husky is in a well-ventilated space with good visibility.

Being essentially built for travel, it includes 2 animal stickers, ID stickers, and a clip-on bowl. Moreover, it meets the cargo specifications of most airlines for pet travel.


Brand: Sky Kennel

Style: Single Door with all-around ventilation

Dimensions (LxWxH): 42 x 28 x 30 inches

The material used: Plastic with Metal wires

Recommended size: 40 or 48 inches  

Color: Black


  • Easy assembly
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Fit for Airline travel
  • Complete ventilation


  • It lacks a double door

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4 Merry Pet 2-in-1 Configurable Pet Crate and Gate, Medium

Merry Pet 2-in-1 Configurable Pet Crate and Gate, Medium

The Merry Pet crate is one of its kind, with its attractive panel constructed using mahogany wood. What’s more, is that it doubles as a side table for your home. You can easily un-assemble or deconstruct it for transportation. The crate includes a sliding plastic tray that can be wiped clean with no extra effort. When it comes to durability, Merry Pet crate can be trusted. It comes with a detachable divider to accommodate your husky in different sizes, from pup to grown adult.

Being made of wood, it can double up as an end table and can go well with your room furniture. One downside is that the wood may be an enticing chewing toy for your husky, making the crate difficult to last you long enough.


Brand: Merry Pet

Color: Brown

Dimensions (LxWxH): 32.5 x 22.5 x 23.5 inches

The material used: Wood

Weight: 17.69 Pounds


  • Aesthetic look
  • 2 in 1 grate and crate
  • Detachable plastic tray 


  • Wood may get chewed by anxious huskies
  • Expensive

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5 LUCKUP Heavy Duty Dog Cage Strong Metal Kennel and Crate for Medium and Large Dogs, Pet Playpen with Four Wheels, 42 inches, Silver

LUCKUP Heavy Duty Dog Cage Strong Metal Kennel and Crate for Medium and Large Dogs, Pet Playpen with Four Wheels, 42 inches, Silver

The durable and sturdy Luckup heavy-duty dog cage can give tough competition to your husky’s escaping skills. However, its design gives it a cagey, non-welcoming look. With its heavy-duty frame, it is made up of strong, corrosion-resistant steel and secures your pup with its dual lock system.

It has two doors, one at the front and another at the top, making interaction with your puppy much easier. You can move the crate to different places inside or outside your house with its 360-degree rotated locking casters. Similarly, you can lock the wheels to keep them put at your chosen spot.

The Luckup crate is easy to clean with its removable pan. Assembling it doesn’t require much outside help, it comes with all the necessary hardware. You would need about 3-5 minutes to fit its four wheels and eight screw bolts.



Colour: Silver Crackle

The material used: Alloy Steel


  • Sturdy and durable rust-resistant steel
  • Non-toxic coating
  • Dual locking
  • Dual door
  • Wheels make it easier to transport


  • Cage-like experience
  • Costly
  • Not completely escape-proof

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6 New Age Pet ecoFLEX Pet Crate/End Table, Medium, Espresso

New Age Pet ecoFLEX Pet Crate/End Table, Medium, Espresso

Most dog crates act as eye soars to both the pet parent and the canine itself, except for the New age ecoFLEX crate, which can be disguised as a fancy end table for your house. This husky crate is made of non-toxic ECOFLEX, a recycled and eco-friendly plastic-wood polymer composite material. The brand claims it to be maintenance-free, without the risk of warping, cracking, or splitting.

The spindles are made using stainless steel tubes and consist of stainless-steel double latches. It is safe and secure for large dog breeds, weighing up to 100 lbs, and can easily accommodate a husky. It comes with a removable, easy-to-clean tray and is stain and odor-resistant since it doesn’t absorb moisture.


Brand: New Age Pet

Color: Espresso

Dimensions (LxWxH): 42.5 x 27.6 x 30.9 inches

Material: Plastic-wood polymer

Weight: 60 Pounds


  • Convenient, no tools assembly
  • Removable tray
  • Moisture-free
  • The durable stainless steel used
  • Doubles as a side table
  • Environment friendly and dog-safe


  • Heavy
  • Not as portable

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7 Petmate Navigator Pet Carrier with Antimicrobial Protection Great Crate Elite, Triple Door Dog Crate

Petmate Navigator Pet Carrier with Antimicrobial Protection Great Crate Elite, Triple Door Dog Crate

The Pro value Petmate dog crate is on a higher side when it comes to the cost, but its features almost make up for the increased price. As the name suggests, the husky cage is equipped with antimicrobial protection, ensuring hygiene and safety together. 

The crate can adjust itself and get easily folded when traveling or not in use. Being equipped with a divider, it is suitable for pups and full-sized huskies alike. This 42 inches long crate makes the perfect partner for dogs weighing up to 70-90 lbs.

Additionally, the crate comes with a heightened, 5-point precision lock system which keeps your husky safe while you are not around. The double doors give you more options for customized room layouts. Like most other crates, this one too comes with an easy cleaning removable tray.


