Siberian Husky Barking

How To Stop Siberian Huskys Barking

Your Siberian husky barking may be a nuisance and may end up disturbing the entire neighborhood especially if your husky howls excessively. Siberian huskies are a very vocal breed. They will often howl whine and chirp but will rarely bark. When they howl, they hold their heads high and produce song-like sounds. The songs can be quite haunting to everyone else but very melodious to the Siberian husky’s ears and maybe the owner’s ears too. The interesting thing about Siberian huskies is that being a breed that rarely barks, they will not bark at strangers. This breed, therefore, makes a poor watchdog. They tend to be friendly with just about anyone.

You Can Never Eliminate It Completely

When dealing with Siberian husky barking and any other dog it is important to note that you can never completely eliminate it. Barking is any dog’s way of communicating. The most you can do is to get the barking under control. Immediately he starts to bark uncontrollably take action. . Establish a firm command for getting him to be quiet every time he barks. Issue the command which could be as simple as ‘QUIET’ followed by his name. Give the command in a firm tone and maintain eye contact. When issuing the command do not shout or yell at your Siberian husky to be quiet. To him, it sounds like you’re just barking and he will just bark back. When he barks do not pet him or shower him with attention. It will only communicate that barking does get him attention, and he will use barking as an attention-seeking mechanism. Give the ‘QUIET’ command until he stops and do not lose your cool. Be confident and demonstrate to the husky that you are the leader and he should do as you command.

Why your Siberian husky barks

The Siberian husky may bark all day when you’re gone if he suffers separation anxiety or is lonely. If this is the case, get entertainment for the dog and make sure he is well distracted before you leave. You may have to change routines if dealing with separation anxious Siberian husky barking. The Siberian husky could also bark due to other reasons. Reasons for husky barking may include confinement, the need to communicate something, loneliness, and the need for attention. This dog may also bark to release some energy especially if they have not been well exercised. Sometimes the Siberian husky could just bark for the sake of it.

How to Reduce the Barking

In order to reduce the howling or Siberian husky barking, you must first eliminate situations that will trigger the barking. Bear in mind that barking can never be completely eliminated. Siberian huskies should be allowed to bark now and then but in moderation.

Train your Siberian husky to bark less while he is still young. It is easier than trying to teach a dog that has been barking and howling nonstop his whole life that barking is not such a good thing. Though, even a seasoned barker is still trainable with the help of a professional and a lot of patience. Generally speaking, Siberian husky barking should be dealt with whatever the dog’s age.