Best Harness For A Husky

8 Best Harness For A Husky (Buying Guide & Reviews)

A Siberian husky is a sporty sled dog with a relatively large body. As a result of this, it can get tough to control its behavior sometimes. In this case, you may require good harnesses to have the upper hand and a greater amount of control over your pet.

A harness is an alternative to dog collars used commonly. Regular or overly brutal use of harnesses can be fatal for your dog or lead to injuries. In this case, you would want to opt for safer options. 

For this purpose, we’ve listed below 10 of the best harnesses for a husky. Most of these divide the pressure between the chest and back of the dog. You can also look at the key factors you must keep in mind while buying the correct harness on the plus side. 

Why Should You Be Getting A Harness For Your Husky?

Before jumping onto the best harness review, let’s have a cursory look at the importance of getting your husky a suitable harness. 

Using a dog harness comes with several health and safety benefits attached. Here are a few of them:

Get Greater Control Over Your Ever-Bouncing Husky

Walking with a dog as energetic as a husky requires additional effort to hold them back in case of difficulties. A car may show up out of nowhere; now, you’d need to grab your husky. Donning a harness makes the work a lot easier for the pet parent. With its back handle, you can easily have a better grip over your furry friend. 

Minimize Injuries From Accidents

The constant pulling behavior of huskies isn’t just a matter of inconvenience. Your husky risks getting grave injuries with one strong collar pull. This may lead to a neck fracture and consequent pain for your husky.

If your husky avoids getting a fracture, the chances of getting a neck strain while using a collar are high. It may be days before you figure out your husky is suffering from neck pain.

Another concerning condition is related to the trachea. Wearing and pulling a collar may squeeze your pup’s windpipe. This may eventually lead to a collapsed trachea, resulting in an emergency visit to the vet.

Reduce The Risk Of Getting Injured Yourself

Your husky’s pulling can cause significant strain to your wrist, neck, and shoulders. One strong jerk and you may even get a severe injury. When your husky is in a harness, they are less likely to pull, which keeps you from getting hurt.

Training Has Never Been Easier

The best-quality harnesses come with two attachment rings, front and back. You can attach the leash to the backside while training your husky. You will have the upper hand while training your husky in the backyard or inside your home. This will, in turn, lead to more productive training sessions and speedy results. 

8 Best Harness For A Husky: A Buying Guide

In the market, you are likely to come across numerous options for the best harness for husky. This can make the task exhausting and tough. However, you must not worry since we have got you covered.

Listed below are 10 different options for you to select from the best harness for your husky. These are as follows:

1 PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness, No Pull Dog Harness, Royal Blue/Navy Blue, Small/Medium

PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness, No Pull Dog Harness, Royal Blue/Navy Blue, Small/Medium


PetSafe is a famously known company with a wide range of loyal customers who believe in the brand and the quality of pet accessories. 

If your husky tends to pull around on the road, then the PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness is one of the best solutions to this issue. This harness is made of nylon and feels exceptionally soft and comfy on your dog’s skin. It will not leave behind any marks or injuries.

Additionally, it is very easy and quick to use the harness because of its snap buckle feature. It also has 4 different adjustable points that allow one to customize the fit as per their dog’s requirements and size.


Brand name: PetSafe

Sizes available: Small to XL

The material used: Nylon

Customer Reviews 

As per, the product has been labeled as the Amazon choice product with high star ratings and global reviews. It has attained 4.4 stars and an international review range of over 21,000. This indicates the popularity of the product and the overall hassle-free experience of its users.

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2 Sporn Non-Pulling Mesh Harness L Blk

Sporn Non-Pulling Mesh Harness L Blk


This harness is one of the most comfortable and safest options for a sporty husky known to pull or tug around actively. This harness is made of nylon and imposes no pressure on your dog’s neck. Remember, constant pulling of the harness attached to a dog’s neck can be fatal.

It comes with a patch that sits at the chest of your dog and offers a great amount of comfort.

