Siberian Husky breed is beautiful, intelligent and friendly. Siberian Huskies are undoubtedly one of the dog owners’ favorite breeds. However, the hardest part about owning a Siberian husky is in the training. Siberian husky training is best done when he is still a puppy before he develops a mind of his own.


The first thing any dog trainer should do is to understand the dog. Siberian huskies are very stubborn and strong willed. They are an independent breed. They have a mind of their own and do not like being told what to do. Siberian huskies are quite willful but that is not a reason to give up. They are trainable though it depends much on the trainer’s attitude. Training a Siberian husky is a challenging task and one needs to appreciate this in order to understand the task ahead and appreciate the effort. You will need to invest a lot of time and energy in training your Siberian husky.

In frustrating situations Siberian huskies respond to playfulness and games hence no need to be so serious. It is best to approach the Siberian husky training in a playful manner otherwise you will end up stressing yourself. As much as the training is done in a playful manner, you must show seriousness. For instance look at him straight in the eyes when issuing commands. This shows him that you expect him to obey and he will obey. During training bear in mind that Siberian huskies love to run. You may incorporate activities that involve running but do not give them too much freedom, they may run for good.  You must also keep a good fence.

When beginning the Siberian husky training program, teach him his name first. Address your Siberian husky by his name always. It will catch his attention every time you call him. When he is involved in undesirable behavior, reprimand him immediately. That way he will know that it is what he is doing at the moment that is not right. If you wait he will not be sure why you are reprimanding him and he may get confused.

When training a Siberian husky you must be a strong, confident leader. A Siberian husky will disregard orders if not given in a strong commanding and confident tone. During Siberian husky training it is important that you teach him who is boss. There are some things you can do to achieve dominance over the Siberian husky. For instance you should always feed before he does, go through doors before he does among other gestures. This will establish that you are the leader and the husky follows. This way he will learn to follow your commands.

The Siberian husky is one of the most loyal and friendly dogs. He is good with children and friendly with strangers. This relationship can be ruined if strangers and children are mean and cruel to the dog, so advice children and strangers visiting to be kind to the dog, as this will also help in Siberian husky training as the dog will develop trust in people and indeed trust you.