Siberian Husky Agility

Siberian Husky Agility Training Tips & Advice

Siberian huskies were bred for sledding, carting, and other such events and they love it. Siberian huskies have very high energy levels and as such need a lot of exercise. Siberian husky agility is a good way of exercising and spending all that energy. These dogs have a high endurance level and can perform agility very well. All they need is an owner that can keep up with them, making them good exercise dogs for their owner. A husky is the perfect dog to go running with. They have a tremendous desire to run making them good for agility training.

The Siberian husky was originally a winter sled dog of the Chukchi people of Siberia. They would travel quite quickly for long distances pulling a load in low temperatures. Siberian husky agility would not be such a feat to achieve. This is because the Chukchi people welcomed the Siberian huskies in their dwellings as their children’s playmates and for keeping them warm during the cold nights. That was how they learned to be social and to love playing. Agility would be a good sport for Siberian huskies given their playful nature and resilience.

Siberian Husky Agility Training

Although the agility training would depend much on the particular Siberian husky, as many of them have serious focus problems, it would be worth the try. Most huskies when off the leash love to run. It is their natural instinct to run and they may run off to one of their exploratory escapades and forget all about the agility. They may even get lost for good. Perhaps Siberian husky agility should be carried out indoors to prevent this from happening: keeping the Siberian husky from running away.

However, it is true that Siberian huskies are very tough to teach. When training the Siberian husky for agility use only positive methods. The dog gets encouraged and it works wonders. You could give him treats, get excited, pet him, and even praise him. This is the best way to teach Siberian husky agility and this works miraculously. Remember that you can never force a Sibe to do something he has no motivation to do. You must encourage him and that is why the reinforcement method works. Never get angry when the dog fails in agility. Even if he does not make much progress the most important thing is that he gets to have fun, play, and exercise, and socialize with other dogs. That is very important too. Do not put any pressure on your dog at all because of agility training, instead, make it an activity he will enjoy and look forward to.

You will never know how good your Siberian husky is at agility until you take him for training. Use agility training as a good time to bond and even get to know your husky better. Furthermore, agility training is a great exercise for the owner too as he has to keep up with the dog. Siberian husky agility is definitely intended to create a great time for both the husky and the owner.