Are Siberian Huskies Drama Queens

Are Huskies Drama Queens? 4 Answers You Need To Know

Siberian huskies are the friendliest and most adorable creatures you can find. They got gorgeous looks and have very quickly become one of the most desired pets across the globe. Besides receiving cuddles all the time for being cheerful, they are also notorious for being a little moody at times.

Are Siberian huskies drama queens? The answer is, yes, they can be. To put this simply, huskies are very reactive dogs. So, they react to their surroundings and like to express themselves. If you instruct them to do something they don’t like or if they face an unlikely situation, their drama might begin.

You have to understand that their drama is usually very funny! However, their love for drama can be a little too much at times. In that case, you have to use specific tactics or better training to keep them under control.

Why Do Huskies Get So Dramatic?

As mentioned earlier, huskies can get dramatic or reactive, but mostly in a playful way. Their dramatic performances can leave you in splits! On the other hand, their goofy behavior may make you annoyed sometimes. 

The question that might pop up in your head is, “Why do they behave this way?”

To answer this, you have to take a look at the core of their personality. Siberian Huskies are generally stubborn and are free-spirited. They are famous for having swagger and a mind of their own. So, if you command the husky to sit quietly but he doesn’t want to, he gets triggered.

When this happens, huskies may start their drama! As they are very adorable creatures, this drama is mostly goofy and silly. They might begin to howling, making strange noises (which seem like talking!), or they might blankly stare at you. Huskies might also play dead when they don’t want to move!

Overall, huskies are very energetic and playful dogs. As they love human company, they’re always in the mood to play or be silly. You’ll rarely see them become aggressive.

What Other Reasons Make Them React?

Apart from being complete goofballs at times, huskies are usually very intelligent and alert dogs. So, everything they do has a reason. Let’s check them out.

Reacting To Surroundings

Huskies are dogs that like to be on their toes. So, if a baby starts crying or a siren goes off, your husky will be alerted. They tend to respond to these external sounds. When they hear these high-frequency noises, they won’t get dramatic, as you might think. Instead, your husky might start mimicking these noises. You’ll feel as if he’s talking to himself. 

When huskies hear sounds such as a car horn or a doorbell, they react by mimicking the sound’s tone and pitch. They’ll respond to these noises and others, which you might not even catch. Furthermore, they might even hear a noise and relate it to a specific situation. Smart, aren’t they?

So, the next time you think your husky is reacting to external noise, they might be communicating to another husky friend at a distance! 

Stressful Situations

As mentioned earlier, huskies are very stubborn and like to have their way at all times. So, when things don’t go their way, they get pissed off. They start expressing their feelings immediately. As they are very vocal while expressing themselves, this might feel dramatic to you.

You must know that this is their normal behavior, and it’s not always drama. Just like most of us, huskies don’t like stressful situations. By whining or making noises, they’ll let you know that they aren’t enjoying something.

Another thing you’ve to remember is that your husky wants your attention at all times. How cute is that? That’s not always possible, so your doggo might get triggered when you open the front door to go out for work.

In case you see your husky crying or shivering, it might be the symptoms of separation anxiety. You must immediately see a vet to fix this problem.

Basic Communication

Like the rest of us, huskies have to communicate too. So, they might react to convey something to you or their friends. Your furry friend may whine, chirp, or howl at you to say something to you. They might be trying to tell you that they’re hungry or they want to play ball!

So, if the husky seems annoyed and is just pacing around your living room, there’s a probability that he wants you to cater to his needs. Paying a little attention will help you understand them better.

Is Howling A Part Of Their Drama?

Howling is a significant way huskies express themselves. Don’t get startled if you hear them howling like an actual wolf! You have to remember that their ancestors were real wolves. So, not only do they have the looks of their forefathers, but they have inherited their howl too.

They may howl to connect with a friend or react to loud noise, such as a wailing baby. Huskies may also howl to express fear or anxiety. An anxious husky may howl very loudly in the face of potential danger. They can even howl mildly to tell you that they love you and are happy!

The more time you spend with your husky, the better you’ll understand the meaning of these howls.

How Can You Stop Your Husky’s Drama?

Although huskies look extremely cute when they’re throwing a tantrum, it might be inappropriate at times. If your annoyed husky decides to play dead in a public place, you’re bound to be embarrassed.

So, what can you do? First of all, try not to pay attention to their drama or encourage this behavior. Don’t give them treats to make them obey your commands. For example, you want them to get up and follow you, but they won’t, don’t bribe them with snacks.

Don’t fall for their cute faces! Feeding them with treats will encourage their bad behavior. They’ll think that they can get away with anything. 

Train Your Husky

Having an independent mindset, huskies don’t like obeying commands. That’s why you need to train them properly. From the day you bring this loveable creature home, you have to start your recall training.

If your husky has undergone good recall training, you’ll find it easier to make them obey you. This will lower their tendency to throw a tantrum when given an instruction. So, when you instruct your husky to stop playing dead, they’ll get back alive again!

That’s why you’ll find that well-trained huskies are less prone to dramatic outbursts.

Be A Good Leader

No matter how easy-going you are with your husky, he must look up to you as his leader. Even if you are playful, your husky must respect you at all times. Otherwise, they won’t obey you or react to your instructions positively. 

So, when your husky is a drama queen, keep a calm demeanor. Check your temper and never react angrily. At the end of the day, you want to come off as dominating or rude.

Reward Them For Good Behavior

If you want a well-behaved husky, you need to teach him good manners. So, when they behave like good boys, it’s essential to reward them. Treat them with their favorite snacks when they obey your command. This is a great way to reinforce good behavior in your husky.

Make sure to reward them for their excellent deeds quickly. You’ll see that after a while, your husky has mastered the command or the right behavior. Then, you won’t even need the treat.

In case they’re naughty, try to steer their attention towards something else. For example, start a game of fetch with their favorite ball or toy. The husky will quickly forget his tantrum and get along with you.

Give Them Your Time

Are you giving enough time to your husky? Huskies need your love and attention, even if you’re busy. When you give them your time, they tend to be less naughty and dramatic. They might also start obeying you more and behave better.

So, even if you’re short on time, don’t forget to take your doggo for a walk. You can play with it when you’re out and teach commands in the process. It’ll be a win for you!

Wrapping Up

A Siberian Husky is undoubtedly a fantastic addition to your home. They are fun, playful and will bring a lot of happiness to your life. However, being very cunning and adamant, they’ll always want to have things their way. So, they might act goofy and dramatic whenever they want something.

If they realize that being a drama queen is the key to a successful life, they’ll try to do precisely that. Therefore, you must train them properly from day one. It is the only way to teach your husky good behavior.

Just don’t forget that huskies are funny and a little dramatic in general! That’s what makes them who they are. So, don’t try to control their behavior all the time.   

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