Siberian Husky Jumping – Is It A Problem?

It may be exciting to see your little puppy run to you and jump on you when you get back home after a long day. The reason for Siberian husky jumping on people is because they want physical contact. Sometimes also the dog could be trying to assert dominance by jumping up, standing erect, and looking you in the eyes.

Is the Jumping Really a Problem?

A Siberian husky usually wags his tail while his paws are on your knees. He is usually very excited while he does this. It is because it is his way of expressing joy and greeting people. However, he may scare away visitors who may not be familiar with the dog and may think the dog is trying to attack them. The reaction of the strangers may be to run away and the dog may run after them. Their intention would not be to hurt. Quite to the contrary Siberian huskies are friendly with just about anyone even strangers and is just trying to say hi and express their love for you and everyone else. The Siberian husky jumping is totally innocent and the husky should never be punished for it. Instead, you should teach him the right way to greet people.

Teach Him the Proper Way to Greet People

The dog may not be aware that you have reservations about the Siberian husky jumping as a way of greeting your visitors. You must train him to stop jumping. When teaching your Siberian husky the right way to greet people you must teach him the ‘sit’ command. This is one of the most important commands during the training of a Siberian husky or any other dog. When he understands the command we move on to the next step. Have the Siberian husky in a crate while visitors arrive. Then after some time when he is calm get him out on a leash and issue the sit command. If he does not sit, hold on to the leash and issue the command until he complies. The visitors should only give him attention, such as petting only when he is seated. Do this for every visitor who arrives and eventually he will get the hang of it.

If the Siberian husky jumping is to get physical contact with you then you must make sure you spend quality time with your dog every day petting and cuddling up with him. He can be quite a source of heat when you cuddle with him during the cold season. You will notice that a contact deprived puppy will be jumping on the furniture to where you are seated just to be close to you. Shower him with necessary attention but not too much as to create problems with separation anxiety.

Where the Siberian husky jumping is for to asserting dominance it is best you enroll him in obedience school. When around the house, there are certain things you could do to assert dominance over him. You have to teach him that you are the master and that he should be submissive to you. The Siberian husky will not learn right away but you have to insist.