How Long Can Huskies Be Left Alone

How Long Can Huskies Be Left Alone? 8 Important Facts

If you don’t know Siberian Huskies’ excessive need for love and attention, this post will help you get closer to exactly what you’re looking for. It’ll help you learn how they react to loneliness when left longer and its impact on them. 

Huskies don’t like to be alone. This Siberian breed craves company, love, attention, and extreme care. Failing to do so will bring several problems to their life. Reportedly, leaving Huskies for more than 6-8 hours is a big no-no, this kind of loneliness will have separation anxiety in them, which will make them behave crazily. You’ll have to prepare to deal with Huskies’ uncontrollable anger if you in any way decide to leave them for hours. 

Keeping a dog is as important as giving them adequate attention. Therefore, Huskies are a big responsibility to look for, so this post will help you learn how they react to loneliness. Huskies hate being alone, and you have to avoid leaving them all by themselves. How’s it possible, right? Take a look below to collect essential facts, effects of loneliness, and ways to prevent Huskies’ loneliness. 

What can happen if you leave your Husky alone? 

According to many reports, most dogs, when left alone, nap away easily and happily greet their owners when they get back home. However, that’s not the case with Huskies. When left alone, this breed gets so bored to the point that you’ll find them acting too wild. They’re not the kind of dogs that’ll stay still and wait for you. In fact, you’ll be in complete shock to know what these dogs do while being left alone. The effects of leaving Huskies alone for too long are as follows. 

Destroys your house

You read it right! The first and most obvious problem in leaving Huskies alone means putting your home at risk. They’ll instantly damage your furniture, windows, doors, and anything close to it. Even though you tie them with leashes, there are high chances that they’ll get away from it. Huskies are animals with high intelligence and energy, which means they aren’t easy to mess with. Loneliness has so many terrible effects on them that they won’t think twice to harm others.

All About Siberian Huskies claims that many Husky owners described their Huskies as destroying plants, furniture, and clothing. It’ll depend on how long you leave them. For example, leaving them for hours will lead to destroying as many things as she can. On the other hand, leaving Huskies for a short period will most likely save your house from getting destroyed. In any case, the risk of your home depends on the time amount you leave Huskies alone. 

They also look for things to pick and chew. Siberian Huskies love chewing; it’s one of their favorite hobbies. That’s why the chances of having your items missing are high because anything that can be picked up or chewed is their hobby. Hence, destroying your house is a way of Huskies venting out their anger. 

Whimpers a lot

Huskies can whine a lot if not given proper attention.  They whimper a lot to the point that it might disturb your neighbor’s peace. Leaving them alone for hours can cause them to start whining continually, making it hard to control them.

Huskies also whine for a lot for other reasons like when it’s in pain, lack of exercise, need to poo, and are sorry for doing something wrong. Loneliness is one of the main reasons they’re busy whining than barking. Not only does howling and whining disturb the environment, but it can affect their health too. Yes, too much screaming can decrease your Husky’s stamina and energy. It also increases stress and triggers the activity of the brain. 

Restlessness or Uneasiness

Siberian Huskies are highly energetic dogs, and leaving them alone can cause extreme restlessness. They crave excessive attention, which is why you shouldn’t leave them alone. One of the reasons why they’re unable to sit and relax properly is because they’re bored. They tend to become restless due to extreme boredom and loneliness. You’ll see them either moving too much or not showing the urge to move at all. Even though Siberian Huskies are extremely hyperactive, you should also know when they’re restless. Hyperactive is when they give extra effort in their activities. On the other hand, restlessness is being unable to concentrate and focus on their given activities.  


According to Be Chewy, Digging, which is seen as a destructive behavior to humans, is a natural behavior in dogs, especially in Siberian Huskies. Digging is a common cause of Huskies’ boredom. You’ll find them continually and rapidly digging holes when they’re left alone. Also, there are other reasons why they dig, like wanting to live in a cool place during warm weather, making a shelter for themselves, and finding water. Several reports also claim that digging takes place when they want to hide something. 


Huskies don’t like being left alone, and even the thought of being left alone causes them to become anxious. For example, when you set your foot to leave the house, Huskies will grow anxious when you’re about to leave. They’re very sensitive to this behavior which makes them detect things easily. Separation anxiety is one of the most distressful conditions in dogs, and Huskies have more sensitivity to that condition.

 They’re so scared of seeing you leave that they’ll start feeling distressful within minutes of departure. Huskies are different from other breeds of dogs when it comes to loyalty. However, Huskies don’t become hyper-attached to their owner, unlike other dogs. Huskies, being naturally independent and affectionate, grow easily attached to just everyone. That’s the reason why many owners don’t refer to them as “One man dog.”

As of now, you’ve understood the damage done to Huskies due to loneliness. Nothing can change why they feel what they feel. However, you can find precautions and solutions with this post on how to deal with Siberian Huskies’ loneliness. 

Great strategies to deal with your Huskies’ strange behavior when left alone

It’s the fact that you won’t always find time to be around your Husky. That’s why you should precisely keep other options that’ll help them overcome loneliness

  1. Toys. Huskies without toys are like a moon without light. They’re so into toys that you’ll visibly see their excitement and happiness while playing with them. All you need is a variety of toys that are chewable and playable. Make sure that you buy chew toys that are safe and soft materials to prevent dental damage. Dog balls and plush toys are perfect toys for Huskies. This way,  you can easily mind your business while also leaving them alone. Overall, toys will keep your Husky busy when you’re not at home. Click here for good toy suggestions.  
  1. A piece of your cloth: One of the best ways to deal with separation anxiety in dogs is keeping your clothes near them. It works great because they won’t have to miss you too much and stress not seeing you for hours. It’s a way to ensure that you’re near them. Most owners use this technique to fill their presence while they’re out for work. Try this method to keep away your Husky from missing you. 
  1. Dog Sitter: A dog sitter is another effective way of dealing with Husky’s loneliness. A dog sitter can cure their fear and anxiousness of being alone. The common reason dog sitter proves to be great companionship is the proper attention given to the dogs. Next time, When you decide to stay away from your house, you can bring a dog sitter to watch and care for your Husky. Proper attention is an important part of keeping your Huskies happy.

Huskies, being the number one dog that looks for attention, becomes strange without it. That’s why a dog sitter is a great way to get rid of these issues. That way, you won’t have to worry about giving less attention to your Husky. If your dog wants to play then, the dog sitter can meet its demands too. Simple, right?

Easy ways to keep Huskies happy and busy when you’re away

  1. Create a crate that will give him space to chill. 
  2. Provide her with plenty of toys to chew and play with
  3. Keep her busy with puzzles.
  4. Turn on the radio or television.


Isolation distresses are serious conditions to develop and deal with within Huskies. This article from Snow Dog Guru is very helpful to avoid separation anxiety in Huskies.

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