Siberian Husky Problems & Solutions

Siberian huskies live very healthy lives with a lifespan of between 11-15 years. However, they are usually high maintenance and require so much from their owner. Their problems are diverse.

The Problems And Tips To Deal With Them

Just like any other dog Siberian husky problems include health issues. Health issues in Siberian huskies are mainly genetic. These health issues include the typical health problems such as hip dysplasia and eye disorders.

Another of the husky problems is that they need the company of people or other dogs at all times. They are very social dogs. You may wonder why it would be a problem for your dog to want to spend most of his time around you. But it becomes a problem when you have to go somewhere or when you have to go to work. They may develop separation anxiety, resulting in a multitude of problems that may include excessive howling or even chewing. These are serious Siberian husky problems. Siberian huskies are not cut out for loneliness as they may display undesirable behavior when they do not have company.

Siberian huskies love to dig. They will dig holes in the backyard and if you love your yard it may be a bit of a challenge having a Siberian husky around. The worst of Siberian husky problems that is caused by the digging is that they will dig under fences and escape the yard. Siberian huskies are quite escape artists. So be very vigilant with your Siberian husky.

The other problem, which may seem like a good thing depending on how you look at it, is that Siberian huskies are very friendly with just about anyone. They make poor watchdogs and will rarely alert the owner in case there is an intruder. However, as much as they are friendly, they have a problem with small animals. They are not good with rodents, cats among others, and will often attack them.

Siberian huskies rarely bark. But that is no reason to sign in relief. Instead, they will howl which can be one of the most serious Siberian husky problems and irritating to the neighbors as much as it sounds like music to the Siberian huskies and the owner’s ears. A Siberian husky can be trained to howl less successfully. There is no need to panic. Though, action should be taken immediately the howling becomes annoying.

Training a Siberian husky may often prove to be a very challenging task. Siberian huskies have a mind of their own, and whatever you tell them may not be something they desire to do and will not do it. When training these dogs, you should know they need consistent training and positive reinforcement. Have a pocketful of treats during training and reward the dog appropriately.

Siberian husky problems include their natural instinct to run. These dogs were bred to run so you have to be very cautious. He may run and never come back. The only time you let him run may be the last time you see him. They may run very far away before realizing that they have ran too far.