Training Siberian Huskies

Training Siberian huskies is one task that requires commitment on the part of the trainer and a lot of patience. Training this breed can be quite a feat especially when it comes to house training. Siberian training can be a painstaking task for any husky owner but the rewards make the training process worth it.

Start Early To Train A Siberian Husky

Training Siberian huskies should begin from the time you bring him home or as soon as six weeks old. It is best to begin the training when the dog is still a puppy. When they are older they tend to be more hard-headed and have no natural desire for obedience. Being faced with such a problem of open disregard for instruction, then you have to make them want to train. Structure the training in such a manner that it will be convenient for the husky. You should also make the training fun and playful as a way of inducing them to train. It is well known that Siberian huskies naturally love to have fun and play. If you incorporate this into the training program and you are sure to get results.

How To Handle Training A Siberian Husky

When training Siberian huskies, be very keen about his body language. Huskies communicate through their bodies. If you notice that he is tired or bored it is a good idea to take a break then continue after some time or when he is in a better mood for training. There is no way you can force a husky to do something he does not want to.

Siberian huskies are a breed of dogs with a short attention span. They get bored easily and move on to the next attraction. It may be difficult to get his attention especially when he is not in the right mood for training. Get him at a time when he is not tired and is in a jolly mood. When training Siberian huskies do not put pressure on the dog. Take the training with a light touch and do not stress yourself, there is really no need to. It can be a very fun and enjoyable experience.

Have a schedule for training with regular and consistent sessions. It takes a lot of discipline on the trainer’s part to adhere to a schedule but that is the only way to show the Siberian husky that the training is important. The training will also progress faster when you are regular and disciplined.

The best way of training Siberian huskies is by offering rewards for positive achievements for progress achieved. It is better to reward for good behavior rather than punish for negative behavior. When punished, Siberian huskies can react in quite a very shocking manner. They protest very harshly to hitting and shouting. They will cry out like you’re trying to kill them. When you disapprove of something they do, simply say a firm ‘NO’ while maintaining eye contact. The dog will get it after a few tries. Even when it seems like you are not making much progress with your Siberian husky, do not get discouraged.