Training a Siberian husky puppy should begin from the time the dog is a still a young puppy. This will ensure that the puppy grows up well trained before he becomes hard headed and harder to train later on. There are a lot of areas to be paid attention to and all of them should be incorporated into the training program. The different areas range from obedience training, potty training, and behavior training among others.

How to Train a Siberian Husky Puppy

When training a Siberian husky puppy it is advisable to use positive reinforcement. Whenever he gets the instructions right, be excited about it, praise him and offer him a treat. Every time you are training tour puppy have a pocketful of treats. It will encourage the dog to repeat the good behavior to make you happy. Using treats is a great idea. When training a Siberian husky it is better to reward positive behavior rather than to punish negative behavior. If you punish the dog especially physically, the Siberian husky will get scared of you and even develop some negative behaviors such as aggression and chewing. You must be very kind to the dog and advice any children and strangers that come into your house to be kind too. This builds the husky’s faith in people, that people are good and can actually be trusted and this goes a long way in helping the Siberian husky get confident.

When training a Siberian husky puppy you must be consistent. You must be firm as to what constitutes bad behavior that should be stopped and good behavior that should be encouraged. You must also be very patient. It will take some time for the puppy to understand what you mean, but eventually he will. Dogs are not born with an understanding of human language and so it will take time for them to learn to communicate with humans.

Training a Siberian husky puppy should never be taken so seriously. It is supposed to be a fun opportunity. Siberian huskies are playful and very friendly. They love having fun and there is no reason why training should not be fun. In fact it is a good opportunity for the owner to bond with his puppy. If taken seriously the owner will end up depressed and probably give up on the training. The puppy is also trying his best and it is up to you to encourage him.

Challenging but Not Impossible

Training a Siberian husky puppy has been cited as the hardest task for most Siberian husky owners. However if you understand your puppy, you will be able to know when he is likely to be in a good mood for learning, making things much easier. For instance do not insist on training when the dog is tired and sleepy. He will just ignore you and you may end up frustrated and conclude that your puppy is un-trainable which is actually not true. Bearing in mind that Siberian husky puppies love to play, incorporate this into their training regime and they will not get so bored and ignore you.