Siberian Husky Separation Anxiety

Siberian Husky Separation Anxiety Advice & Tips

Siberian Husky separation anxiety can occur for a number of reasons. Siberian huskies are pack animals. As pack animals, they are used to having company and doing everything as a pack. When you separate the Siberian husky from the other dogs, the family becomes his pack. Siberian husky separation anxiety can make a Siberian husky owner very sad.  It is a heartbreaking experience to leave your husky is always ‘crying’ every time when he has to leave. That is not the only worry the owner has. He may also worry because separation anxiety can cause harmful behavior such as attacking, chewing, and biting. A husky that displays these problems most likely has separation anxiety.

Anxiety Concern

Separation anxiety is a state of mind. It arises as a consequence of the dog’s insecurities and the fear that you may never come back. Siberian husky separation anxiety is a problem that can be cured and the dog can be confident again.

When your Siberian husky has separation anxiety you will notice that when you are about to leave he begins to be excessively close to you physically. He will know when you are about to leave and will not want you to leave or will want you to take him with you. Obviously, you cannot always take your husky with you and so when your dog has a separation anxiety problem it should be addressed as soon as possible.

Addressing the Behavior

When addressing Siberian husky separation anxiety, the behavior should be addressed from the puppy’s childhood. It is best not to bring up a puppy that is overly dependent on you in the first pace. Try not to smother your Siberian husky puppy as he is growing up. This will make him so attached to you and will bring a problem when you have to leave.

Proper training of Siberian huskies is known to ease separation anxiety. It would be a good idea to take him for obedience classes. The Siberian husky separation anxiety obedience classes will teach the dog to trust you through the training and will know that when you leave he can trust you to come back. You should demonstrate to your puppy that when you leave you will always come back. You could try leaving for just a few seconds, stand outside the door then come back. Prolong each time you leave and eventually, you will be able to leave for long hours and do your errands without the dog panicking and displaying anxiety. Crating may also help with separation anxiety. A crate is a place of comfort and a place they feel secure. When you leave, make sure you leave him there. Crating also helps avoid harmful behavior like chewing. When you crate him leave him with toys to play with. They will keep him busy and he will not notice the time pass by. Regular exercise reduces stress levels in dogs. When you exercise your dog the Siberian husky separation anxiety is likely to reduce drastically. Finally and only as a last resort, when the separation anxiety becomes very serious, medicine can be prescribed for the Siberian husky.