Can Huskies Be Guard Dogs

Can Huskies Be Guard Dogs? Beginner’s Guide

If you’ve ever seen a Husky before, you’ll know that this breed is extremely majestic and beautiful. They have an appearance that is somewhat similar to wolves and can appear to be very fierce. 

Additionally, because of their piercing eyes, one might even say they have a very intimidating appearance.

This is all based on the looks of the Husky dog. Ask any Husky owner, and they’ll tell you the personality is the opposite. They are very loving, friendly dogs that like spending time with their owners. 

But in reality, can Huskies be guard dogs? Can they be trained as guard dogs? The answer is yes! However, if you ever had an intruder attack your home, your dog’s appearance will send chills down their spine.

Husky dogs are usually amiable, and they are very loyal to their owner. They can be a little difficult at times, but it is possible to train your loving Husky dogs as guard dogs with the proper methods.

In this article, you will read and find three effective ways to train your dog as a guard dog. So, if you’re curious to find out, keep reading!

What Are Husky Dogs?

Husky dogs are a common breed that is typically found in colder regions. They are raised to be sled dogs, and they are a cross-breed between two of the fastest dogs. 

They have beautiful coats in various colors like white, brown, black, etc. They have eyes shaped like almonds and can come in shades of green, blue, or brown. Some Huskies have heterochromia, and this causes their eyes to have different colors. 

When it comes to the size, they are not too huge or too small. They also have adorable little snouts and long, bushy tails. 

In terms of personality, they are very outgoing and social animals. They get along with all people, including children, and they are very loyal to their masters. They are intelligent animals that are highly independent. 

However, Huskies are not precisely the preferred choice as a guard dog. As impressive as their personality is, it is not the exact kind needed in a guard dog. 

Some desirable qualities in a guard dog are being alert and on command and discerning friends from strangers. Huskies are usually very friendly to all people, making it difficult for the owner to adopt them as guard dogs. 

What Are The Common Traits Of Husky Dogs?

Huskies have the following common traits.

High Energy Levels

Huskies are generally known to be super-energetic breeds. They love playing outside with their owners as this releases the energy. Having high energy levels is a positive trait for a guard dog, but if you plan on sheltering your Husky in a small living space, this dog might not be the best choice for you.

They need regular walks and exercise. If you are someone who goes on walks or jogs, this might not be a difficult task.

Extremely Curious

A guard dog that has a curious trait can work well for the owner. But there is a chance your Husky might get distracted and start chasing other prey. 

In worst cases, they may even get lost in the wilderness.

Loyal, Lovable, And Friendly

These are all excellent traits if you’re looking to adopt a dog for your family. However, Huskies are usually friendly to all people, including strangers and unfamiliar faces. 

Adopting a Husky is not the best choice if you are looking for a dog that will alert you of strangers.

Tend To Be Destructive

A lot of the time, due to their high energy levels, Huskies can start to run out of the house and begin to bite on certain things. They can chew up your favorite shoes, bite into your couch, and might even claw the carpet!

This can be avoided if you take the dog for regular walks.


Guard dogs are usually expected to be a little aggressive, especially with strangers. However, Huskies are very gentle dogs. They do not show any aggressive behavior with people, and they are not usually considered dangerous dogs. 

This is not exactly a desirable trait if you’re looking to adopt a guard dog. 

Can You Train A Husky To Be A Guard Dog?

So, can Huskies be guard dogs? Yes, with proper training, a Husky can be turned into a fantastic guard dog as well. The problem lies with the training methods. 

As mentioned earlier, Huskies are very independent. At times, they may show a little aggression and disobey direct commands from the master. This depends on how the owner treats the dog as well.

If you want to train your Husky to be a guard dog, the best advice is to start when they’re young. 

Huskies are trained to be sled dogs from an early age. Similarly, if you train the dog to be a guard dog from their puppy phase, they will quickly adapt to the training methods and perform better.

Another factor here is the purpose of training them as guard dogs. What would you like them to guard and protect? Usually, Huskies are trained as guard dogs for farmhouses, etc. They are not the most suitable guard dogs if you live on the 5th floor of an apartment or have a small home. 

Huskies are most comfortable in colder places. This is primarily because of their high energy levels and living temperatures. Our homes, on the other hand, have a warmer temperature to suit our needs. While this may be good for you, it may not be suitable for the dog. 

Huskies are dogs that love spending time outside. They also love to chase animals like squirrels, small birds, and so on. They may also get carried away because of this behavior and get lost. This is why it’s essential for a Husky to live in an ample space.

3 Foolproof Ways To Train Your Husky As A Guard Dog

Husky dogs are known to have a very independent personality. They are strong, loyal dogs that also love to prove themselves to their owners. 

If you use the proper methods, you can quickly train your Husky to be a guard/watchdog!

Before you get to the training methods, make sure you can check off these requirements. 

  • Ensure you are fully stocked up on your Husky’s favorite dog treats. 
  • If you don’t have treats, chop up your dog’s food into tiny pieces to offer them as rewards.
  • Check to see if you have a training leash.

Listed below are three effective ways to train your husky as a guard dog. 

Method 1: The Day-1 Technique

This method is by far the most effective method out of the three. 

The best time to start training for your huskies is when they are puppies. You can start with basic commands like “sit,” “stand,” “jump,” “wait,” “rollover,” and so on.

Keep in mind to motivate your dog. Encourage their good behavior with treats. This is called positive reinforcement. When you do this, it will boost your dog’s motivation and help them to perform better. 

Make sure they obey your commands. Obedience classes are a great way to teach this behavior. Do not punish them at any cost. This will only make your dog fear you and make them more aggressive. It’s best to stick to positive reinforcements alone. 

Method 2: The Technique Of Boundaries

This method involves using the leash on your dog and taking them for walks. Make sure you use a long leash as this will give them more movement. Also, walk your Husky around the place you’d like it to guard.

For example, if you’d like your dog to guard your house, take them for a quick 15-minute walk around your home. Follow this method every day, and do it every morning and evening. 

Let them know they need to bark at strangers. This may take a while, but with constant practice, they will achieve it. 

Remember to reward your dog when they are done!

Method 3: The Technique Of Barking

This method requires patience. You will first need to spend some time observing the behavior of your Husky. While these dogs may not bark at everything, certain situations will naturally trigger them to bark. 

For example, your Husky might bark before you take them out for a walk or before feeding time. When you have found the “bark” situation, give them a command instructing them to bark. Do not be aggressive while training; always keep things in a light tone. 

Once they understand this, you can introduce other situations. In terms of guarding, you can use the command to help them know they should bark when they see a stranger. 

This method requires a lot of constant practice, but it can be accomplished by giving them a lot of love, encouragement, and treats!


Huskies are excellent family dogs, thanks to their loving, friendly personalities. They indeed have intimidating looks, but their personality is the complete opposite. But can Huskies be guard dogs?

If you are looking for a fantastic guard dog, a Husky might not be the right choice. However, they can be trained to be guard dogs. 

Of course, it is not an easy task, and it certainly requires a lot of patience and practice. If they are trained well from a young age, they can make excellent watchdogs. 

Our only word of advice is to keep practicing regularly. Thanks for reading!

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