Are Huskies Good For First-Time Owners

Huskies & First-Time Owners? 3 Things You Should Consider

Siberian huskies are beautiful doggos, so if you want to have one, you are doing the right thing! Having a friendly wolf-like face, they are very playful pups to be around. However, there’s one thing you need to consider.

Huskies are not the best choice if you have a dog for the very first time. Though they are very playful, they are also known for their stubbornness, making them hard to train. Moreover, these beauties require a lot of time for exercise. Since these dogs carry a reputation as working dogs, you need to pay special attention to their diet

Notwithstanding their wolf-like face, a husky is more friendly than any other dog. These are mighty dogs with a good spirit, and most of them do better with an experienced owner. Here’s all that you need to know before having a husky as your first dog.

Why Are Huskies Not The Right Fit For First-Time Dog Owners?

Siberian huskies are considered to be one of the most beautiful breeds. Some of the factors which prevent these dogs from being the right fit for first-time dog owners are explained below:

  • High Training Necessity: If you have no experience with training dogs, it is recommended not to have Siberian huskies as your pet. That is because they require high training due to their dynamic nature.
  • Authoritative Nature: These dogs are most known for their demanding nature, especially the male huskies. You can get suppressed by their nature if boundaries are not set at the beginning of your relationship.
  • Activity Time: This breed requires staying highly active for at least 3 to 4 hours a day. This requirement can be too much for first-time owners, which are having a busy schedule.
  • Quality Time: Huskies are very emotional dogs. They need to spend quality time with their owner. If you are not spending some quality time with your dog every day, it will cause anxiety.
  • Escape Artist: Huskies need attention all the time. Several cases have been witnessed where Huskies have escaped through fences or broken their chains.
  • Shedders: These beasts shed hair throughout the year. They have a downy coat which keeps them warm throughout the winter and unremittingly renews themselves. Therefore, you need to brush them regularly—every day or a couple of times a week. A house shared with a husky during summers is covered with shed hair.

Do Huskies Get Attached To Their Owners?

Huskies are one of the most expressive breeds found among dogs. They are incredibly social and cannot be left alone for an extended period. Though huskies carry a reputation of being strong and wild dogs, they are too warm by nature. They experience anxiety issues if left uncatered to for more than 30 minutes. These lovely dogs not just enjoy your company but treasures the company of your entire family, especially of children.

So, yes, these cuties get pretty attached to their owners. Instead, they need quality time with their owners regularly. However, all huskies are not the same, just like all humans are not the same. Some of them are quite reserved yet will show you affection by sitting close to you. Since they are intelligent, they do think about themselves. But they are very protective and loyal.

How Are Huskies Around Children?

Researchers discovered that some dogs which are better for older children are bad for younger children. However, elders need to ensure safety for both by never leaving them alone and unattended. 

Most Siberian huskies are excellent for children. They particularly enjoy the company of kids. However, there are some exceptions here as well. It is your responsibility to ensure that your children are also treating the husky well.  

Is Training A Husky Difficult?

This breed is considered very high maintenance and requires a lot of attention, time, and consistent grooming. Though they have a gentle demeanor and loveable behavior, Siberians are not easy to train. You will be challenged by a husky during the training. Therefore, it is essential to show your leadership trait while training these pooches. 

To train them well for all the situations, you should understand their temperament. Certain aspects which you should keep in mind while training your husky involve:

  • Establish yourself as a strong leader
  • Give reward on good behavior
  • Discipline your husky in a friendly way
  • Build strong communication with your dog
  • Be consistent and balanced with your training plan
  • Establish some rules and implement them throughout the training
  • Exercise every day with your pup for 30 minutes minimum apart from playing
  • Leave your house without the dog 

You must start with simple techniques while training your husky. Training your husky will not just help get rid of behavior issues but will also make your relationship stronger with your pet.

How Long Does It Take To Train A Husky?

The time your cute husky turns 8 months old, you can start training the doggo. These intelligent doggies are very good at learning. 

Sometimes while training the pup, it would appear that your naughty husky understands the instruction well but disobeys. The situation can be solved by keeping the activities interesting. Following this method will also ensure a better chance of success. But you can still expect your husky’s attention to divert easily by a moving object or prey. 

It would be best if you could let your husky follow a routine. It will help avoid accidents, and a routine life will help your furry mate live a long and happy life.

Is It Hard To Keep Huskies In An Apartment?

Originally, huskies were bred to pull sleds across ice and snow. These intelligent dogs have a tremendous amount of energy in them. They are very athletic, and thus, regular exercise is essential in both aspects – mentally and physically. If these beasts are left alone in the apartment without any activity for a longer duration, they will become highly destructive.

One of the husky owners’ most frequent concerns was that their pooch ate up their couch. These beasts are excellent at digging, especially when they are bored, as they have a lot of stored energy. Hence, an open yard would be a better option to keep your husky. It will also be an ideal place to develop the bond between you and your Siberian. You can engage in various activities like rallies, agility practices, and few others.

If you are particular about maintaining a clean house, keeping your husky out would be a better choice. That is because huskies tend to shed a lot of hair even after grooming. 

Do Siberians Prefer To Sleep With Their Owners?

There has been a considerable amount of research on this topic. Since some of your Siberians can have behavioral issues in the beginning, it can get problematic. However, after proper training, once your husky is well-behaved and domestic, you can let the pooch sleep with you. 

Some of the reasons why you should avoid your Siberian husky sleeping with you are as follows: 

  • May cause separation anxiety
  • It can make it difficult for you to sleep on your bed
  • Contributes to resource guarding
  • It can be difficult to stop in future

Another option could be letting your husky sleep on the floor next to the bed. It would also help in making your connection stronger. You should also remember that it is essential to maintain your boundaries with these smarties from the very beginning. 

Final Words

Siberian huskies have a fun-loving nature, and this makes them sound like ideal pets. These furry mates follow a strong reputation of an escape artist, and hence, cannot be left uncatered to. So, are huskies good for the first-time owner?

No, Siberian huskies are not suitable for first-time owners. They are prone to disruption if left alone for an extended period. The high prey drive makes it more difficult for first-time owners to control these beasts. Especially without a leash, huskies would be out of control, and this may lead to accidents.

Therefore, these intelligent puppies are not recommended for first-time owners. So, go and make a better decision of choosing the right breed as a first-time dog owner!

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