It is easy to put on and guarantees a lot of free movement or flexibility. It is likely to fit your husky perfectly and provide a great amount of comfort.


Brand name: Sporn

The Material Used: Nylon

Available sizes: Small-XL

Available colors: Red, black, and blue

Customer Reviews

This is a 5-star product on The overall experience of its users has been described as easy-going and smooth. While some have complimented the durability, others choose this for its design and comfort.

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3 Voyager Step-in Air Dog Harness – All-Weather Mesh, Step in Vest Harness for Small and Medium Dogs by Best Pet Supplies

Voyager Step-in Air Dog Harness - All-Weather Mesh, Step in Vest Harness for Small and Medium Dogs by Best Pet Supplies


Huskies are very furry dogs. As a result of this, the use of a harness can cause irritability and rashes. In this scenario, the Voyager Step-in Air Dog harness is one of the best available options. 

It has a step-in system to avoid any hassle or fighting while trying to get your dog harnessed. Also, this offers a great amount of comfort to one’s husky and the owner as well.

The air holes present in this polyester harness allow breathability and offers flexibility for your dog. It comes in various sizes and colors that you, as a dog parent, can choose from.


The material used: Polyester

Brand name: Best Pet Supplies

Size range: Small to XL

Colors: pink, blue, orange, red, purple, black, and yellow

Customer Reviews

This harness is one of the most popular choices of consumers on! It has over 65,000 global reviews and a 4.6-star rating. Complimented for its durability, design, and easy-going experience, this harness is a product worth investing in for your dog.

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4 Hounds Design Freedom No Pull Dog Harness | Adjustable Gentle Comfortable Control for Easy Dog Walking |for Small Medium and Large Dogs | Made in the USA | Leash Included | 1″ LG Teal

Hounds Design Freedom No Pull Dog Harness | Adjustable Gentle Comfortable Control for Easy Dog Walking |for Small Medium and Large Dogs | Made in the USA | Leash Included | 1


Another good option for a harness for your husky is the 2 Hounds Design Freedom No Pull Dog harness. This has been made for husky owners to have control over their dog’s reflex actions as well.

So, when your husky tries to run away from where you’re trying to take him, the second leash present in this harness comes to use. While one leash is attached to the back, the other is on the side. 

In this way, you’re likely to have an even greater amount of control over your husky. Additionally, it leaves behind no marks or injuries on your dog’s body.


The material used: Nylon

Brand name: 2 hounds design

Colors available: Teal

Size range available:  Small- XXL

Customer Reviews

The customer reviews on this product are fairly well. It has received a 4.5-star rating and over 300 reviews. While some have referred to this harness as costly, most have complimented its material, design, and comfort.

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5 EzyDog Premium Chest Plate Custom Fit Reflective No-Pull Padded Comfort Dog Harness – Perfect for Training, Walking, and Control – Includes Car Restraint Attachment (Small, Chocolate)

EzyDog Premium Chest Plate Custom Fit Reflective No-Pull Padded Comfort Dog Harness - Perfect for Training, Walking, and Control - Includes Car Restraint Attachment (Small, Chocolate)


The EzyDog Premium Chest Plate Custom Fit Reflective No-pull padded comfort dog harness has an ergonomically made design with a flat and vertical chest plate that enables the easy carrying of your husky’s weight.

It has an award-winning cross-body design that comes off and goes on very easily.

The whole process is hassle-free. The presence of buckle points on the harness adds to this hassle-free experience. 

The steel D-ring provides durability and strength. 


Brand name: EzyDog

Size range available: X-small to X-large

Available colors: Black, blue, bubblegum, chocolate, grey, orange, red, pink, purple, etc.

The material used: Nylon with stainless steel leash attachment

Customer Reviews

With a 4.5 stars Amazon rating, this harness is a top choice among pet parents. Reviews range from durable and stylish to easy to use and practical. It is hailed as an ideal harness for big-sized or heavy dogs and will fit your husky just well. 

