Can Huskies Swim

Can Huskies Swim? A Few Things You Should Know

Siberian Huskies are known for their boundless energy. They are a breed of dogs known to engage in physical activities due to their high stamina. However, there is one physical activity that they are not too enthusiastic about – swimming.

Siberian Huskies are not natural swimmers, but they will swim if they are taught how to.

Most dogs enjoy being in the water from a young age. On the contrary, Siberian Huskies do not want water as much as many people believe.

Can Huskies Swim?

The current-day Huskies are descendants of the pure breed Siberian Huskies used to live primarily in snowy lands and extreme weather conditions.

Back then, the necessity to swim never arose for two reasons. One, the water bodies that were accessible were frozen almost year-round. The second reason is that even if they had the option to swim, the cold weather conditions would have led them to contract hypothermia or similar diseases.

Huskies in the modern 21st-century world are known to love being around water during the warm season. They enjoy playing with the water and getting themselves wet. If they enter the water in cold temperatures, it will cause their coats to freeze completely.

No dog would find swimming in cold water particularly enjoyable, but they can still do it if necessary. However, Huskies would not be able to under any circumstances.

If you are still keen on taking your pet Husky for a swim, you would have to teach them from a young age. These dogs are blessed with a pair of legs that are both powerful and athletic. So, they can easily swim if they learn it properly.

Let us look at some fascinating facts about Huskies in general, which would further help us understand if they can swim.

Encouraging Your Husky To Swim

Filling up a paddling pool just past your ankles is a great way to introduce your Husky to a body of water for the first time. If your Husky only detects a small amount, it will be more likely to investigate and step in.

If you don’t live in an area with a paddling pool, fill a bucket or bowl with warm water and bring it outside. Then, pour some water on their back gently. 

Inevitably, they will panic at first, but you would need to reassure them and use their favorite toy to distract them. Repeat this process until they become accustomed to the water, and then teach them how to swim.

How Can You Teach Your Husky To Swim?

Teaching a Husky how to swim can turn out to be a tough job. So, if you are a Husky parent or are thinking of getting one, please think it through before going ahead with this plan.

It is not entirely impossible either, and you can start by covering the basics to help your pet Husky take baby steps in the beginning. To do this, your Husky must feel comfortable and get acquainted with the feeling of being inside the water.

You would need to fasten their life vest securely before taking them near the water. Walk them slowly to step in the water and get their paws wet. Keep a lookout on how they react at every step, especially if they are hesitant.

It will not be an overnight process, and you would need to be extremely patient. Forcing them would make them more scared and, in turn, cause more damage. So, you would need to keep repeating this process until they are not afraid of the wet feet bearings anymore.

After that, you can go deeper into the water until they learn how to stay afloat by paddling. 

Steps To Follow When Teaching Your Husky To Swim

Before starting with the swimming lessons, you should spend some time with your Husky around the pool before stepping in. This will allow them to become accustomed to the water sooner. Your Husky will be swimming in no time if you follow a few simple steps.

  • Ensure that your Husky wears a doggy lifejacket from the start. This will make them feel at ease and keep them protected throughout the process.
  • Begin by stepping into the shallow end of the pool and invite your Husky to join you. Wait for them patiently, motivate them to come in, and then help them inside.
  • Check that your Husky is paddling with all four limbs. If you see them using only the front two, touch their back legs gently. This would help them to start moving those legs too.

If they only use the front legs, it would disrupt their balance as they keep splashing around and tire them quickly.

  • Allow them to become accustomed to this activity before making them get out of the pool. Reward them and make it out to be a huge deal every time the day’s lesson gets over.
  • While they are inside the water, keep an alert eye out for them at all times. If you notice the slightest sign of panic, help them immediately and comfort them.

As the swimming instructor for your Husky, you must never forget that they will be able to swim although they don’t realize it. It is all about triggering the instinct that they will not sink, especially with the doggy life jacket.

The After-Swim Routine

Even if your Husky does pick up how to swim and ends up finding it enjoyable too, the crux of the matter remains that they are not made out to be water-friendly as other dogs are. 

You need to follow certain things after every swimming lesson.

  • Firstly, you should not let your husky stay inside the water for too long. It is a very new experience for them, so keep it brief. Huskies can also quickly catch a cold if they stay in the water for long.
  • Get your Husky out of the pool after every swim session by showing them the proper and safe way. This would eventually teach them to find their way out in the long run.
  • Once the day’s swimming is over, always give your husky a wash. It is critical to rinse off any dirt or chemicals regardless of a chlorine-filled pool or a lake.

Residual chemicals tend to stick on their thick coats, so you need to rinse them off with fresh water.

  • After they are rinsed clean, it is critical to dry your Husky completely. Since they are not suited to being in the water for long, keeping them warm after every swim is vital. In addition, drying them would also help prevent any skin problems that might occur.
  • Avoid using water that is too cold when teaching your husky how to swim.

Warm or lukewarm water is supposed to be comfortable for Huskies in general. They may be great at dealing with the cold, but only when they are dry! 

Therefore, you need to make sure that your Husky is not shocked by the temperature to help them positively associate with water.

To Sum Up

We hope that this article provided you with a concrete plan of action regarding how Huskies can swim and get them helping them get used to the water.

There may be times when you find it challenging to understand your Husky’s actions, and teaching them how to swim can be extremely tricky. One wrong step could bring about irreversible damage regarding their fear of the water and even trust you.

As a Husky owner, you must never forget that safety is the most crucial aspect of this process. You must also take precautions to ensure that your Husky does not develop any negative associations. 

As long as you proceed with caution and follow all the instructions that we have chalked out, you will have a relaxing swim with your furry companion soon enough.

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