Siberian Husky Tips

Siberian Husky Tips & Training Advice

When you have a Siberian husky there is essential that you must be armed with. Siberian huskies have needs, behavior, and problems that only Siberian Husky tips would help with. Ignorance of these guidelines will make your experience with your husky a lot more difficult.

Important Training Tips

One of the important Siberian husky tips on training is that you should get to understand your dog. It is only after you get to know your dog’s temperament and habits that you will devise a proper training program. Siberian huskies are an intelligent breed. Just because they do not do as you say does not mean they are stupid they just have no natural desire for obedience and will disregard your instructions sometimes. When you get to know your husky you will know the right times for training which will go a long way in ensuring a smooth training session. Be very patient with the dog during training.

When grooming a Siberian husky, the most important of Siberian husky tips is that you should never shave your husky. No trimming of the Siberian husky’s fur is required at all. In fact, shaving the dog may harm the dog. Shaving a Siberian husky is dangerous and may cause a heat stroke as the topcoat serves to cool the dog. The Siberian husky does not have pigmentation on his skin, and if shaven, he will also be exposed to harmful ultraviolet rays.

You should never shout at or hit a Siberian husky. This gross conduct may bring out some very undesirable traits in your husky. Shouting or hitting triggers aggression. It may also make the dog start chewing or barking excessively among other negative behaviors. This is because the dog feels threatened and feels insecure. Dealing with these problems triggered by your anger then become another challenge. When you have an aggressive dog you should never challenge him. Do not play games that involve dominance. It could provoke an attack. It may be advisable not to engage in rough games with the dog such as wrestling.

When it comes to health, there are so many Siberian husky tips. One of them is that you should have him checked up every now and then, especially if any signs of allergies show up. Siberian husky allergies are treatable. Siberian huskies have some health problems genetically peculiar to them. These include hip dysplasia and eye disorders. Hip dysplasia can be made worse by strenuous exercise or climbing stairs. So, the tip here is to ensure that your Siberian husky avoids these activities if he has developed hip dysplasia or is genetically predisposed to hip dysplasia. When it comes to the eye problems, the best thing is to avoid these eye health problems where they can be avoided and get the problems detected early before they become too advanced. When you have a Siberian husky, yearly eye checkups are a must.

To avoid undesirable behavior give the Siberian husky plenty of activity to do. Keep the dog busy with positive activities. Proper training and socialization from an early age is also necessary to avert Negative Siberian husky behavior.

Sometimes when you have a Siberian husky and you feel that he is getting out of hand and none of the Siberian husky tips are helping, it is best to hire a professional.