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6 Rabbitgoo No-Pull Dog Harness

Rabbitgoo No-Pull Dog Harness


The Rabitgoo harness is a vest-styled, no pull dog harness. It comes with 2 metal D-ring leash clips, allowing you different ways to walk your dog while on a leash. You can attach a leash on one of the clips and a water bottle or any other item on the other. 

This everyday harness offers fully adjustable straps with extra comfort from its soft mesh padding. Moreover, the reflective piping improves the visibility of your dog and can prevent any untoward accidents.

The versatile harness is made using heavy-duty military-grade nylon. It features reinforced stitching which offers longevity. It ranks high in ease of use with its 4 quick-release buckles. Plus, the mesh dries super-fast and is comfortable and breathable. 


Brand: Rabbitgoo

Size: Small to XL

Available colors: 12 different colors, including baby blue, cherry pink, passion red, navy blue, and tranquil teal

The material used: Oxford fabric with air mesh and padded cushion cotton 

Customer Reviews

With an excellent Amazon rating of 4.5 stars, the Rabbitgoo harness ranks 2nd in dog vest harnesses. When they say it’s no-pull, they mean it is no-pull. Customers have reviewed it as highly durable, stylish, and long-lasting for walking or exercising your husky. 

This harness works and makes dog walks like a walk in the park to relieve pet parents of pulling-prone dogs.

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7 BABYLTRL Big Dog Harness No Pull Adjustable Pet Reflective Oxford Soft Vest for Large Dogs Easy Control Harness 

BABYLTRL Big Dog Harness No Pull Adjustable Pet Reflective Oxford Soft Vest for Large Dogs Easy Control Harness


The Babyltrl No-Pull Dog Harness makes for a good choice for medium-sized dogs, though other sizes are available. Made of high-quality, lightweight oxford fiber, it is breathable and comfortable. Plus, it features reflective piping, increasing your pup’s visibility in the dark. 

It features dual leash attachment metal D-rings, one in the front and the other in the back. To control your husky’s pulling behavior put the leash on the front clip and switch to the back clip for breezy, relaxing walks. 

The harness comes with a back handle, allowing you a better grip on your husky.

It is made with convenience in mind, with its quick-on and off buckles. Additionally, the thickly padded harness guarantees comfort for your husky.



Size: Small to extra large

Available colors: Black, blue, silver, green, orange, red, etc.

The material used: Nylon oxford

Closure Type: Buckle

Customer Reviews

This no-choke, the no-pull harness has a 4.55 Amazon rating with over 20,000 plus customer reviews. It works like a charm for big, adult-sized dogs and is sure to last long. The easy on and off lock feature and adjustable straps have earned heavy praise among buyers. If you are looking for a harness that not only you but your dog will also love, this is the one.

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8 PoyPet 2019 Upgraded No Pull Dog Harness with 4 Snap Buckles

PoyPet 2019 Upgraded No Pull Dog Harness with 4 Snap Buckles


With 4 on and off buckles, the PoyPet harness is super easy to use. Its padded mesh design allows your furry friend a heat-free, comfy walk. Its padded handle comes with a soft cushiony filling and ensures the safety of your husky.

 The harness comes with two reliable metal leash rings with reinforced webbing. Use the front clip to discourage pulling and the back one for laid-back walks. The straps are made of stretchy elastic, which absorbs shocks from jerky movements and minimizes the risk of injuries.

It has reflective stitching that makes your husky visible during the night and in dim lights. This no-choke, no pull harness spreads the pulling pressure evenly across the body. Ideal for training, exercising, hiking, walking, and even running, this harness suits the needs of an ever-active husky.

The best part is that it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The brand claims to be committed to addressing and resolving customer problems within a day.


Brand: PoyPet

Size: Small to XL plus

Available colors: Black, blue, pink, purple, red, and mint blue

The material used: Padded with breathable non-toxic mesh

Closure Type: Buckle

Customer Reviews

Your furball’s security is the top priority for this harness. Happy pet owners have reviewed it to be a safe and comfortable harness. With a rating of 4.5 on amazon, one user highly recommends the PoyPet harness to keep your puppy in place. It ranks high on durability and adjustability factor. 

