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Do Huskies Smell? 6 Things to Do About It

Huskies are one of the large breeds with a lush and dense coat. Owners of such thick coat dogs always have a question; do husky smell. The is a strong possibility of that happening to your pooch. This odor is a temporary thing that can be removed with proper care and appropriate measures. 

A Husky can be a victim of being smelly due to multiple reasons. This breed is playful and active in nature and tends to jump around. This can result in the coat acquiring dirt or debris that causes a foul smell. Because of the fur’s density, the skin becomes more susceptible to infections, giving another cause of the smell. Other issues like dental problems, dirty paws, and dirty bums can also be a few reasons for the bad smell.

Since the bad smell condition is not one of the characteristic features of the husky, you can make it go away! Here are a few things that do to get rid of the Husky odor.

1. Dirty paws

Dogs don’t wear shoes as we do. Which means they are more likely to hit puddles of mud as well as goo. The paws of dogs have a peculiar smell that is pretty natural. It is not very strong and fades away. The reason for the same is the presence of sweat glands in the paws. As the dog sweats in different situations, it gives the paw an odor. 

Apart from the sweat, the paws are the dog’s primary body part that touches the ground. You cannot stop your dog from running around during walk time, and you cannot make sure that every surface it touches is crystal clean. The dirt and filth from the ground get inserted between the paw’s nails and grooves, which with time, get a bad smell. 

To avoid the smell coming from paws, make sure to wipe the paws after every walk. Use wet tissues or damp cloth to clean the grooves of the paws as well as the tips of the nails. By doing so, you will remove anything unwanted that gets stuck to the paws. Since giving a bath is not an everyday option, this is the best way to keep the paws cleaner.

2. Skin infections

A thick fur is quite vulnerable to skin diseases and infections. Because of the density of the coat, any infection build-upbuild-up can remain unnoticed for a long time and spread across the entire skin. These skin infections can cause lesions and excessive itching that causes the body to smell. 

Though it is difficult to be sure if there is a skin infection or not, there are a few telltale signs that you can be on the lookout for. Your dog will scratch itself more than usual if the skin has an infection. It will also lick few spots quite aggressively to soothe the irritation or pain. If you catch your dog doing so, it is advisable to get it checked by a vet. 

There can be multiple reasons, both external and internal, that result in a skin infection. You cannot ensure a 100% eradication of all, but you can surely prevent them from happening. Grooming is the key to avoiding any skin infection. 

A dense fur dog, like a husky, should be groomed at least once a week and bathed twice a week. By doing so, any debris, dirt, and excess oil deposits can be removed from the skin before they become a problem for your pooch. 

3. Dental problems causing bad breath

The teeth of dogs are prone to dental issues just like humans. They require proper care and regular cleaning to avoid the onset of any dental issues. Dental issues can cause bad breath, which can become a primary reason for the bad smell in your Husky. 

The bead breadth of the Husky can be due to varied reasons. However, one of the issues is permanent and can be fixed by taking a few precautionary measures. There are a few common causes that you can be suspect as the reason for the bad breath.

Consumption of something foul-smelling

The breath of your dog can smell because of something smelly they have consumed. Due to this, the dog can either become quite uncomfortable or just roam around happily with a bad mouth. If there is prolonged discomfort, it is advisable to check with a vet. 

In case of no discomfort, try rinsing the mouth of the dog with water. Brush the teeth and spray them with a mouth freshener. This will freshen up the breath instantaneously. If all this isn’t working, better consult a vet. 

Tartar deposit on teeth

Tartar deposit is one of the primary causes of bad breath in dogs. If left unclean, it can also lead to severe dental and gum problems. 

If you see any build-upbuild-up of tartar in your dog’s mouth, bad breath or not, get it cleaned. To prevent the accumulation of tartar, regular dental hygiene is highly recommended. Along with brushing, and dental checkups, give your husky some dental sticks to freshen their breath. 

Gum diseases

Gum disease can also be a cause of bad breath in huskies. Gum diseases can be noticeable because of some type of discoloration or wounding in the gums. It is a very common issue with every dog and can be avoided by maintaining dental hygiene and going for regular checkups.

4. A dirty bum

It might sound a bit odd, but the bottoms of your dog can also be the reason for a bad body smell. Because the length of the hair is quite long in the case of huskies, the poop can get stuck on the tangling hair. 

This type of smell is quite peculiar and can be detected very easily. To avoid such a scenario, it is recommended to keep the hair near the bum trimmed. You can also make it a habit of wiping the bottoms regularly after you bring your husky back from a walk. 

Another reason for a smell coming from the bottom can be Anal Sacs. These are glands that are located inside the dog’s bum. They provide lubrication for smooth defecation. Sometimes these sacs get overflowing and result in an unbearable smell. Get the anal sacs cleaned in every vet visit to avoid such a condition from building up. 

5. Accumulation of dirt and debris

A husky is a very active and adventurous dog. They enjoy a good run, digging up the ground, rolling in the grass, and jumping around in dust and mud. In short, they enjoy everything outdoorsy. While doing such activities, the coat gets very dirty and accumulates a lot of dust. 

Superficial, it might appear clear and shiny, but in depth, there can be debris and dirt stuck on the skin. These accumulations, along with sweat and oil deposits, make the coat smell. 

The best way to avoid such a situation is to brush your husky once or twice a week. By doing so, you make sure that any hidden dirt particles get brushed off from the coat and the skin is dirt-free. If the coat appears to be filthy and cannot be cured with sweeping, you can give the dog a nice cleansing bath. 

6. Digestive issues

Digestive issues are also related to the dog attaining some type of bad smell. Often digestive issues cause dental problems that cause the mouth to stink. But they can also have an impact on the coat and the skin underneath, resulting in some foul smell build-upbuild-up. 

The root cause of any digestive issue and distress is the diet being given to the husky. You might feel that you are feeding the highest quality kibble to your dog, but it is doing no good to them. It might be causing some digestive issues that are turning out to be troublesome for the dog. 

It is not a surprise that the stomach of your Husky is sensitive to certain food items. It is therefore recommended to check the food of your dog. If you have tried and tested everything for the bad smell, try changing the food you feed your dog. A change in food might relieve the digestive problems and reduce the smell from the coat or bad breath. 

Final thoughts 

Having a dog with a double-layered fluffy fur is, simply, adorable. They can be a living form of teddy bears that you can hug and cuddle whenever you want. But you need to know that owning a husky is not only about good looks and playtime. 

Like any other dog, a husky needs proper care and attention to maintain good health. Regular grooming and bathing are mandatory tasks with your huskies. You need to make sure that their dense and fluffy coat and the skin underneath is clean and fresh. Provide them regular dental care, nutritious food, grooming, and cleaning, and your husky will remain minty fresh all year long. 

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