Siberian Husky Allergies

Siberian Husky Allergies & Treatment Options

Though Siberian huskies are generally strong and healthy they are prone to allergies. In fact, Siberian husky allergies are a common occurrence, and nothing to be alarmed about. When a Siberian husky has an allergy there may be rashes on his skin. You may even notice some patches of hair missing and the dog will generally be uncomfortable. When you notice these signs in your Siberia husky take him to the vet immediately for an examination and diagnosis. Sometimes it may not even be an allergy that is causing the skin problems. These signs are also common when the dog is flea-infested. Either way, you must not take chances with your Siberian husky. He needs a proper diagnosis and proper treatment.

Causes of Siberian Husky Allergies

The causes of Siberian husky allergies may range from food to environmental factors. You can never be completely sure what the cause is. However, some observations are easy to make. For instance, Siberian huskies are known to have some food allergies which cause indigestion. When you notice that your husky gets sick when you feed him certain food, take him to a vet and stop feeding him that food.

The symptoms of the Siberian husky allergies may develop progressively or sometimes immediately. Some allergies may manifest in a calm manner but may develop into very serious reactions if not attended to. Do not take chances whenever you notice any signs of allergy take the dog to the vet. Sometimes the signs of allergy will not show up immediately. If the signs take time to show, it is best to watch for any change in the dog’s behavior. He may be less playful and seem restless which is not usual for Siberian huskies. These dogs are known to be very playful and full of energy. Therefore, whenever you notice any uncomfortable behavior in your husky, take him to the vet. You should not have to wait for the physical signs as your dog’s health could deteriorate.


When it comes to treatment do not attempt to prescribe medication on your own based on your own diagnosis, unless of course, you are a vet. Let the vet prescribe proper medication. Sometimes treatment of Siberian husky allergies may involve a change in environmental factors such as avoiding pollen or even changing his diet. An important thing to note is that when a Siberian husky develops allergies he needs to be monitored daily, even when undergoing treatment. Some changes in condition may require a vet’s attention, especially when the husky develops an allergy for the medication. In such a case the consequences could be fatal if the reaction is not detected early.

All in all Siberian huskies are quite a healthy breed and do not require so much medical attention and visits to the vet. Still, it does not hurt to have him checked up every now and then especially if any signs of allergies show up. Siberian husky allergies are treatable. When untreated they cause so much discomfort to the dog and may develop into serious health problems.