Siberian Husky Behavior

Siberian Husky Behavior And What To Expect

Keeping a Siberian husky requires a committed owner who is well armed with all the information about the Siberian husky breed. This is why it is important for every owner to be well aware of Siberian husky behavior. It is the character traits that influence behavior in Siberian huskies, and therefore influence the kind of training program for your dog.

What to Expect From your Siberian Husky

They are an active and energetic breed from the Siberian attic. They are quite a resilient breed. Siberian huskies are fun-loving and outgoing. They are also very affectionate. Siberian huskies tend to be independent yet need companionship.  Siberian Huskies make very poor watchdogs as they are very friendly with strangers. They are Adorable and win people’s hearts straight away. Given these positive traits, Siberian huskies would make the perfect dog.

Siberian huskies need other dogs for a company especially if you work all day. If left alone they can be very destructive trying to get rid of everything standing in their way so that they can escape.  This is typical Siberian husky behavior as they do not like being alone and do not like confinement. Siberian Huskies also have a habit of digging around. They will ruin your landscaped yard and it is very annoying. If you value your landscape your landscape and valuables then take a moment to think whether you would really like a husky in your home.

They are also not good with cats or other small rodents or birds and will attack when they see these animals. Siberian huskies rarely bark but are quite vocal. It is Siberian husky behavior to hold their head high and make a song-like howl which can be very annoying and disturb the neighborhood. This is not so good if you like your peace and quiet.

Siberian huskies love to run. They were bred for sledging and have a lot of energy in them. So they are very active. Try to keep up with them or they may channel the energy negatively by getting involved in activities like digging or barking. To make matters worse, they may run for good. Keep a high fence as they are known to be escape artists. Exercise caution when in public with your Siberian husky. They should never be allowed to run free outdoors. They could be miles away by the time they realize they are lost. Always keep your Siberian husky’s security in mind at all time because as they are very curious.  They love to explore their surroundings. This Siberian husky behavior coupled with their desire to run and independent spirit could put the dog at risk.

Siberian huskies are highly intelligent and excel in obedience training. However, training is not an easy task. Siberian huskies have a mind of their own. They easily become bored during training and stop listening to commands. Nevertheless, a well trained Siberian husky can make a very good family pet.

To avoid undesirable behavior give the Siberian husky plenty of activity to do. Keep the dog busy with positive activities. Proper training and socialization from an early age is also necessary to avert Negative Siberian husky behavior. During training find a way to use the positive traits in your favor while suppressing the negative traits. For instance, you could plan a playful session where he runs a lot but in an enclosed area.