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Is It Possible To Keep A Husky In An Apartment?

There is a lot of subjectivity about the question of whether or not it is possible to keep a Siberian husky in the same environment as humans. If you are looking forward to getting a husky or if you already have one, you have come to the best place to know everything there is about the breed. 

Siberian Husky is a very loyal and friendly breed that requires a lot of playtime. It is necessary to keep them extremely active to ensure their happiness. They are extremely energetic, and that is why they are always at the top of their game. Contrasting their sturdy built, they are very loving dogs who enjoy family time more than anything. They have stellar hygiene, which is a very attractive feature. 

As you move ahead with the post, you will unravel the tips and tricks to keep a Siberian husky in an apartment. 

A Brief History

The Siberian huskies are very famous for their compact and athletic body. They have supreme coats of fur on their body, which accentuate them with northern characteristics. They are always vigilant and alert about their surroundings.

Their primary breeding of huskies was carried out by northerners from Asia. The northeastern people treated them with utmost love and also used their agility for sledding. Sledding also became the reason for huskies to gain the limelight owing to the races which started in 1925.

Ultimate Care Guide For Keeping A Husky

If you are planning to get a husky as your pet dog, there are some very important things that you have to keep in mind. The daily regime of the dog has to be religiously monitored. Their lifestyle is very important for their long life, and therefore you should not compromise with anything.

Nutrition in Diet

An overall nutritious diet is quintessential for the well-being of a husky. Each husky has distinctive requirements, and therefore, they should be monitored well before finalizing their diet. The supplements should be kept in check after analyzing their environment.

The huskies require a fair share of protein in their diet. In summers, the protein can drop down to 20% in contrast to winters when it should be updated to around 35%. You should make it a point to never feed a husky more than it’s required. It will make them lethargic and unhappy.

Grooming & Essentials

The grooming of huskies is not a very tedious task. They are a very hygienic breed and are free from doggy odor.  This reduces the frequency of their baths as it can be one of the toughest things about having a pet.

However, they shed their fur at least twice a year, and it should be monitored extensively. You can brush them weekly so that the old fur can be removed continuously. Their nails should be kept in special check so that long nails do not cause them trouble with their feet. You can purchase a dog clipper to avoid visits to the veterinary doctor.

Exercise & Activity

As briefly mentioned above, huskies are the happiest when they are active. They were bred in a way that required them to undergo physical tasks. A good amount of physical activity is also required for their essential mental health.

There are a lot of dog shows and events in which you can enroll your husky. This will result in better bonds and companionship between you and your dog. A healthy husky requires a non-negotiable five to ten miles walk every day.

Health and Betterment

Huskies are a very healthy breed as compared to the other breeds of dogs that exist. If a husky is prone to any illness, it will start showing signs from an early age. These signs can be the cue to get your husky full checked and to ensure its betterment.

You can also get your husky vaccinated according to the environment of the dog. Huskies do not show any allergies or reactions to traditional vaccinations.


Owing to their extreme energy levels, huskies show great potential in getting trained. It can be a basic potty training exercise or difficult commands, huskies grasp them all.

There are a lot of books and videos which are dedicated to training huskies. You can choose any of them to begin with the training. There are a lot of professional trainers who can be appointed at a later stage. Huskies are very outgoing, and that is why they are easy to train.

Making Huskies A Part Of Your Everyday Life

Coming down to the question of the hour, yes, it is possible to keep a husky in an apartment to make them a part of your everyday life. You just need to create a favorable environment for them from the beginning.

If you make it a point to stick to that schedule, you can keep the huskies happy and healthy in your apartment.

The Perfect Schedule

Looking after a husky resembles the process of raising a child. You will have to shell out a certain amount of time to it every day. 

Huskies need a lot of exercise, and it can be possible even when you live in an apartment. You can go for a morning walk with it or an evening jog. Making a husky exercise also means that you will be tasting the morning sun, thus an absolute win-win situation. If you cannot take your husky for a walk, you can hire a dog walker or approach a local dog club.

The next step is to ensure that you have enough space inside your house for the dog to move and mobilize. You might have to revamp the furniture a little bit, but it will be worth it. After a while, huskies adapt to the surroundings harmoniously.

What About My Office Hours?

Even though we know that you would not want to leave your husky at home, you have to earn a livelihood. There are a lot of things that can be done so that you can work at your office without worrying about your little friend.

Getting them company

Huskies need more people or dogs to be happy. They were always raised in packs, and that is why they enjoy the company of a friend. If you have one more dog at home, you do not have to worry about your husky. The dogs will keep each other company.

If you do not have another dog, you can have someone coming over to look after your husky. You can drop your husky at a friend’s place and pick it back up once you are done with the day.

Toys for your buddy

Huskies need a minimum amount of exercise to be healthy, but for the rest, they can be self-occupied. You can get some good toys for your husky so that it can entertain itself.

Toys are a great way to drain your husky off its energy so that it can sleep peacefully. Toys also ensure that your furniture will be safe from bite marks and that your carpet will not be destroyed to shreds.

Toys also help with the growth of teeth and can ensure proper chewing habits for your husky.

Checking the Food and Water requirements

Although huskies tend to bark when they are alone, they will howl if their food and water requirements are not met. You can consider buying a food and water dispenser, which refills automatically.

There are a lot of variants that come according to the breed of dogs.

Potty Training

Potty training is one of the most important aspects of keeping a husky in your apartment. If you do not have a garden or an outer space, you will have to make your husky recognize a particular spot. 

Some people tend to use pee pads, which can be placed in any corner of your house. The pad is used to soak the urine up and to keep the floor safe. If your husky is small, you can also place boxes full of sand.

It is best to start potty training your husky in its formative years. You can take them to a fixed spot after they are done eating so that they can recognize it fairly. After doing it for a few days, your husky will automatically form the habit of excreting at that one place.

You should also use treats as a way to lure them into those spots. Once they are done, give them those treats to appreciate them. Since dogs do not have ultimate control over themselves, it is a good idea to be ready for some carpets to be ruined.


If you love your husky dearly, you can keep it anywhere. By following all the above steps, it will get convenient for you to keep a husky in an apartment. 

Huskies have nothing against small spaces if they can get their share of space and love from the owner. So if your mind is made, get ready for some noise complaints from the neighbors!

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