Siberian Husky Aggression

Siberian Husky Aggression Problems & Training Tips

Aggression is one of the biggest problems in dogs. However, it is not a common trait in this particular breed. Siberian huskies are among the least aggressive dogs and you will rarely experience Siberian husky aggression. Siberian huskies are the least likely breed to attack anyone. They are very friendly dogs even to strangers. A Siberian husky is free-spirited and good-natured with everyone.

Big Problem

Siberian husky aggression is not only inappropriate but also not safe. Any aggressive dog cannot be trusted especially with children, and the same goes for Siberian huskies which are normally great with children. A dog with aggression issues could be very unpredictable and you can never know when he will strike.  The aggression can reach a point where you are afraid of your own dog and do not even want to be around him lest he strikes unexpectedly. When a Siberian husky has aggression problems you may notice that one minute the dog will be playful and very fun to be around but the next minute he could be snapping and growling. This mood change maybe perhaps due to a trigger that you may not be aware of and you may even cause the trigger without knowing.

Causes of the Aggression

Causes of Siberian husky aggression could vary from dominance related issues or a trigger from the past like past cruel behavior to attack by another dog. The reasons could be diverse. Whatever the cause, the aggression must be dealt with as soon as the sings show up. Aggressive behavior is never to be tolerated even for a moment. If you overlook the early signs of aggression and let it prolong, the dog may become dangerous.

When you have an aggressive dog you should never challenge him. It could provoke an attack. It may be advisable not to engage in rough games with the dog such as wrestling. Engage in games that do not involve competition for dominance. When your Siberian husky displays aggression, it is important to ascertain the root cause of the aggression. To do this you must watch your Siberian husky very closely.

Siberian huskies communicate what is on their mind by body language. You may notice that he makes himself as large as possible, ears pointed out and chest out. These are some of the physical traits they use to assert dominance and show they are in charge, which results in Siberian husky aggression. Look out for these physical signs and when you notice them, you must take action immediately. The aggression is just around the corner. Make it clear that he does not have the dominant role in your family. Obedience classes may come in handy in establishing dominance over the dog. The best way to treat the aggression is by eliminating the cause. That is why it is import to establish the root cause first. If you cannot quite put a finger on the cause of the aggression or have no idea how to go about dealing with the Siberian husky aggression then it may be necessary to employ the services if a professional.