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Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Harness For Husky

Now that you’ve reviewed the top 10 harnesses for husky, let’s look at some deciding factors that will help you choose one. The type of harness, its adjustability, durability, material, and comfort all play an essential role. Your budget is equally important while picking a harness for your husky. 

Let’s delve into these factors in detail: 

Deciding On The Harness Type

When buying a harness for your pup, there is an entire buffet to choose from. Among these are no-pull type, front-click, dual-clip, back-clip, vests, and step-ins. Depending upon the traits and temperament of your husky, you can choose one.

A no-pull harness is a necessity when it comes to your adorable sledding dog. This is because most huskies are naturally inclined to pull on their leash. But these aren’t the best choice in terms of comfort and should be avoided for pups or older huskies.

The vest harness offers utmost comfort with its broad straps and extra padding. You can choose between front-clip and back-clip harnesses or pick a dual-click one to get the best of both worlds. 

If your husky doesn’t prefer an over-the-head harness, you can try on a step-in harness. Just maneuvering your husky to step inside one can be a task.

Correct Fit And Adjustability

One of the most critical factors is to choose a size that fits your husky. You must order the chosen harness based on your husky’s weight and size measurements. Your furry friend’s age plays a major role in determining the harness size, with puppy harnesses being smaller than adult ones. 

You can measure them by wrapping them around a measuring tape on your husky’s chest and neck. Be sure to add an inch or two to give your husky considerable breathing space.

For a better grip over your husky, get a harness with a leash attachment ring on the front side. Moreover, look for a harness with maximum adjustability for the best possible fit.

Material Used And Durability

Another key factor is the material used in making the harness. Mesh harnesses provide your husky the breather they need. These can dry quickly as well. You can go for a good-quality nylon harness to prevent your ever-excited husky from breaking its straps.

 Look for a sturdy-built harness to ensure that it lasts you till your husky outgrows it. Additionally, go for a harness with stainless steel clips to make it last for an even longer time. This will minimize it from rusting and prevent your husky from chewing it into pieces.


No matter how many features a particular harness comes with, it’s of no use if not convenient to use. Based on your husky’s preference, choose an appropriate type with maximum comfort.

With comfort comes safety. Your primary reason for getting a harness, your pup’s safety, should be ensured. Most harnesses that offer comfort lack security, allowing your husky to wiggle out of it. At the same time, a secure harness is often too tight to provide comfort and can cause fur loss and chafing.

Both the comfort and security front should be kept in mind while you choose the ideal harness.

Your Budget

Lastly, the price of the available harnesses and your budget should match. You don’t need to shell all your savings in buying your husky a harness, but a decent quality harness will serve you better. Get an idea about the average cost of harnesses and decide on a reasonable budget. You can now narrow it down to the harness that fits your set budget and features. 

The cheaper the harness, the chances are that it’ll be of lesser quality, last for only a while, and need to be replaced quickly. This will cost you more in total in buying multiple low-quality harnesses. At the same time, good quality and sturdy harness is a one-time value-saving investment. 

Wrapping Up

A harness makes for a handy tool while training or walking your husky. It avoids pressure on your dog’s neck and prevents choking and pulling. You can use a harness to successfully maneuver your husky, no matter their size while walking on busy roads.

This guide is your one-stop-destination for everything related to your husky’s harness. Keep in mind the harness type, correct size, sufficient adjustability, material, and other features, following your husky’s needs. Once you decide on your budget for the harness, narrow down all available options with these features. 

Reviews by other canine owners are the final deciding factor for getting the ideal harness. Luckily for you, we have summed up customer ratings and reviews along with all the top harness picks. Although each harness may cater to some unique requirements, we have an overall winner. 

The BABYLTRL no-pull dog harness makes for a perfect harness for most huskies. With its reflective stitching, dual leash rings, back handle, lightweight and durable built, it tops our list. 

You can get the BABYLTRL dog harness for your husky or any from the list mentioned above on

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