Brand: Precision Pet

Colour: Black

Dimensions (LxWxH): 109.5 x 73 x 9.5 Cms

Material: Steel


  • Two doors; front and side
  • 5-point precision lock mechanism
  • Includes divider panel
  • Foldable
  • Rust-resistant 
  • Rounded corners 


  • Not fully escape-proof
  • Lacks any manufacturer’s warranty
  • Costly

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8 Amazon Basics Portable Folding Soft Dog Travel Crate Kennel, Large (24 x 24 x 36 Inches)

Amazon Basics Portable Folding Soft Dog Travel Crate Kennel, Large (24 x 24 x 36 Inches)

This option from Amazon basics covers everything you’d expect from a standard dog crate. With a foldable design, the husky cage measures 36 inches and is suitable for large breeds, those weighing up to 70 pounds. It has two doors, one at the front and the other at the bottom. The mesh windows and front door offer 4-sided ventilation to your pup.

It comes with secure zipper closures. You can instantly fasten the straps while in use and unzip to roll it to keep it away. Built-wise, it consists of polyester fabric over a PVC frame. Assembly is quick and requires no extra tools. It is transportation-friendly and can fold almost flat, which also helps in storage.


Brand: Amazon Basics

Color: Tan

Dimensions (LxWxH): 35.83 x 24.02 x 24.02 inches

The material used: Polyester

Weight: 7.89 Pounds


  • Double doors
  • Travel friendly
  • Secure zippers
  • Proper ventilation
  • Steady built


  • Thinly built frame
  • Can be toppled by an aggressive husky

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9 Lemberi Heavy Duty Dog Cage Crate, Pet Kennel Strong Metal for Training Large Dog, Easy to Assemble, with Two Prevent Escape Lock, Lockable Wheels, Removable Tray for Indoor Outdoor

Lemberi Heavy Duty Dog Cage Crate, Pet Kennel Strong Metal for Training Large Dog, Easy to Assemble, with Two Prevent Escape Lock, Lockable Wheels, Removable Tray for Indoor Outdoor

The Lemberi Heavy duty dog cage is the perfect choice for hyper dogs or those prone to separation anxiety. This is because its sturdy metal tube frame is much more stable than plastic or wireframed crates. It is quick to assemble, with many pre-assembled parts. It will hardly take you less than 10 minutes to fit the crate with its four wheels and fix in its ten screw bolts.

It has a double bolt design to secure your husky from potential injury and escaping. It also comes with double doors, which makes interaction convenient with your husky.

To clean the tray off food crumbles or dog poop, remove the tray, wipe it off, and insert it right back. What’s more, is that the crate is coated with non-toxic rust and corrosion-resistant color. The attached mesh tray having a dense grate lends stability to the crate and prevents it from falling.


Brand: Lemberi

Color: Black

The material used: Alloy Steel

Style: Double door


  • Double bolt
  • Effective
  • Removable tray
  • Double doors
  • Easy assembly
  • Portable


  • Requires some level of assembly
  • Not as portable as its counterparts

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10 Carlson Pet Products Secure and Foldable Single Door Metal Dog Crate, Large 

Carlson Pet Products Secure and Foldable Single Door Metal Dog Crate, Large

This dog crate from Carlson covers everything it can offer at its price. It is like a standard crate covering the basic features. The material is durable and secure, being built using an all-steel frame. The strong and sturdy material can deter the rowdiest of huskies to a considerable extent.

Its dual slide-bolt locking technique powers the security. Like most other dog crates discussed here, this too comes with a detachable and washable plastic tray. You can simply slide it out to detach, and it has a slider to keep it in place.

This Carlson crate is portable and easy to store, with its collapsible design, which allows you to fold it into a flat metal sheet. 


Brand: Carlson Pet Products

Color: Black

Dimensions (LxWxH): 42 x 28 x 30 inches

Material: Metal

Weight: 14 Pounds

Recommended size: 42 or 48 inches


  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy construction
  • Foldable crate
  • Value for price
  • Removable tray
  • Slide-bolt locks


  • Lacks double door option
  • It doesn’t include a divider panel

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should You Buy The Largest Crate Available?

The answer to this question would be no. If you are looking for a crate to house-train your husky, this is a wrong decision. Buying too big a cage for your husky will ruin the house-training trick. 

The dog will urinate on one end of the cage and sleep on the other side. 

Can You Keep Your Husky In A Crate For Long Periods?

Huskies are adorable pets who love to cuddle with their masters. They do not enjoy staying alone for long periods. Moreover, they need exercise for their mental and physical well-being.

Thus, keeping your husky locked in a cage for too long is a bad idea. They can develop anxiety by being shut in their cage for too long.

Should Huskies Sleep In A Crate?

If you are trying to sleep train your pup, be sure to place the crate in a cozy corner. Keep the crate close to your room or in your room. They like to be near their owners and depend on their presence to feel comfortable.

If you are a new husky parent, keep the husky cage near you at night. Your puppy might have bowel or sleeping problems at night where you would need to calm him. 

Wrapping Up

Dog crates are convenient to keep your pup safe while you are not around and aid in training and instilling good behavior in your dog. For the infamous escaping artists, aka husky, more care needs to be taken while selecting the best dog cage. You must compare material, features like a double door, double latch, check out for reviews, warranty, and customer service, among other things. 

All-in-all, the MidWest Icrate checks our criteria list when it comes to the best dog crate for husky. It is affordable, versatile, made with solid metal wire, is foldable, and convenient to assemble and unassemble. It is long-lasting and can be used by your pup or full-grown husky since it comes with an attached divider. 

Alternatively, if your husky is comparatively calm and behaves well, you can go for the fancier wood end table options even in your absence. Whichever option you choose among the mentioned ones, make sure to pick the correct size, preferably between 40 and 48 inches in length.

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