Can Huskies Catch Frisbees

Can Huskies Catch Frisbees? 10 Things You Should Know

Playing with Frisbees isn’t that easy for Huskies. Want to know why? This article will guide you to know whether Huskies can catch Frisbees or not. If it does, then how quickly does it catch? If it doesn’t, then how can you find ways to make her catch Frisbees?

Can Huskies catch Frisbees? Yes, they can. But you’ll need a lot of work and training to perfect the catch in Huskies. Frisbees have a different size from the regular tennis balls or toys that Huskies usually play with. The big size Frisbees make it hard for Huskies to catch it from its mouth. Nevertheless, with constant efforts, treats, and daily training, you’ll see your Husky enjoying a game of Frisbee.

Frisbee training depends on your dog’s instinct and breed. It may be quite simple for some dogs while extremely difficult for some dogs. Huskies are no exception to it; you’ll need a lot of training to make them Frisbee Dogs. This post offers more strategies to help Huskies become Frisbees Dogs. 

Tips For Huskies To Catch Frisbees

Given below contain simple and effective guidelines on how you can help your Husky to catch Frisbees.

Teach her to Chase

Todd from Daily Puppy says the first challenge in teaching a dog to catch a Frisbee is encouraging him to chase. Huskies being an active breed enjoys running and playing, so this is the perfect activity for them to follow the training. There are very little to zero chances that they’ll ever get tired of this physical activity. 

They’re known for their high endurance and exceptional energy. What you can do here is put the disk on the ground and free your Husky to chase it. You’ll not want to scare her by directly throwing the disk. 

Anything done for the first time can be scary so make sure you don’t scare your dog away before starting the game. After following this step, if your dog doesn’t seem interested in chasing the disk, then you can start playing with the disk. Spin it around in front of your Husky or put some food on it to attract her. 

Many Husky owners talk about how putting food has been effective and difficult at the same time. You may find Huskies eating food that’s on the disk and then leaving it off on the ground. However, you may also see your Husky playing with the disk after the food. Don’t lose your hope yet; just focus on applying these simple techniques to teach her how to chase. 

Return the disk after chasing

If you think that chasing the disk is enough for Huskies to get perfect at catching Frisbees, you’re wrong. What happens when your Husky doesn’t return the disk is that she won’t be having too much fun playing with it. Frisbees are a two-team game that starts with chasing before returning it to resume the game. 

It’s similar to Volleyball, where the players bat a ball before they can return it. A fetching game becomes boring and pointless without the involvement of two sides that is the dog and the owner. To make the game fun and engaging, you’ll have to command orders to your Husky to bring back the  Frisbee after chasing it. That way, the Husky will develop obedience and have fun playing with the Frisbees at the same time. 


If you want to push your dog to chase and catch Frisbees, reward her. Like humans, dogs get excited whenever you reward them for the smallest or biggest things. It encourages them to keep going with the aim of getting as many rewards as they can. Each time your Husky returns the flying disk to you, show her with affection.

According to Kristine Levine Pet Living, petting your dog gently and staring into his eyes is a great way to show your dog you love him. You can follow this step to show your Husky that you’re happy with her performance, and that can encourage her to continue with her work. It’s easy for Siberian Huskies to get excited with the smallest ways of appreciation.

Like you can reward her by offering food, petting her gently by rubbing her ears, leaning on her, or staring intensely into her eyes. Verbal praise is another great option for you to show appreciation towards your Husky. A big part of why rewards are important is that it has the pushing factor to drive the Husky to follow your orders. 

Have fun together

What’s a game without fun, right? Your Husky won’t like playing with Frisbees any longer if she doesn’t enjoy it. As an owner and a trainer, it’s your job to make her feel happy and enjoyable. Check out these cool steps to make the game of Frisbees an exciting one! 

  • Turn on some cool tunes and dance with your Husky in the middle of the game.
  • Make sure that the environment is less crowded to prevent any disturbance.
  • Keep a timetable to set out specific times for games. 
  • Keep the playing environment clean and dirt-free. 
  • Remember to take breaks with some delicious food or a fun ride with your Husky. 
  • Try adding these guidelines as your Husky progresses with the game of Frisbees. 

Correct shape

Frisbees are plastics that come in different designs and sizes. Choosing the right Frisbee shape, size, and length for your Husky is very important. For example, you can’t expect your Husky to catch a big-sized Frisbee with its small-size mouth. Likewise, a decent size will be way more comfortable to hold with her mouth. Reportedly, the weight of Frisbee is 175 grams, which is comparatively very less to Huskies’ body weight. However, the weight can be a problem for a Husky’s mouth. Holding a size bigger than usual on a mouth can be tiring and uneasy for any dog.

Advantages Of Catching Frisbee In Huskies

Many Huskies’ dog owners may not be aware of how Frisbee brings benefits to your Huskies’ physical and mental health. The following points will help you know what role Frisbee plays in nurturing your Husky’s physical and psychological well-being. 

Frisbee gives high-level energy to your Huskies

Huskies are popular for their over-enthusiastic energy but do you know it needs someone/something to keep up the energy? Well, Huskies are very unusual breeds that live and grow extremely well with the high-intensity exercise level. Frisbee plays a central role in lifting their energy to another level. While chasing Frisbee, Huskies aren’t only having fun, but they’re simultaneously recharging their energy. Frisbees prove to be a great exercise for Huskies as it requires a lot of running. Snow Dog says Huskies are naturally good at running, which means that you’re only helping them by making them run. 

Health and Well-being 

The serious benefit of Frisbee takes place in your Husky’s physical and mental condition. Huskies enjoy being active, and playing with Frisbee is just the right way to keep their bodies and minds in shape. When Huskies are physically fit, it boosts their mental health as well. For example, a Husky not getting enough energy will therefore refuse to eat.

Without a solid exercise routine, Huskies easily damage their eating habits even further. This does mean that Huskies require plenty of exercises to keep their mental health in order. Playing Frisbee demands extreme physical tension like chasing, running, jumping, and walking. In that case, when Huskies keep themselves physically busy and healthy, they’re also allowing their mental health to nourish meanwhile. 

Develops behavior and relationship with the owner

Frisbee is an exceptional game to develop your Husky’s behavior and relationship with you. Playing a Frisbee game gives you the right opportunity to put commands over your Husky. Many Husky owners don’t know the importance of applying controls over your Husky. It’s one of the reasons why you’ll see your dog wandering around and getting lost. Right commands will only bring respectful behavior for your dog, and you shouldn’t neglect it. Through Frisbee, you can train your Husky to listen to your commands and develop a strong bond.

Source of entertainment

Huskies always want to be entertained, and Frisbee makes it easier for that. Remember, Huskies aren’t only playing with Frisbee but are also having it as part of the entertainment. A good and long Frisbee game is a great way to enhance their mood. This game is easily the best way to entertain a bored husky. 

Consistency with your training

 Lastly, without consistency, a Husky won’t achieve obedience, the right amount of energy, excitement, or connection with the owner. Pet helpful claims that being inconsistent in your training will lead to Husky’s bad behavior. Regular playing with Frisbees is a key principle to developing the overall aspect of your Husky’s life. If you keep that in mind, things will go right for your Husky. 


Huskies will not only be able to catch Frisbee with the proper training and guidance but will not mind making it a part of their hobbies. With its multiple health, mood, and development bases for Huskies, Frisbee is the right game to look out for Huskies.

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