Do Huskies like puppies

Do Huskies like puppies? 9 Things You Should Know

Huskies have a different way of behaving or treating puppies. In fact, every dog has a different style of communicating with its fellow dogs. For instance, an adult dog will likely act unapproachable towards puppies. Similarly, a Siberian Husky will approach puppies differently. Here’s a post to help you know more about the relationship between Huskies and puppies.

Huskies tend to have a love-hate relationship with puppies. While puppies can be great companionship for Huskies, they can also bring problems for Huskies most of the time. Huskies are incredibly gentle, affectionate, and talkative to puppies. But at the same time, they can act rude and hot-tempered towards puppies in numerous situations. 

It’s essential to know how Huskies behave towards puppies so that you can prevent any danger coming from their side towards puppies. Understanding the nature of their relationship as a Husky owner or lover will greatly develop your connection with them. With that said, several reports say that Huskies love and hate puppies. You can learn more about it in the following topics. 

Warning Signs Of Huskies’ Towards Puppies 

Pet Helpful claims Cats, small dogs, hamsters, and other small animals are at risk with this breed. If you already own a Husky and plan to get a puppy, you must note down the warning signs about Huskies’ nature towards puppies. Otherwise, you’ll most likely end up having a hard time handling both of them.


You read it right! Huskies can be very jealous of puppies. Why? Because reports claim that Huskies act just like puppies, and they never grow up. For example, just like puppies, Huskies will sit on your lap and sleep, although they are ten times bigger than the little puppies.

Huskies still act childish, and there’s a reason why many Husky owners consider them as dogs that need excessive love and care. Of course, every dog needs that, but the attention that Huskies demand is over the top. Due to this reason, there are high chances that you might see a Husky feeling jealous of a puppy. It encourages them to act wild towards puppies. 

Demand excessive affection

 If you don’t know yet, Siberian Huskies are breeds that demand a lot of love and attention. It can go to any length to have your attention. Having a puppy with Husky can be extremely challenging for you because you’ll need to make sure that they get enough love and affection from your side. With their intense desire for love, care and attention, a Husky can go wild if you don’t meet the required demands. It’s the reason why puppies can be at risk in front of Huskies. If you give more attention to your puppies, then prepare yourself to deal with the beast. To provide this demanding breed more attention, it’s best not to play with puppies in front of a Husky.  You can also manage a good time for both of them, but if it’s not possible, then you might as well avoid having puppies.

Predatory drive

According to Coops and Cages, Some Huskies have reportedly killed other pets within the house. That’s because of their instincts to hunt and injure others. Siberian Huskies’ most dangerous characteristic is their predatory drive. They make sure not to let any cats or dogs interfere with their activities. Reportedly, they attacked hundreds or thousands of animals due to interrupting their activities.

This is why you’ll find many cases that identify them as killers. Huskies are so strong and intelligent that it usually creates problems for other animals. Moreover, puppies are too small for them not to attack.

It means that even the smallest bite on puppies will cause severe injury, which will be hard to cure. Puppies are pets that are in their formative years and can easily be injured with the slightest wounds. Being careful of Huskies’ instincts will help puppies to get away from their predatory drive. 

Aggressive growling 

When a Husky doesn’t like something, you can easily recognize it from the way it growls. Growling is harmful because of Husky’s nature to be more dominating. This breed of dogs seeks to control other dogs and people that live in their environment.

While other reports claim that Huskies growl when they’re playing with other dogs, their excitement can also come out through growling. Both the points are correct in their way because a Husky growling can mean a lot of things. 

However, this is not to say that puppies are safe in their presence. The safest way to prevent Huskies from attacking puppies is not to let keep them close to each other. Knowing how and when to let them play together is a great idea too.

Looking at all the points, it’s clear that puppies are at huge risk in front of Huskies. Husky owners have to make sure that they get enough attention more than puppies. Huskies also have to be leashed in front of puppies because they’re highly known as “master of escapes,” meaning they go all over the place if not guarded properly.


By now, you must’ve been worried that you won’t be able to make puppies a part of your family. Don’t lose your hope yet because the following points will list the precautions while keeping Huskies and puppies together. Precaution is an everyday necessity for a harmonious environment between Huskies and Puppies. Make sure you follow it carefully and adequately. 

Create a Safe Environment 

The first and most apparent precaution is creating an environment that’ll be extra safe for different pets. Reportedly, many dog owners who have raised Huskies and cats together experience minor problems. It’s highly possible due to a safe environment. Not feeling secure in the environment a puppy lives could be the most challenging part for them. So you have to be responsible enough to create an environment that will require very little to no problem for both of them. 

For instance, building separate houses for Huskies and puppies will ensure safety and distance. They won’t have to cross each other paths and invade each other’s privacy.  Moreover, you’ll find it hard to keep your eyes on both pets all the time. That’s why separate houses will help Huskies and puppies to live and play in harmony. 

Train The Husky

Huskies are not the easiest to train. Since you’re going to bring puppies at home, you’ve to make sure that you do the right training so that there’ll be no violence on any end.  It requires a lot of consistency and effort to train Huskies. Though this Siberian breed has gentle behavior, they can also be too naughty.

For example, they may knowingly ignore your commands and refuse to listen to you. What you can do at this point is to leave them alone and give them some time to relieve any feeling of frustration. You can look up some of the best ways to train Huskies here.

The Happy Puppy Site claims that Huskies are highly intelligent and too stubborn, which makes training challenging. The most effective way of training a Husky is to continually keep commanding them so that it will get inside their head. Start with words like “Sit,” “Lay down,” “Stop,” and then you can go ahead with the following words. Commanding is a serious part of their training as it will determine their behavior towards others. 

In addition to this, training a Husky will bring safety to the puppies at home. All you need is extra consistency and daily training for an effective result.

Keep Leashes 

Leashes are a great way to control Huskies. Huskies are known for moving all over the place as they enjoy running and wandering around. This activity can also put the puppies at risk. There are high chances that you’ll find Husky going crazy without leashes, and this, in turn, will bring problems for puppies.

The only way to restrain them from going insane is by tying the leashes around their neck so that you can easily have a grip on them. Choosing the correct leash for your Husky is very important. You can find the best leashes here.

It’s important to remember these precautions if you want to save puppies from Huskies who have little idea about what’s going on. Puppies cannot defend themselves physically, given that they are small in size and not fully grown.

In most cases, Huskies also connect well with puppies. Several Husky owners claimed that they had no trouble petting both of them in the same yard. They also found them playing and having fun together. Besides, you’ve to be extra careful with both the pets at your home.


Huskies, being hyperactive animals, will demand a lot of time from you. They’ll need you to play, exercise, walk and swim with them. Not meeting their demands will cause many problems like whimpering, biting, digging, restlessness, and many more. Though Huskies don’t hate puppies, you still can’t guarantee whether puppies will be safe under Huskies’ hands. So, it’s better to be careful than not to be.

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