Do Siberian Huskies Need A Companion

Do Siberian Huskies Need A Companion? 4 Things You Should Know

Siberian huskies are among the most family-friendly breeds that do amazingly well in a company – humans or other dogs. Needless to say, their happy and excitable nature often gets the owners thinking – do Siberian huskies need a companion or not. Let’s find out the answer to that. 

Living with a companion is a better option for almost every dog breed, and it is definitely great for Siberian huskies. They live a happier and more content life if they can bond and play with someone. 

However, you cannot just go and get another dog without any research or understanding. While the peaceful nature of Siberian huskies makes it easier for pet owners to get a companion and make the two animals get along, you would still need to understand the characteristics of huskies in general and your particular fur friend as well. 

Why Do Siberian Huskies Need A Companion?

Like humans, huskies need a companion. They have a bold character with endless energy. Huskies with a companion always radiate a lively vibe with more content behavior than huskies without a companion. If you leave a Siberian husky alone for too long, it can develop separation anxiety and isolation distress. 

What Defines A Companion For Siberian Huskies?

If you consider professional advice, it concludes that some dogs live their best life with a dog companion. So does a husky. The best breed you can get for your husky is another husky. But if you have enough time for your dog, it might not need another dog to fill the companionship gap. 

Benefits Of Having Another Dog For Your Husky

Some people live with four huskies and still have room for another pup. You might not get enough of them for their adorable and proactive nature. If your husky is getting old and looking for a companion, now is the right time to bring in a new family member!

There are enormous benefits to owning two huskies! Here are some advantages of extending your family with another husky:

Additional Entertainment

Huskies naturally crave for another husky or a dog bud to stick around every day, all the time. He gets another dog to play with, communicate and relate to when you decide to have one. 

When you have two huskies at your place, you get more stimulation, exercise, and entertainment that lead a content lifestyle.

No Separation Anxiety And Loneliness

Since huskies are friendly and love to have more companions, being separated can cause severe illnesses. When you have another dog, it is likely to reduce isolation distress.

Having a second dog provides emotional support to your four-legged bud when you are out of the house or busy.

Introductions Are Funny 

When you have two huskies in the house, the introduction becomes funny and natural. Unlike humans, the new dog and your grown dog will sniff each other once the introduction is done. It will still take a while for them to become friends until you accept the initiative of their friendship (at the initial stage only).

The right thing you can do is take your dog to the kennel for a few days to bond with the new dog first. It is a perfect way for the dogs to understand the vibe. With this move, they know that his owner is probably planning to get him a friend for which he is visiting the kennel to find a new partner. 

Treat For You

Let’s not argue with the fact that owning two huskies will add up to your expenses – it will! However, if you are a dog lover and want to spend your life with four-legged loyal buds, you are indeed more than ready to gulp the additional cost for more entertainment and fun in life.

Not everybody can think selflessly about their first dog than themselves. Most people take responsibility and hand it over to someone else for the cost, duties, and other factors. If you are one of them, take care of one dog wholeheartedly. Several huskies live happily with their master. In that case, make sure to be a constant companion to them.

But, if you have planned a second dog, there are several ways to save up the cost. For example, buy food and treats in bulk. The pet stores offer a sympathetic business to every dog owner. That is why they conduct sales and discounts very frequently for bulk supply. 

You might also train your husky to home-made food because that saves money as well. 

A Furry Family – A Happy Family!

We assume you to be a dog lover because you have come this far in this write-up. We guarantee that you will never regret adopting another husky! 

Breeds That Are Good Friends With Huskies

If not a husky, we give three different breeds that huskies love to bond for the quirky traits and playfulness. 

Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers are extrovert dogs. 

They appear slightly bigger than huskies but run at the same speed, bark at the same pitch (never get them to a howl competition!)

It is quite simple to train a retriever if you already have a husky. These dogs tend to be people-pleasers – which is excellent for large families. They make a great companion under any circumstances.

German Shepherd

Huskies and German shepherds don’t share many similarities. 

German shepherds are easy to train for their intelligence and obedient nature. They can become one-master dogs if you are experienced in training them. They can be the best protectors and pet guard dogs, ensuring your safety in any situation. All of these are opposite traits to a husky. 

Huskies still make great companions to German shepherds because they match their stamina, energy level, and playful nature, which creates an interesting bond.

Alaskan Malamute

They are the cousin breeds for huskies. To be more specific, Alaskan malamutes are bigger than huskies. You might have to get rid of some furniture pieces to fit the two of them under the same roof. 

Malamutes are fun-loving too, but their energy levels are not as high as Siberian huskies. They are excellent guard dogs and prefer a fight to protect their companions (including you). 

It is a challenge to train the two beasts for their clear share of stubbornness. Before you decide to own an Alaskan malamute, consider professional guidance. Overall, they are worth the effort.


By now, you must have got a comprehensive idea about do Siberian huskies need a companion.  We hope the other breeds take you to a fair conclusion into getting another dog, if not another husky. Here are some last tips before you consider any different breed as a companion to your husky. 

Huskies are hunter dogs. They have a bigger prey drive than other breeds. They have an instinct to catch smaller animals like rats, even tiny dog breeds. Of course, small dogs can be a great companion, but it is crucial to consider. 

Huskies are boundlessly energetic. Hence, consider a dog that can match their level of playfulness. If the new member is lazy and prefers sleeping, it might be problematic to make them bond!

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