Husky Names

Creative Husky Names And Their Meanings

Huskies are a very royal and elegant breed, aren’t they? Their splendor is undoubtedly unmatched. Their history shows the government even trained them to be army dogs too.

Well, if you are planning to get a dog this celebrated, it is a necessity you give it a unique, creative name. This article will discuss various classifications of Husky names that will help you get creative with your dog. For further convenience, the names are listed separately on a gender basis too.

We can understand choosing one name from hundred beautiful Husky names is difficult. So, after the categories, we have given some of our favorite Husky names for a quick choice. 

Husky Names 

You can get inspiration from several sources for Husky’s name. We have made a list of names for you to choose from for your Husky. Also, we have classified them under different categories to make it easier for you to choose one. 

Keep reading to get some inspiration for your Husky’s name.

Based On A Favorite Character 

Who doesn’t love watching movies? They entertain us and sometimes give us significant life lessons too. There must be at least one character from such movies that stole your heart right away. 

It would be great to choose Husky names from the list of your favorite movie characters. As a result, your Husky will constantly remind you of the character you adore. Slowly, you’ll start adoring the Husky even more.

Here are few name suggestions you can look for while naming your dog.

Male dog name Female dog name 
Mowgli ( The Jungle Book)Belle (Beauty and the Beast)
Nemo (Finding Nemo)Buttercup (The Princess Bride)
Ellis (The Shawshank Redemption)Ginny (Harry Potter)
Neo (The Matrix)Mia (Pulp Fiction)
Tyler (Fight Club)Sarah (Terminator)
Rick (Blade Runner)Rey (Star Wars)
Rocky (Rocky)Luna (Harry Potter)
Jules (Pulp Fiction)Dory (Finding Nemo)
Sam (The Lord of the Rings)Ginny (Harry Potter)

Cute Husky Names 

Husky is known for having powerful and energetic attributes. They were primitively working dogs. Working dogs need to be bold and robust while nothing can stop you from falling over their cuteness. 

Their expressive eyes and cute face surely make your heart melt. You can name your Husky dog for its cuteness and naughty behavior. 

Here are few cute name recommendations you can look for inspiration. We have also given their meanings in the brackets to make your job easy.

Male dog nameFemale Dog name
Beal (meaning: handsome)Faith ( meaning: Faithful)
Frankie (meaning: free man)Irie ( meaning: Lucky
Leo (meaning: lion)Joy (meaning: rejoicing)
Milo (meaning: merciful)Willow (meaning: grateful)
Oliver (meaning: Oliver tree)Nora ( meaning: light and honor)
Robb (meaning: bright, shining)Poppy (meaning: the flower)
Tate (meaning: cheerful)Katie (meaning: pure)
Hugh (meaning: intelligent)Mabel (meaning: lovable)

Celebrity Names

There is so much inspiration around us. People who inspire us, for sure, make a special place in our hearts. You look up to them for motivation to make your life better every day. 

So, you can also take inspiration for Husky names from these famous personalities who inspire you daily. These personalities can be from any field as from athletes, movies, sports, etc. 

You can even name your Husky after another famous Husky too. A good example would be Balto, the Husky who saved lives by leading a sled to drive through a treacherous route in Nome, Alaska.

Male dog nameFemale dog name 
Issac (Newton, scientist)Jackie ( Joyner-Kersee, American athlete)
Michael (Jordon, basketball player)Serena (Williams, Tennis player)
Stark (Tony Stark, movie: Ironman)Peggy (Fleming, figure skater)
Bolt (Usain Bolt, world’s fastest runner)Mia (Hamm, soccer player)
Simba (son from the Lion King)Bonnie (Blair, speedskater)
Caesar (Julius Caesar)Hermione (Harry Potter, movie)
Zeus (King of the Greek Gods)Elsa (Frozen, movie)

Unique, Exotic Names

Your Husky will always be your loyal friend. So, you will surely want to give it a perfectly fitting name.

