Do Siberian Huskies And Pitbulls Get Along

Do Siberian Huskies And Pitbulls Get Along? Friends Or Foes?

Siberian huskies and pitbulls both come in the large dog category. Both these dogs are known for their large demeanor and bold appearance. Even though gorgeous and robust, both the breeds can appear pretty intimidating to anyone. 

Pitbull and Siberian husky, like any other dog breeds, might require early age socialization to adjust to each other. Both the dogs come with an ancestry that is prey-driven. They are genetically developed to chase other animals. Even though they are positively adjusting and friendly with humans, it can be tricky to adjust them to each other. 

Therefore, before deciding to pet both these breeds together, it is essential to know everything about the two. 

Siberian Husky – All You Need To Know

The Siberian husky is a Siberian breed that was imported to Alaska in 1908. They were and still are famously used for pulling sleds on the snow-covered areas. The breed was quite popular in freezing climates, but now they are seen as pets across the nation, irrespective of the climatic conditions.

Characteristic Features

The Siberian husky is a large category dog that can grow up to 21 to 23.5 inches tall and equally proportionate in length. This breed can easily weigh anywhere between 45 to 60 pounds, making them quite heavy and massive. 

They have a dense and magnificent coat that requires a lot of care and dedicated time to maintain. Their grooming needs are high, especially if you live in a place that is not very cold. Due to a dense coat, the skin is bound to sweat a lot. Therefore, regular trimming of the fur is essential to maintain skin health. 

They are not prone to many health problems, but they are vulnerable to common canine issues. With proper care and nutritional requirements, this dog can live up to 12 to 15 years of age.


Huskies function well with an owner who is strong and firm to establish himself or herself as alpha. This nature makes it pretty easy to train this breed as they respect you but might try to take control of the situation.

Therefore, it is essential to establish leadership from the very beginning. 

They are highly energetic and love to run around a lot. If not allowed to burn out the extra energy, this breed can be highly destructive indoors and outdoors. They love digging up the ground, so you can train them to restrict this action to a particular spot and not the entire garden. Even though they are full of mischief, they are pretty charismatic in their appearance and approach. 

They are like big walking teddy bears that have gallons of love to offer to everyone. They are incredibly comfortable with humans and have no sense of demarcating between known people and strangers. These ferocious-looking dogs are not at all good at being watchdogs or guard dogs. 

The comfort level with humans as well as other pets can vary depending on various factors. For instance, how well the puppy has been socialized can be a significant determining factor. The more they have been made comfortable with other pets and people, the better their approach will be with them in the future. 

Pitbull – All You Need To Know

The pitbull is yet another large breed that grows to an imposing size. This breed is known for its massive muscles and excellent fighting skills. They appear highly ferocious and aggressive but can actually be total softies when it comes to pets. 

Characteristic Features

Pitbulls were initially bred as bait bulls which later become an excellent choice for farm dogs. They gradually became a house pet that showers its owner with a lot of love and affection. They are highly courageous and tenacious. They are very obedient and easy to train. They have been genetically wired to be friendly with humans and mingle with ease. 

Since it’s a large breed, it can grow up to a size of 18 to 19 inches in height and length. They can weigh anywhere between 30 to 85 pounds, depending on the level of exercise and food consumption. With proper care and nourishment, this breed can live a healthy life up to 12 to 15 years. 

They have short and shiny fur that does not require a lot of grooming and care. They need regular brushing and a bath every second week to keep away dust and debris. Pitbulls are generally a healthy breed but can be susceptible to common canine medical conditions. 


This dog appears like a big bully, but actually, they are the biggest huggers one can find. They have absolutely no idea about their size, and they love being lapdogs. They are highly affectionate towards humans, making them a great companion but poor watchdogs. 

However, they make up for the lack of this trait by being highly courageous and fearless. They will stand the ground to defend their family come what may. They require early socializing as a puppy to be comfortable around other pets and different surroundings. If this is not done, they might get a little hostile with other pets. 

Due to their evolutionary development, this breed is a fighting dog. Which means they will chase other pets and animals because of a prey instinct. However, early socialization can help them get familiarized with such a situation, making them comfortable and friendly with the other pet. 

Siberian Husky And Pitbull – Friends Or Foes?

The answer to this question can change in every situation and condition. As mentioned earlier, both these breeds fall in the large category and can grow huge. There is a possibility of one dog being a bully to the other. 

Both the breeds are highly affectionate towards humans, making them not very reliable watchdogs. But they are also quite fearless and courageous. The only thing common between the two breeds is their immense comfort and love for humans and highly obedient nature.

There is never a guarantee if two breeds will get along with each other. However, you can enable the same by taking a few measures to ensure your husky and pitbull are the best buds. 

The easiest way to ensure a comfortable and mutual existence under the same roof is to introduce them as puppies. If they grow up together, they will know each other from the very beginning and will get highly comfortable in each other’s presence. 

Both the breeds being highly energetic and playful, you might face a lot of destruction in the early days. But they will start gelling well together and get accustomed to each other’s company. 

Introducing the dogs at a later age might result in conflicts and fights for power. Since dogs are territorial, they have a tendency to guard their region. This can result in aggressive outbreaks, where both the breeds cause damage to each other. 

Thus, the key to a friendly and healthy existence is early socialization. If they are comfortable with each other like puppies, they will grow the maturity to be with each other as adults. 

Getting a puppy with an elder dog can also work in your favor. Dogs can be very affectionate towards other small dogs. They can adjust as per the puppy’s requirement and grow along with it in a friendly and caring manner. This is still a risky situation; one cannot be sure how the dog will behave. It is always advised to give some time for adjustment. 

To Sum It Up

It is never very clear to say that which dog breed will mingle well together. It all depends on the genetics of the dog, their breeding conditions, and the level of socialization they have obtained as puppies. 

The more they get a chance to interact, the better they will adjust to a future situation. If you plan to get two dogs like husky and pitbull, it is advisable to pet them as puppies. They will be developing a friendlier nature towards each other and accept the other as a part of the family.

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