For everyday inspirations, most people rely on movie characters, famous people, etc. Other than this, you may also explore Husky names that go with its personality. 

There might be particular habits or attributes of your Husky which set them apart. From day one, you can take note of many such attributes.

Then find names and references in various languages and cultures for that attribute. A good example would be ‘Sage’ for a vigilant dog.

Here are few more name suggestions with their meanings that can go with your Husky’s characteristics very well.

Male dog name Female dog name 
Cosmo (meaning: order and beauty, from Greek Kosmas)Aurora (a natural phenomenon forming green lights across the sky at night)
Champ (short for Champion)Laika (the first dog to reach space)
Apache (Apache fighter helicopter used in Military)Akira (meaning sun or sunlight in Japanese)
Ace (ACE card, most valuable card)Sasha (helper of humanity)
Sage (someone aware)Opal (precious stone)
Orion (famous star formation, Orion’s belt)Skyler (Dutch surname combining- ‘sky’ and ‘Tyler
Rocky (famous boxing character, Rocky Balboa)Nova (brightening star)
Chase (strong prey instinct in Huskies)Yuka (a bright star)
Bruno (meaning: shield or armor, German name)Athena (Goddess of Welfare)

Siberian Names 

Siberian Huskies came to America in the early 1990s. Earlier, they were native to just the region of Siberia.

So, it would not be a bad idea to choose an ancient name associated with the origin of Huskies. You can give your Husky a name from its origin to keep your Husky’s history alive. These names are generally gender-neutral.

Here are few suggestions with their meanings.

Tundra: Tundra straights were places where the Siberian Huskies were bred and roamed in the wild. 
Uki: Uki means survivor. 
Ulva: Ulva means wolf 
Akiak: Akiak means brave
Machinima: Dashinima means good fortune. 
Ayiina: Ayiina means a deity 
Eshi: Eshi means wisdom 
Belek: Belek means a gift
Ayaan: Ayaan means a journey 
Altana: Altana means gold

Top Recommendations For Husky Names

Huskies have a reputation of being bold, intelligent along with being mischievous. They deserve a unique name. You can choose any Husky name from where you draw inspiration.

Here is a list of our top recommendations to get you started with the naming process.

Male Husky namesFemale Husky names
Nemo Sarah
Rocky Mia 
Caesar Laika

How To Train Your Husky Using Its Name?

It is essential that your Husky loves the name you give it from the beginning. Without proper name training, it will not respond when you call it by its name. Besides this, wrong training can result in your Husky disliking the name you chose in very extreme cases.

So, here we have discussed some ways and tips for you to start with Husky name training. You need to gradually up your game and train your Husky. 

The Recall Basics

It is the most initial training phase for your husky pup. In this method, you need to call your Husky by the intended name when it is already running or coming towards you. This way, it will understand it needs to react this way when you call again.

You can intentionally create situations where your dog comes after you. After every call, make sure to reward your Husky. Slowly, you can increase the training by calling it anywhere and even outside with a long line.

The ‘Come’ Game

You can make the training enjoyable by involving your family and friends in it. Make a circle with your Husky in the center. 

Turn by turn, call it with its name and wait. If it responds and comes to you, make sure to reward it. Slowly increase the size of the circle and even do the training outside.

The Proofing Method

When your dog learns the introductory call, you can use the proofing method next. It is to train your Husky to respond to your call in a distracting environment. 

Take your dog to a park, with many people and other dogs. Call your dog and train till it responds. Gradually increase the distractions and refine the situations that you reward.

In no time, your Husky will learn to respond to all kinds of calls very well.

Ending Note

You have a long list of creative husky names to choose from now through this article. Meaningful names will add more meaning to your relationship with your Husky. These lists are just some suggestions; you can get even more creative with your husky’s name. 

Ever since Huskies have become the most popular breed in the USA, people have created many groups and organizations to help you know the breed more. Names are just the beginning; you can always reach out to us for help with anything related to Huskies.

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